Illusion, Sacred Bond and Pheromones by Reinvented Parfums

In the second part of Reinvented Parfums, I would like to focus on the three eaux de parfum Illusion, Sacred Bond and Pheromones. In the meantime, I have received feedback from the brand’s distributor that the perfumes were indeed created by the perfumers Douglas Morel and Cristian Calabrò mentioned in my first article The Reinvented Parfums Collection – Epiphany and Eureka. Perfumer Huseyin Erdogmus was also involved in the collection. The special feature of the fragrances is not only their sophisticated composition, but also their high perfume oil concentration of 25%.

Reinvented Perfumes - Pheromones, Eureka, Sacred Bond & Epiphany

Illusion – dream or reality

“A moment between dream and reality. The mind awakens to a state of trance and perspectives shift. Parallel universes, in which mind and matter transition from illusions to luminous visions.”

With the fragrance notes of dried fruit, sugar, juniper berries, rose, saffron, clove, vanilla, ambergris, gurjun balsam, cabreuva and cedarwood, Reinvented Parfums aims to enchant us to such an extent that we no longer know what is reality and what is a dream.

Reinvented Perfumes - Illusion

Sugared fruit notes meet sparkling, woody juniper berries and fine spices such as saffron and clove in the opening of Illusion, giving the eau de parfum depth and exciting accents. Delicate rose nuances provide lightness, while peppery, dry gujun balsam and the velvety woody notes of cabreuva and powdery, light cedar wood make an underlining appearance. A hint of sweet vanilla and the finest ambergris round off the creation beautifully. With a medium presence and good longevity, Illusion is a spicy-sweet and woody fragrance that can be worn on any occasion.

Sacred Bond – Holy connection

The name Sacred Bond can have several meanings. What exactly Reinvented Parfums means by this remains unclear. However, the label reveals the fragrance notes: mandarin, bergamot, raspberry, jasmine, gardenia, rose, saffron, sandalwood, benzoin resin, caramel, vanilla, white musk and ambergris.

True affection. An intense and hypnotic harmony. The balance of an inseparable connection on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level that neither time nor distance can break.

Reinvented Perfumes - Sacred Bond

Delicious fruity nuances open Sacred Bond. Citrus fruits meet sweet-sour raspberry, soon accompanied by creamy jasmine, bright gardenia and lucid rose. A truly fine fruity-floral bouquet that I like wonderfully. Saffron and sandalwood add warm, spicy woody nuances to the composition and gradually lead the fragrance into the base. Soft, flowing and sweetly creamy nuances of creamy caramel, meltingly chocolaty benzoin resin, powdery musk and the finest vanilla spice harmoniously round off the eau de parfum, accompanied by balsamic-sweet ambergris. Perfect for every occasion and every season. Splendid!

Pheromones – Reinvented Parfums

The name pheromones brings to mind the body’s own messenger substances of the same name, which can play an unconscious but decisive role, particularly in partner selection. I wonder if the eau de parfum is supposed to have a particularly attractive effect on others? The ingredients certainly sound tempting: bergamot, saffron, pink pepper, cardamom, jasmine, rose, iris, elemi resin, vanilla, labdanum (cistus), vetiver, nagarmotha, sandalwood and musk.

The magic of an encounter unfolds in the connection between mind, body and soul. Our innermost being radiates outwards like a magnetic aura: sensual, deep, euphoric and infinite.

Reinvented Parfums - Pheromones

The opening of Pheromones is peppery, fresh and cool, spicy, dry and rather dark. Slowly, the blossoms enter the fragrance, a creamy, sweet bouquet of jasmine and rose. I perceive the iris as an undercurrent at most. Resins and woods bring warmth, depth and sweetness to the creation, accentuated by sweet, spicy vanilla and the earthy, cool root notes of vetiver and nagarmotha. Pheromomes is a successful conclusion to this collection from Reinvented Parfums, a fragrance dominated by spices and flowers and underlined by resins and woods. Very harmonious, rather quiet and beautifully composed.

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