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The luxury label Creed is once again spoiling us with a new fragrance that bears the noble name Queen of Silk. After I presented you in October last year in my article Carmina – The new fragrance by Creed a cherry blossom fragrance, the bottle of which was appropriately dipped in berry pink, today we are going in a slightly different olfactory direction with Queen of Silk, even though we are basically staying true to the floral fragrance character.

Creed - Queen of Silk

Queen of Silk – Fine as silk

The bottle of today’s star guest with the royal name shines in lush violet. The fragrance notes are also impressive: Osmanthus, white flowers, saffron, passion fruit (passion fruit), tuberose, cedarwood, agarwood (oud), bourbon vanilla, frankincense, myrrh, ambroxan, patchouli and musk are the ingredients of this silky fragrance delight from Creed. Queen of Silk already has a regal, elegant and sophisticated look and feel. The eau de parfum thus perfectly reflects the very fabric around which the composition is intended to revolve: the finest silk.

Silk has been known since ancient times and has always been transported from China to the West via the Silk Road as a coveted commodity. Silk is a very special and precious fabric for a reason. The raw material is spun by the silkworm caterpillars, which use it to make their cocoon for pupation. Each cocoon consists of a single silk thread that is wound into an oval web by the caterpillar. For industrial silk production, which is still practiced in Asia today, the silkworms must be kept under very specific conditions in order to produce a raw material of optimum quality.

Unfortunately, this also includes the killing of the pupae in the cocoons, as the butterflies destroy part of the web when they hatch and therefore no complete silk thread would remain. In Asia, by the way, the pupae killed in silk production are eaten as a delicacy. During further processing, the silk threads are carefully unwound from the cocoon, cleaned and bleached before being woven into fine fabrics.

Creed - Queen of Silk

Queen of Silk – an olfactory masterpiece that represents the modern world through its combination of nature and the finest craftsmanship. This fragrance embodies the opulent sheen and heavenly softness of silk, its mysteriously sensual fusion leaving a tantalizing trail that captivates the senses. An outstanding masterpiece that showcases Creed’s impressive craftsmanship.

Royale silk from the house of Creed

A lush bouquet of white flowers opens Queen of Silk and lives up to the name of this creation. Creamy, silky, smooth and delicately flowing, this eau de parfum opens with a wonderfully sweet, light and floral scent. Osmanthus brings subtle fruity notes to the floral bouquet, which is underlined by tangy passion fruit. The saffron provides depth, but is generally restrained.

Meanwhile, the tuberose and the unspecified white flowers – I sniff the finest bubblegum notes and of course immediately think of jasmine – still have a firm grip on the olfactory rudder. A cool hint of incense lends the creation soft, smoky nuances, which are underlined by the dark, resinous facets of the oud. With vanilla-balsamic and creamy-soft accents, the white blossom fragrance gradually fades away.

Creed - Queen of Silk

Queen of Silk is a truly opulent, feminine and dazzling floral fragrance with a magnificent, creamy-silky bouquet of the finest white flowers at its center. Accompanied by precious components such as saffron and oud, accentuated by fruity, velvety and spicy nuances and underpinned by cozy, soft and smooth powdery notes, this eau de parfum is perfect for anyone who prefers elegant, expressive yet transparent compositions. Delicately balanced and harmonious throughout, this fragrance is a wonderful addition to Creed’s already magnificent portfolio and a really great creation for anyone looking for an olfactory companion for the evening, going out and leisure that can be worn at any time of year. Fans of floral fragrances should definitely add this eau de parfum to their must-try list! 💜 Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

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Bereits 2010 gingen so einige Blogbeiträge auf mein Konto. Dann war ich „kurz“ weg – sechs Jahre. Umso mehr freut es mich, dass ich nun wieder die Chance bekomme, mein Näschen im Dienste der Duftrezension schnuppern zu lassen und eifrig in die Tasten zu hauen. Was Nischendüfte angeht, habe ich damals übrigens schnell Feuer gefangen. Meine Ausbildung tat dazu ihr Übriges: Als diplomierte Biologin kenne ich mich nicht nur mit Fauna und Flora, sondern auch recht gut mit der Herstellung von Ölen und Extrakten aus, was den Reiz der Parfumwelt natürlich noch größer macht.

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