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We’ve checked off florals and powders and now turn to two entirely different olfactory genres, with New Leather and Queen of the Sea by New Notes: leathery and maritime scents. Admittedly, the names already hint at it. With today’s article, we also end our small series on the new creations of the Italian niche fragrance brand New Notes. If you missed my previous posts, you are welcome to read them here and here.

New Notes - New Leather

New Notes is a sensory journey that combines nature and art, ethics and aesthetics. A new, contemporary, bold and conscious perfume. The scent of now.

New Leather – Leather redefined

A leather fragrance is New Leather, that New Notes presents us here. Created by Cristian Calabrò – as well as all other fragrances of the brand – who combines the leather in the composition with spices and woods.

Bergamot, saffron, pink pepper, nutmeg, iris, labdanum (cistus), cardamom, rosewood, nagarmotha, suede, cinnamon, patchouli, vetiver, gurjun balsam and woods are the ingredients of this creation from the Contemporary Blend Collection by New Notes. The picture above shows various smooth leathers, while the fragrance notes talk about suede. Let’s see what types of leather I can find again in New Leather.

New Notes - New Leather

The refined lightness of a second skin, cuddly and comfortable like cashmere. A touch of enveloping elegance.

Leather love

Initially citrusy and fresh thanks to bergamot, which is soon joined by the leathery-spicy and dark notes of saffron, accented by a subtle pepper spiciness. The iris adds a soft creaminess to the fragrance, which combines with the leather notes to create beautiful suede-like nuances.

Labdanum and cardamom gently evoke greenish spicy and resinous accents that add warmth and excitement to the leather iris. Bright and clean-looking wood notes provide durability and depth, underpinned by a subtle earthy and creamy spice that gently and harmoniously rounds out this fine and exceedingly coherent leather creation.

New Notes - New Leather

Wow! New Leather is a leather scent that definitely rivals my previous leather iris favorite, Dzongkha. Lighter and more restrained than the eau de parfum from the house of L’Artisan Parfumeur and, of course, without its milky fruit nuances, the leather iris in New Leather convinces me immensely in its own way. Spicy, balsamic, warm, soft and smooth is the extrait de parfum of New Notes, very modern, sometimes a little clean and wonderfully creamy. Another fragrant masterpiece by Cristian Calabrò, wearable all year round on cooler days. I repeat myself, I know, but there is nothing else to say but: definitely test it!

Queen of the Sea – Nothing more to say

Last, but not least, we dedicate ourselves to Queen of the Sea. A great name for a fragrance, I think. The creation that forms our conclusion today belongs to the maritime fragrance genre. Marine nuances already contained the Extrait de Parfum Rosa Limone , but here, of course, had more of an underlining function. With Queen of the Sea, I strongly assume that the maritime notes take a rather dominant part of the fragrance character.

Lemon, pink grapefruit, neroli, maritime notes, Turkish rose, rose, magnolia, geranium, amber, patchouli, woods and musk are the ingredients of this regal fragrance from the house of New Notes.

New Notes - Queen of the Sea

The feeling of floating above the sea, immersed in fresh, green and crystal clear water. The regenerating essence of infinity and freedom.

In the realm of the queen of the sea

Queen of the Sea also starts the fragrance run with the citrus-fresh note typical of New Notes so far. This hesperidic tanginess runs like a thread through the top notes of the collection. Neroli brings a soft and orange-kissed creaminess to the fragrance, which is also soon joined by the already expected maritime nuances.

Tart, greenish and reminiscent of seaweed is the sea in Queen of the Sea, sparkling thanks to citrus and underpinned by subtle soapy roses. Magnolia and geranium underline the water accents with their very own fresh and aquatic-greenish tendencies. In the end, the creation from the house of New Notes becomes warm and powdery. Gentle woody notes glide through the base, like driftwood on the high seas.

New Notes - Queen of the Sea

Queen of the Sea is, in my eyes, an extremely successful marine composition that plays with citrus-fresh and greenish, seaweed notes. Underpinned by florals in the heart and finishing warm and woody, Queen of the Sea is a maritime scent to my liking. This makes the composition ideal for marine fragrance skeptics – like me – and niche fragrance novices looking for a really well-made and finely balanced extrait de parfum from this fragrance family. Absolutely suitable for everyday life and office and rather a creation for the warmer season. 🙂

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