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The first announcement of the two new launches Amore Caffè and Black Noir by Mancera has already been greeted with joy and jubilation on our Instagram account, so I don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer and would like to follow up with a fragrance review of the newcomers.

I’m hoping for similarly magnificent fragrance compositions as with Tonka Cola, an eau de parfum that completely thrilled me at the end of last year, as you can read in my article Tonka Cola and Fabulous Yuzu by Mancera – Cola Delights and Citrus Fruits. Both of today’s eaux de parfum have the potential to become real olfactory hits, I’m sure of it.

Mancera - Amore Caffè

Amore Caffè – Great coffee love

The fragrance notes of Amore Caffè speak exactly my language: coffee, amaretto, vanilla, speculoos, sugar and ambergris. Do you need more to be happy? The speculoos should evoke a hint of Advent spirit in the creation, I suspect. Let’s see if that’s the case.

I am also gradually noticing a shift in the fragrance trend, as the fruit creations that have been so hyped recently are gradually fading away, and more and more gourmands are appearing in the world of niche fragrances. We will continue to monitor this and then draw a conclusion in the coming weeks and months whether this trend should actually be confirmed or whether this was just a temporary, possibly seasonal phenomenon.

Mancera’s Affogato al caffè: Whoever in Italy came up with the idea of dipping a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a bath of hot espresso was probably looking for a rich and irresistible treat. Amore Caffè by Mancera was inspired by this delicious and contrasting blend.

Mancera - Amore Caffè

Dark, bitter coffee meets soft, powdery … yes, what exactly? I detect a hint of the finest, light-coloured suede, sweet licorice and a soft, melt-in-the-mouth vanilla creaminess that is quite impressive. Mancera packs all of this into a surprisingly lucid and airy composition that is present, but in no way heavy or oppressive. Am I impressed? No! I am thrilled! I wouldn’t describe the sweetness of the creation as exuberant either. Tonka Cola was naturally a different caliber here. I perceive the speculoos as a delicate cinnamon background, while roasted sugar provides fine, crystalline caramel nuances that blend beautifully into the fragrance. The eau de parfum is very round, harmonious and serene, relaxed, calm and also a little thoughtful.

An absolute must-try not only for coffee and Mancera fans, but also for all those who love finely balanced and really great unisex fragrance compositions for every occasion. In terms of season, I would place Amore Caffè more in the cooler season. My conclusion: definitely try and enjoy! ☕🍨

Mancera - Black Noir

Black Noir – Black Black

The Mancera fragrance house has done a bit of a double-take with the name, but has at least used two different languages. Black seems to be the colour of the creation, and at least visually this cannot be denied. The black and gold combination makes me think spontaneously of Oud for Greatness by Initio – also a great fragrance!

Thematically at least, there is some overlap, as both fragrances revolve around one and the same ingredient: oud. Mancera combines the precious agarwood with pink pepper, leather, lavender, patchouli, tobacco blossom, tiare, tonka bean, vanilla, ambergris and vetiver.

Black Noir is a fragrance full of oriental mysticism … its heart is filled with a rare variety of oud carefully selected by Mancera. A great, elegant classic.

Mancera - Black Noir

Dark, smoky and dry oud leather opens Black Noir, wonderfully reflecting the name of the creation from the very first sniff. An animalistic hint pervades the top note, accompanied by earthy patchouli. Tobacco leaves provide a subtle, golden honey sweetness that softens the creaky black oud leather, accompanied by the creamy floral nuances of tiare. Its soft, almost powdery floral facets lend the creation suede-like accents. Velvety and warm notes are added in the finish thanks to fine spices, creamy vetiver and balsamic ambergris, which turn the base into an oasis of pleasure.

A dark and woody-smoky opening is followed by lovely floral and warm-soft moments. Very atmospheric, elegant and calming, Black Noir is a very special kind of oud leather. With a medium presence and rather transparent, we are once again dealing with a really great fragrance by Mancera. I would also wear this eau de parfum on cooler days. Perhaps not entirely suitable for the office – it depends on the workplace – but otherwise an excellent and classy fragrance companion for all occasions. 🖤

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