Azabache Chapter 2 by Pigmentarium x Arturo Obegero

Azabache Chapter 2 is the seventh eau de parfum from Pigmentarium, created in collaboration with Spanish fashion designer Arturo Obegero. It is the second chapter, Chapter 2, because three years ago there was already a first fragrance called Azabache. This was also developed by Pigmentarium, but was launched for the fashion label Arturo Obegero.

Karolina Kabelka and Arturo Obegero for Azabache Chapter 2
Karolina Kabelka and Arturo Obegero for Azabache Chapter 2

Before I continue with the review of the new fragrance, I would like to point you to my previous articles on the Czech label. In addition to my presentation of the six eaux de parfum, you will also find an exciting interview with founder Tomáš Ric, who gives us a lot of background information about himself, his brand and the creations:

Azabache Chapter 2

Unfortunately I don’t know the first Azabache, I would have liked to tell you more about it and also about the development from the first to the second perfume. And so I can’t tell you whether the composition has changed or whether it has stayed the same. In any case, with Chapter 2, Azabache is now an integral part of Pigmentarium’s portfolio, which is characterized by exciting, modern and highly individual creations. I therefore assume that Azabache Chapter 2 will also follow this olfactory path and fit in seamlessly. The ingredients pink pepper, bergamot, geranium, rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, verbena, labdanum (cistus), incense, myrrh, musk, cedarwood, ambergris and vetiver are reminiscent of an airy, resinous and woody fragrance.

Pigmentarium - Azabache Chapter 2

But what exactly is Azabache? If you have no or only rudimentary knowledge of Spanish (like me), you won’t be able to do much with this at first. It’s the Spanish word for gagat, which probably means nothing to many of us – or at least to me. According to Wikipedia, this is a “deep black fossil wood impregnated with humus gel or bitumen, which is in a transitional stage from lignite to hard coal.” Gagat is often used to make jewelry, black, shiny and mysterious in appearance. Asturias in northern Spain is not only the home of fashion designer Arturo Obegero, it is also home to natural deposits of the black raw material. Obegero’s fashion is mainly black, extravagant and yet always elegant and classy, which for me closes the circle to the raw material, because it also has these characteristics – at least in jewelry form.

Chapter 2 – Pigmentarium x Arturo Obegero

Azabache Chapter 2 opens with a spicy coolness that is characterized by a subtle, dry pepper spiciness and the greenish-fresh nuances of bergamot and geranium. The finest rose notes bring additional lightness and transparency to the creation, while the incense gradually takes its place. Its smoky and dark facets emphasize the cool freshness of the opening and at the same time lend the creation depth and intensity.

Myrrh and cistus provide balsamic-sweet and resinous facets that are underpinned by velvety-ambery musk powder. The cedar wood also sets clean accents that give the composition durability and a light, woody frame. The earthy-creamy nuances of vetiver blend into the olfactory structure in the base and skilfully round it off.

Pigmentarium - Azabache Chapter 2

Azabache Chapter 2 is by no means a black fragrance, but rather an airy, lucid and powdery-spicy composition in which fresh, cool and floral notes meet incense, resins and woods, resulting in a wonderful and very harmonious blend. In fact, I perceive certain mineral nuances in the creation, which seem dry, sandy, a little chalky, which for me personally fits perfectly with the eponymous raw material, even if it is of course not a rock or mineral.

Gentle is Azabache Chapter 2, a transparent and rather tart unisex fragrance with a medium presence and good longevity. It is a composition that fits seamlessly into the existing Pigmentarium collection, perfectly reflecting the special signature and modern minimalism of Tomáš Ric’s Czech independent label. Azabache Chapter 2 can be worn all year round and for any occasion. Perfect for anyone who prefers light, calm and expressive creations with character.

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