Carmina – The new fragrance by Creed

The traditional brand Creed pampers us with Carmina, a new eau de parfum dipped in beautiful raspberry red to match the cooler season. Of course, the name suggests that it is crimson, but I perceive the colouring rather as berry, with which the Creed fragrance house picks up on the current trend of fruit fragrances, at least purely visually.

Creed - Carmina
Carmina from Facebook

On the trail of Carmina

The source of inspiration is, of course, the rich history of the Creed brand. The press text refers to Henry Creed II, a tailor of men’s fashion and riding apparel for well-heeled and aristocratic ladies. The books in which he sketched his fashions seem to still be preserved in the libraries of the Creed family, for it was precisely those 19th century sketches that gave rise to de Eau de Parfum called Carmina.

Carmina as a word could have several meanings. On the one hand there is the already mentioned reference to crimson, on the other hand Carmina is a Latin word that can be translated as “the songs”, “the hymns” or “the poems”. And of course there is the female given name Carmina, a variant of the name Carmen, which of course is also based on the Latin term just mentioned. We will probably not get any closer to the background of the naming, but will have to rely on the press release for the rest:

In keeping with the origins of the House of Creed, the inspiration for Carmina comes from Henry Creed’s fashion sketchbooks, which have been passed down in the Creed family for generations. Carmina captures the spirit of the bold and passionate women found in these sketches – the ultimate heroine, ready for her next adventure.

Creed - Carmina
Carmina from Facebook

Before I jump into the review, of course, I can not forget to tell you the fragrance notes of the new eau de parfum: Pink Pepper, Cherry, Saffron, May Rose, Violet, Peony, Cashmere Wood, Amber and Musk. Due to the colouring, I had rather guessed raspberries, but Creed rather takes on the It fruit 2023, namely the cherry. This year, hardly any other fruit is so strongly represented in the world of niche fragrances, and I am already very curious in which variant Creed presents us the deep red stone fruit.

Pretty in Pink

Pale red and fruity, the cherry opens the fragrance, accented by dry pepper spiciness and the notes of lucid, dew-wetted rose and airy, lovely peony that are clearly perceptible from the start. Transparent yet present, the creation is surrounded by dark, subtly smoky saffron spiciness, which adds depth and tension to the fruity-floral melange. The colour scheme is a perfect fit for me, as Carmina alternates between soft rosé and lush pink.

The violet provides a subtle, powdery underpinning that is gradually joined by light, soft woody nuances. As before, the flowers are clearly perceptible and are at the centre of this radiant, still very transparent and airy composition. Musk and ambergris provide a soft, powdery-warm finish in the further course, on which the roses are only too happy to bed down.

Creed - Carmina
Carmina from Facebook

Carmina is a fruity-spicy and light-as-air floral fragrance with a medium presence and just as long-lasting, fully dedicated to the rose. Bright and radiant shows the queen of flowers, soft-soapy and rather cool. Surrounded by juicy cherry nuances and delicate spices in the opening, rose and peony get the sole stage in the heart to finally slowly fade out in powdery woody notes. A feminine and spring-summer eau de parfum that is suitable for every day and office use and can be worn on any other occasion. Perfect for fans of Creed and roses. 🩷🌹

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