Spring Vibes – Top 5 spring fragrances

Once again this year, I have put together my top 5 spring fragrances for you, because it’s that time of year again. The days are getting longer, the birds are chirping eagerly and nature is sprouting and flourishing. We still have fairly cool temperatures here in the north, even though the sun is appearing more and more frequently. I really hope that it not only gets brighter but also warmer here soon and that we finally get the full blast of spring vibes on the coast.

Bouquet of tulips - Spring Vibes
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Every year again: Top 5 spring fragrances

In 2023, I also put together my personal spring favourites for you in the article Top 5 spring fragrances – Julia’s favourite perfumes for spring. But of course we are always evolving and getting to know new things, so this year we are once again presenting a small compilation of my latest favourite fragrances for the current season. Of course, my colleagues have once again got their fingers glowing and prepared the matching Spring Vibes sample set for you – as always, only available in limited quantities – which can be purchased quickly and easily using the button below. 🌷🪻🌻

Highgrove Bouquet – Penhaligon’s

The eau de parfum Highgrove BouquetbyPenhaligon’s makes my heart beat faster. Because a central component of the composition is the scent of lime blossom, and I am an absolute fan of these. With Highgrove Bouquet, the traditional British house is of course not referring to ordinary lime blossoms, but to royal ones. The inspiration for the fragrance was the royal estate Highgrove House, which has served as a retreat for King Charles III since the early 1980s and whose lush and magnificent gardens are a veritable paradise for all kinds of wild animals, insects and birds.

As I described in April last year (read here), perfumer Julie Pluchet was particularly impressed by the scent of the silver linden Tilia petiolaris and so she created a summery-sunny creation from the ingredients lime blossom, mimosa and cedarwood, which is greenish-powdery and not overly sweet. An elegant fragrance with a modern twist that also has classic aspects. Simply beautiful!

Penhaligon's - Highgrove Bouquet - Spring Vibes
Highgrove Bouquet from Facebook

Fine powdery and lovely are the lime blossoms in Penhaligon’s fragrance reminiscence of the now royal gardens of southwest England, and do so without the sweet heaviness that tends to be inherent in other lime scents. Highgrove Bouquet is rather greenish, dry, also a little leafy-juicy in between, to flash olfactorically a sunny yellow mimosa pompom the next moment. But the yellow flower tufts also blend beautifully into the overall picture, nestling up against the lime blossoms and emphasizing their airy, transparent and summery notes.

I can almost hear the wild buzzing of the bees, flying eagerly and busily from flower to flower. There are nine lime trees in front of our house – I still have to find out exactly what kind – and they attract the hard-working insects in droves, giving off a wonderful scent. Highgrove Bouquet definitely reminds me of this, making me dream of summer. In the base, cedarwood provides bright, fresh and clean woody notes that provide a beautiful backdrop for the airy floral scent.

August/7th/2088 – Rundholz

You might think that this fragrance has mistakenly ended up in the illustrious round of spring fragrances, after all it is called August/7th/2088 and not April/7th/2088. But Rundholz ‘s eau de parfum is already in good hands here, as it is a creation that combines the ingredients grapefruit, cactus, rhubarb, maritime notes, mastic, lily of the valley, orchid, jasmine, iris, vanilla, tonka bean, oakmoss, musk, hay and sandalwood.

In addition to the typical Rundholz design of the bottle, the grass-green colour of the perfume is striking. Doesn’t that already look perfectly spring-like? In the press release I read that August/7th/2088 is “a bold, refreshing and sparkling composition” and opens “with an invigorating breeze”.

Rundholz - August/7th/2088

Tart, green, airy and edgy, August/7th/2088 starts the fragrance and reveals its multifaceted nature from the very first moment. Tangy grapefruit meets tart rhubarb, greenish-citrusy mastic resin and creaky leafy green, which for me is representative of the cactus. The dry, airy and bright nuances of lily of the valley emphasize the Asian-like seaweed facets of the maritime coolness that permeates the composition, while other flowers bring a fine sweetness and creamy accents to the fragrance. In the finish, the green becomes darker, woodier and deeper thanks to hay-like tonka bean and delicately earthy oakmoss, rounded off by warm woods. August/7th/2088 is strong and expressive, green, green, green from head to base and carries a wonderful lightness and airiness that is refreshing and invigorating. A unisex all-rounder with rich spring vibes in the colour of hope.

Mûre et Musc – L’Artisan Parfumeur

L’Artisan Parfumeur has always been one of my absolute favourite fragrance houses, so it’s no surprise that Mûre et Musc, a representative of this brand, has also found its way into my Top 5 Spring Fragrances 2024. The eau de toilette, which is an absolute classic from the French niche fragrance label, has captured my heart. The fragrance dates back to 1978, so it’s even older than me – is that even possible? – and, I have to be honest, has held up much better than yours truly.

But I don’t want to digress. The centerpiece is Mûre et Musc, which was created in the late 1970s by Jean-François Laporte, who was not only a perfumer but also the founder of L’Artisan Parfumeur. Sadly, he passed away in 2011. But his olfactory legacy is everlasting. Mûre et Musc, consisting of the ingredients blackberry, lemon and musk, has been one of the brand’s most popular compositions for over forty years and captivates with its fascinating simplicity.

L'Artisan Parfumeur - Mûre et Musc - Spring Vibes
Mûre et Musc from Facebook

A citrusy freshness brightens up the opening. Sparkling lemon notes and a hint of fruit peel tartness make the opening of Mûre et Musc radiant and create a summery, energetic mood. This is soon joined by light and airy, almost crystalline musk that is lucid and pure white. The dark and tart-sweet fruity notes of blackberry offer a contrast to this, slowly creeping into the fragrance, putting a stop to the citrusy notes and snuggling into the crystal musk as if there were no tomorrow. The creation is always fresh, dynamic and rather tart than overly sweet. A fragrance that is incredibly modern, minimalist and also a little molecular, wonderfully unagitated and therefore irresistible. A blackberry freshie that calls for spring and summer. Perfect for those who prefer light, transparent and clear eaux de toilette.

per sē – 27 87 Perfumes

The brand 27 87 Perfumes has been a guarantee for innovative and highly creative fragrances for years, and I had the great honour of interviewing the founder Romy Kowalewski a few years ago (read about it here – only in German). I attended the launch of per sē virtually via Zoom, as it took place in the Spanish metropolis of Barcelona, which has been the home of the extremely likeable and energetic Romy for many years.

With per sē, it is dedicated to the here and now “What does now smell like?” or “How long is now?” were and are campaign slogans designed to encourage reflection. What exactly does the now smell like? And how long does it take? That fleeting moment that is actually over before you realize it. “per sē combines the present, the timeless and the individual” through the ingredients violet leaves, pink pepper, black pepper, aldehydes, bamboo, iris, floral notes, angelica (angelica root), ambrette seeds and musk.

27 87 Perfumes - per sē

A delicate and subtle spiciness is combined in the beginning of per sē with powdery-lucid aldehydes, subtly lipsticky iris and Asian-greenish bamboo, refined by peppery violet leaves, which emphasise the nuances of the opening in a wonderful way. The eau de parfum by 27 87 Perfumes is soft, bright, lucid and clean. Like a white canvas waiting to be filled with life on our skin, to soak up every moment and sneak quietly and secretly into our hearts. per sē is molecular, elusive, fleeting like a moment, but at the same time proves to have excellent longevity, just as every past moment leaves an impression on us, consciously or unconsciously. A composition that seems complex, but at the same time appears to be very clear and transparent. Perfect for anyone looking for a restrained yet easily perceptible, clean, pure and super-white fragrance that is reminiscent of freshly washed laundry and exudes spring vibes through and through. 🤍

Cologne Officinale – Heeley

Last but not least, Cologne Officinale by Heeley completes our top 5 spring fragrances with the ever-popular spring vibes. The creation takes us to the south of France, Marseille to be precise, and picks up on the typical notes of this Mediterranean region. The well-known Savon de Marseille, an olive oil soap often scented with lavender and herbs, was the olfactory inspiration.

And so the eau de parfum combines the ingredients basil, galbanum, lavender, rosemary, sage, ambergris and oakmoss, a colourful bouquet of different herbs, southern French lavender and sun-warmed notes, which together are intended to capture the fascinating scents of the Mediterranean coast.

Heeley - Cologne Officinale
Cologne Officinale from Facebook

Cologne Officinale starts the fragrance fresh, aromatic and tart. The citrus fruits usually used in the top note of a cologne are deliberately ignored here, because apart from the name, we are not really dealing with a cologne here. Instead, fine, Mediterranean-inspired herbal notes appear, wonderfully aromatic and green, which are soon joined by herbaceous, tart lavender and soapy accents. Together, this results in a wonderful blend that actually reminds me of a herbal soap. A peppery freshness underlines these nuances and intensifies the barber store moments that Cologne Officinale definitely possesses. The fragrance gradually fades out, becoming warmer and more earthy and woody in the base. A striking and herbal creation that plays with soapy-tart and aromatic-fresh notes. A classic look with a modern twist.

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