Latte Mimosa by New Notes – A splendour of sunny yellow flowers

Mimosa flowers bloom in the south of France from January until March. At this time of year, the streets are lined with trees in rich golden yellow and a sweet scent fills the air. The Italian niche fragrance brand New Notes took these special and beguiling floral notes of the sensitive mimosa as a model for the fragrance Latte Mimosa.

New Notes - Latte Mimosa

New Notes in the Duft-Tagebuch

Over the past two years, we’ve collected quite a few articles about the New Notes brand and its wonderful creations here in the Duft-Tagebuch, including an interview with the label’s perfumer, Cristian Calabrò, who gave us his view of the fragrances and their development. Since some of you may not have heard or read so much about New Notes and are interested in the fragrance house and the compositions, I will link all the articles below for you to browse through. ☺️

Mimosa magic

The name mimosa automatically makes me think of sun-yellow flower pompoms and a plant that retracts its leaves when touched. However, there are an incredible number of different types of mimosa, well over 200, with very different flower shapes and colours. Only very few of these species are also sensitive to touch. Common to the mimosa plants, however, are the feathery leaves and the formation of legumes, as the plants belong to the legume family.

New Notes - Latte Mimosa
Latte Mimosa from Instagram

In the south of France, the silver wattle in particular thrives, which was originally at home on the Australian continent, but seems to feel right at home in the Mediterranean: Acacia dealbaalso known as blue wattle or mimosa, produces a sea of bright yellow fluffy flowers with a beguiling fragrance from January/February. In the narrower botanical sense, by the way, we are dealing here with an acacia, although it belongs to the mimosa subfamily.

This in turn is divided into three different tribes, one of which is that of the acacias and one that of the mimosas, to which the leaf-clustering sense plants also belong. So there is a relationship, but not a really close one, and the southern French mimosa is strictly speaking an acacia. But that shouldn’t matter to us at all, because the subject here is not the systematic confusion of botany, but the Latte Mimosa fragrance by New Notes.

Latte Mimosa – Mimosa milk

The name of the creation could already make everything important clear. Latte Mimosa is supposed to be a milky, creamy floral fragrance, about which the press release says: “Experience the exultant whisper of spring with every spritz of Latte Mimosa, a delightful ode to beauty that blooms and fades with the seasons.” The ingredients bergamot, mimosa, jasmine, ylang-ylang, iris, sandalwood, musk and vanilla sound absolutely seductive just from reading them and suggest a floral creation.

New Notes - Latte Mimosa
Latte Mimosa from Instagram

The opening of Latte Mimosa is sweet and sunny. Lovely floral notes meet delicate citrus nuances that lend the floral bouquet a certain lightness and effervescence and prevent the fragrance from becoming too heavy, oppressive or opulent. Ylang-ylang provides subtle tropical accents with its milky and honeyed accords, while jasmine and iris underline the composition with a (sun)creamy softness and lend a solid base to the smooth scent of the mimosa blossoms. Finally, warm and velvety wood nuances are added. The creation remains in this state for some time before slowly fading away with a delicate and powdery vanilla musk.

Latte Mimosa is a soft and summery floral fragrance centred around mimosa, which is perfect for the warmer months of the year. It is very sweet, just like the golden yellow flowers themselves, but the milky, creamy undertones buffer the sweetness of the extrait de parfum a little. The bergamot has a supporting effect here, adding transparency and freshness to the fragrance. The composition is very harmonious and finely balanced, elegant, glamorous and sophisticated. Changing between honey-sweet, clean and creamy-warm, with occasional flashes of greenish facets in the creation, Latte Mimosa is a genuine and feminine feel-good fragrance for all those who love enchanting mimosa and sweet floral compositions with a touch of nostalgia. 💛

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