Interview with EMIL ÉLISE – Talking to the squad

Just yesterday, Melting Lust, a fragrance by EMIL ÉLISE, was featured here in the Duft-Tagebuch as a prize in this year’s Advent calendar. Today, we would like to talk to the young Essen-based brand and its “squad”, as the EMIL ÉLISE team calls itself. 🎤

I have already presented all the label’s creations to you. There is even a fragrance event among the articles:

Welcome to the Duft-Tagebuch: EMIL ÉLISE!

Models from EMIL ÉLISE
Models from EMIL ÉLISE

Dear EMIL ÉLISE squad, can you tell us a bit about your background?

EMIL ÉLISE thinks differently and opens the gallery to anyone who wants to express their personality. As a squad of many different personalities, we play with gender roles and the image of the perfume industry. We encourage our customers to tell their own story. Our approach is to create an entry into the niche world for the customer, both in terms of price and fragrance creations.

How did it come about that you founded your own fragrance house EMIL ÉLISE?

The EMIL ÉLISE team comes from the perfume industry and is very familiar with the German market. We have noticed that many brands pursue similar approaches and do little to stand out from the crowd. There was simply a lack of someone who dared to do what we were looking for. A brand that has the courage to be different and dare to do something. We wanted to fill precisely this niche by taking matters into our own hands and setting ourselves apart from the tradition-oriented market. A brand that addresses the issues of the younger generations, gives them a space and distinguishes itself from other fragrance brands.

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What makes your brand and your fragrances so special in your eyes?

As a fragrance brand in the entry-level price segment in the niche fragrance world, we offer high-quality premium fragrances that are not too overwhelming or complex, even for inexperienced customers. With EMIL ÉLISE, we want to facilitate entry into niche perfumery and make high-quality fragrances attractive and accessible to a broad target group in terms of price. We take this approach on an emotional level in order to offer our customers a fragrance experience that satisfies their individualistic needs without breaking their price barrier. We see ourselves as a door opener in the world of exclusive premium fragrances by combining individuality and affordability together with an exceptional visual presentation.

Who would you like to address with your creations?

Growth in the luxury goods segment is being reinforced by two new dominant target groups – Generation Y & Generation Z. Customers in these age groups appreciate brands with an authentic appearance and a unique brand story that goes beyond the actual product. Diversity, inclusion, sustainability and the intention to challenge the status quo are at the heart of their and our value system.

You are a very young team. What advantages do you think this offers?

We are a brand from a young creative squad for all Gen Y & Zs. We do not define luxury by price, but by the power of personalities who can develop freely. We stand for strong, universal fragrance creations that invite you to tell your own story. Because we are a young team, we understand the needs and principles of our customers – we are part of them and can therefore optimally adapt our products to our customers.

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For each EMIL ÉLISE fragrance, you also launch matching images. How important is this visual component of your creations to you, and what do you attach particular importance to here?

The visual presentation plays a very important role for us! We take a gallery approach, where our minimalist products provide the canvas for our customers, who then complete the artwork with their individuality and uniqueness by telling their story and emphasizing their personality with our fragrances. Our visual material is often provocative, diverse and loud, as we want to show that we are open to everything and everyone and do not judge anyone. We have the courage to show that it is good to be different. We therefore pursue a mix of minimalism in product design and loud imagery as an additional approach to visualize our values artistically.

Where do you get the inspiration for your fragrances? What stories do they tell?

Our inspiration comes from the everyday. We do not look away and deal with current issues. Courage and authenticity are very important to us and we don’t want to exclude anyone. We take the same approach with our fragrances. We try to create a wide range of different fragrances so that there is something for everyone. Our product portfolio is as diverse as our squad. We always try to be bold and create exciting fragrances that have never been seen before.

How do you go about developing new creations?

The fragrance creation journey begins with a comprehensive market analysis and portfolio review. After carefully deciding on the desired fragrance, the next step is an introduction to renowned fragrance manufacturers and perfumers. The expectations and wishes of the fragrance experts are defined in briefings, without imposing too many restrictions or specifications. The fragrance manufacturers work intensively with the specifications and send a carefully selected selection of fragrance suggestions. The focus is then on testing and fine-tuning the proposed fragrances. The entire team and additional experts take part in this process to ensure that the final product meets the highest standards and that the final fragrance composition can be determined as a joint decision.

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Do all your fragrances come from the same perfumer or have you worked with different ones?

We work with various perfumers and are always open to new ideas. As we aim to be a brand that is characterized by diversity – both in terms of the squad and the product portfolio – we are reluctant to limit ourselves and are interested in different approaches.

To what extent are you involved in the development of the fragrances?

As already mentioned, the entire team is involved and supports the process from analysis and briefing through to the final fine-tuning. It is important to us that we are all satisfied before we make any decisions.

Was there one or more creations that particularly challenged you during production/development?

Fragrance development is a very extensive topic and can take a lot of time. Since we want to build a portfolio in which we cover every fragrance direction and create a fragrance for every type of customer, it inevitably becomes more challenging with each new fragrance to define another fragrance direction that has not yet been considered. But it is precisely this challenge that drives us to surpass ourselves and create something completely new. We have a lot of fun developing innovative ideas and fragrance creations based on them that do not yet exist. We are very proud of our fragrances and look forward to creating many more.

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What can we expect from EMIL ÉLISE in the future?

EMIL ÉLISE is still a relatively young brand. Not only in terms of the age of our team, but also in terms of the time we have existed as a brand. We aim to change the perfume industry and grow into a consistent and successful brand that stands out from the competition. We also want to spread our values and, of course, create incomparable fragrances that we and our customers like. After our first eight fragrances, we now want to be even more daring and develop even more unusual and unique fragrances that reflect the diversity of our brand and reach additional target groups.

Is there anything important you would like to add?

Stay Unlike Anyone.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions.

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