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The pistachio is an extremely delicious, purely visually rather inconspicuous stone fruit – yes, you read correctly. In the botanical sense, this is by no means a nut -, which is popularly used and eaten purely for culinary purposes. Whether roasted and salted, unsalted, as a decoration on cakes or crunched directly from the shell, the pistachio is absolutely popular and this is also reflected in the perfumery. Thus, the brand Obvious Parfums dedicates its own fragrance called Une Pistache to the green stone fruit.

Obvious Parfums - Une Pistache
Une pistache from Instagram

Also, from another label I have already presented you a pistachio fragrance: Pistachio by D.S. & Durga. My blog post Pistachio and Leatherize by D.S. & Durga – Straight from New York City is from February this year and I have to say that Pistachio absolutely won me over. I wonder how I will like Une Pistache.

Thematically, Une Pistache revolves around – how could it be otherwise – “a delicate, creamy and opulent dessert”. Obvious Parfums is known as a brand of luxurious simplicity and simple luxury. Each creation is dedicated to a particular ingredient, and so I have already presented you fragrances around the raw materials orange blossom, patchouli, rose, vanilla, musk, woods, fig, verbena and oud. As icing on the cake, the French niche fragrance label of charismatic founder David Frossard launched this year a summer fragrance called Un Été. I have reviewed all of them here in the Duft-Tagebuch. For anyone interested, I’m linking you to my posts on Obvious Parfums below:

Obvious Parfums - Une Pistache
Une pistache from Instagram

Une Pistache – heavenly pleasure

But let’s finally turn to the perfume of the day. Une Pistache was created by perfumer Fanny Bal, who has also worked for the brands Les Bains Guerbois, Masque Milano, Headspace and Comme des Garçons, among others. For Obvious Parfums she created a fragrance around the pistachio. An olfactory dessert is on the program, delicate, creamy and yet opulent

To all appearances, the source of inspiration was a trip to Persia. In fact, the word pistachio originally comes from Persian and even today Iran is an important growing area for the green stone fruit, along with Turkey and the USA. A walk through a Persian market is referred to in the press text, fragrant orange blossoms and marzipan are mentioned.

I do not want to withhold the fragrance notes from you any longer. Fanny Bal combined for Une Pistache the ingredients neroli, cardamom, carrot, pistachio, heliotrope, incense, sandalwood, cashmeran and musk.

Obvious Parfums - Une Pistache
Une pistache from Instagram

Creamy and green

Greenish, spicy and surprisingly cool is the opening of Une Pistache. My money is on incense involvement here, even if you can’t sniff it out as an individual ingredient. However, the discreet coolness speaks for it. Cardamom provides aromatic green spiciness, accompanied by sweet powdery carrot and the delicate tart orange creaminess of neroli.

A gentle smokiness appears as it progresses, but is kept in check by the greenish-nutty and smooth nuances of the eau de parfum, while heliotrope underscores the sweetness of the creation with its vanilla-like floral notes.

Delicate, sweet and green, the pistachio cream in Une Pistache gradually sheds its cool-smoky facets and becomes warmer. The base notes make their presence felt here, giving the creation a cotton-soft and velvety-sandalwood finish. Cashmeran and musk additionally provide a powdery-smooth and cozy mood.

Une pistache from Instagram

Une Pistache is a delicate, transparent and calm fragrance of velvety pistachio cream, discreetly sweet flowers, the finest spices and powdery-soft base notes that sneaks into the heart. Brand-typical rather light to medium presence and also in terms of durability, the eau de parfum is not a long-term performer, but rather a light to middleweight. Perfect, therefore, for those who like to wear several different fragrance compositions throughout the day and do not want to smell like just one perfume all day (or more). Due to its rather quiet nature, Une Pistache is an absolute all-rounder in terms of occasion and season. A successful addition to the so special collection of Obvious Parfums and certainly a creation that will find many friends. The fragrance has already conquered my heart. 💚

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