Cacao in the Sun by Maison Tahité and Mystic Sunset by Eau d’Italie – Sunny Summer Greetings

Summery and sunny it is today with Cacao in the Sun by Maison Tahité and Mystic Sunset by Eau d’Italie. Both fragrance houses are from Italy. Eau d’Italie has its roots on the Amalfi Coast, because it is here, in the famous village of Positano, that the family of brand founder Marina Sersale owns the small but exquisite luxury hotel Le Sirenuse, for whose 50th anniversary in 2002 the first Eau d’Italie fragrance was created. All blog posts about the brand I have linked you here.

Eau d'Italie - Mystic Sunset
Mystic Sunset from Facebook

Maison Tahité, on the other hand, comes from near Rome and has made it its mission to dedicate its own collections to individual and iconic raw materials. There was already a terrific vanilla collection and also a wonderful cocoa line, which has now been expanded by a fragrance with Cacao in the Sun. You can find my reviews of all Maison Tahité creations launched so far here.

Cacao in the Sun – Maison Tahité

I would also like to come to the cocoa scent first. Created by none other than master perfumer Lucien Ferrero, the fifth fragrance in the Italian niche fragrance brand’s cocoa line is meant to transport us – according to the press release – to tropical climes.

At first glance, the fragrance notes do not necessarily speak an exotic, but quite delicious language: rose, lemon, black currant, raspberry, chocolate, iris, orange blossom, lily of the valley, vanilla, sandalwood, woods and musk. I don’t know about you, but I always expect flowers like ylang-ylang, orchid and fruits like mango, pineapple or coconut in fragrances with a tropical feel. I am curious whether Maison Tahité sends me olfactorily to the South Seas with Cacao in the Sun even without these ingredients.

Maison Tahité - Cacao in the Sun

Bright cocoa, like a delicious journey to a fragrant land. A tropical island. A sunny beach where fruits and flowers go hand in hand with enveloping notes. (…) A gourmand fragrance for all those who travel in their mind …

Cacao in paradise

Cacao in the Sun is definitely fruity at the start. Powdery-sweet berries meet tangy lemon and the floral notes of a lush blooming rose. This start is not necessarily exotic, but it is absolutely promising. Soon, creamy milk chocolate joins in, followed by soft and lovely orange blossom, highlighting the smooth nuances of the melt-in-the-mouth chocolate.

Lily of the valley brings gentle watery tones to the fragrance, accompanied by delicious vanilla and velvety warm sandalwood, which make the sun rise in the creation from the house of Maison Tahité. The finish is determined by warm woods, which round off the fragrance extremely harmonious. Heavenly!

Maison Tahité - Cacao in the Sun

Cacao in the Sun is a summery soft fragrance with the finest milk chocolate notes swimming in a sea of fruity, creamy and warm nuances. For me, not really a tropical fragrance, but one that puts you in a good mood, that contains summer and sun and combines them in the most beautiful way with subtly gourmand nuances. I can already say that Cacao in the Sun is my favorite in the ranks of Maison Tahité’s cocoa fragrances. A fragrance that is really masterfully implemented and for which I must make an absolute test recommendation. Not only for chocolate fans an option, but for all who are still looking for a lovely fruity fragrance for the warmer season.

Mystic Sunset – Eau d’Italie

Quite inspired, I go into the second round of our today’s blog article and give my attention to Mystic Sunset by Eau d’Italie. A fragrance dedicated to the sunset, which the brand also beautifully and atmospherically implemented in the accompanying visuals. By the way, the creation was designed by Marie Salamagne.

Blackcurrant, osmanthus, jasmine, saffron, sugar and cedar are the ingredients of this eau de parfum that pays homage to the setting sun. No ordinary sunset is the source of inspiration, but the one near Positano on the Amalfi Coast. When the sun sinks into the sea there, it is a very special experience.

Eau d'Italie - Mystic Sunset
Mystic Sunset from Facebook

From Roman antiquity to recent history, people have spoken of a divine event that created the hole in Mount Pertuso and through which the sun shines when it sets. A truly mystical sight …

When the red sun sinks into the sea …

The red sun does not set in front of Capri in Mystic Sunset, but in front of Positano. But the coastal town on the Amalfi Coast is not far from the Mediterranean island, so the sunsets are unlikely to differ. Olfactorically, the all-evening spectacle of nature is realized with a prelude of berry fruit nuances, which are underpinned from the start by a powdery creaminess.

Very velvety and gentle, the Eau de Parfum by Eau d’Italie is thanks to the fine, smooth, almost creamy notes of jasmine and peachy fruity osmanthus. The dark spiciness of the saffron shows up only very subtly, giving the fragrance depth and setting exciting accents, nuanced by the delicious notes of toasted sugar.

Eau d'Italie - Mystic Sunset

Calm, relaxed and serene shows this beautiful new creation from the house of Eau d’Italie. Mystic Sunset is a lovely creamy woody floral scent with subtle fruit undertones that you can’t go wrong with. Absolutely suitable for everyday life and office, perfect for the warmer season, but definitely wearable all year round. Modern, elegant and with a good pinch of dolce vita, Mystic Sunset is a perfect and extremely successful conclusion to this article. Ideal for those who love creamy floral fragrances with a relaxed mood. 🙂

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