Sugar Addict, Dirty Heaven and Sin & Pleasure by BORNTOSTANDOUT

The Korean label BORNTOSTANDOUT has recently launched three new fragrances whose names are already making my mouth water: Sugar Addict, Dirty Heaven and Sin & Pleasure suggest real pleasure bombs, compositions that are too delicious to be true.

BORNTOSTANDOUT - Sugar Addict, Dirty Heaven and Sin & Pleasure
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… stands for original and pithy creations that – at least by name – stand out, are offensive, often ambiguous and contain sexual innuendo. I was already able to introduce you to the collection of the young South Korean label at the beginning of this year and of course I am happy to link to my articles below so that you can inform yourself, browse and read up:

For the creation of the three new Eaux de Parfum, the brand turned to the perfumers of Flair Paris and so Sugar Addict, Dirty Heaven and Sin & Pleasure were created by Amélie Bourgeois, Anne-Sophie Behaghel and Margaux Le Paih-Guérin.

Sugar Addict from Instagram
Dirty Heaven from Instagram
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Sugar Addict – Sugar until you drop

“Life, love, sugar. The feeling of sugar addiction in its purest form.” With these words, BORNTOSTANDOUT presents the eau de parfum Sugar Addict, which was composed by Anne-Sophie Behaghel. She used the ingredients sugar, cocoa, tonka bean, vanilla, cinnamon, rum, labdanum (cistus), coffee and cashmere wood for the fragrance. With two exceptions, this could also be the list of ingredients for a fine treat, a delicious snack that no one will be able to resist.


Sugar Addict smells beguiling, seductive and stunningly delicious right from the start. In my opinion, less sweet than expected, but wonderfully warm, gourmand and spicy. Creamy milk chocolate meets roasted sugar notes. A colourful mix of spices lends the creation vanilla and cinnamon accents, accompanied by delicately liqueur-like rum and the smoky sweetness of labdanum. I do not perceive coffee separately, perhaps it is responsible for the dark facets in the background, which I gradually sniff out. The composition gradually fades away on powdery, soft wood. Gourmand, spicy and beautiful, Sugar Addict is a must for all fans of this fragrance genre. Not an opulent hellraiser, but a finely composed and well-balanced eau de parfum that can, no, should be worn on any occasion! 😉 Really great!

Dirty Heaven – Dirty Heaven

“The pleasure, the joy, the ecstasy of heaven.” It is likely to be lavish and euphoric, if these words are to be believed. Perfumer Margaux Le Paih-Guérin created the fragrance from the ingredients jasmine, neroli, white flowers, tonka bean, saffron, ambroxan, vanilla, white musk, ambergris and woods.


In Dirty Heaven, creamy white flowers meet marvellous, dark, medicinal saffron and the hay-like coumarin nuances of tonka bean. The opening is already a feast! Wonderfully spicy, immersed in a floral milkiness. Soft, fluffy clouds of ambroxan drift past on the horizon, transforming the creation into a soft, feel-good fragrance. Vanilla and musk provide lovely spice and crystalline-powdery facets, while clean, bright woods and delicate, suede-like ambergris enchant the finish. Despite its rich white floral notes, Dirty Heaven is not an opulent fragrance, but a gentle, creamy-milky and powdery-floral companion for all occasions. White, whiter, Dirty Heaven. 🤍

Sin & Pleasure – Sinful pleasure

“Pleasure is a sin. And sometimes sin is a pleasure.” Sin & Pleasure is all about misconduct of the entertaining kind, and there are quite a few of them. Let the imagination run wild. Here, everyone can choose the sin and pleasure they like best. For perfumer Amélie Bourgeois, the theme consists of the fragrance notes white flowers, ylang-ylang, caramel, almond, vanilla, agarwood (oud), leather, patchouli, rum, white musk, oakmoss and sandalwood.


A sweet and liqueur-like blend of white flowers and rum opens Sin & Pleasure, followed by the dark and medicinal notes of oud, leather and earthy patchouli. Seductive and bewitching, the creation reveals its passionate side with an intense presence. Gradually, the eau de parfum glides into sweeter realms. Gourmand, sensual notes of creamy caramel meet roasted almonds and the finest vanilla. These combine with the still clearly perceptible nuances of the opening to create a wonderfully delicious and irresistible melange that you just want to sink into. 🤤

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