Le J by Nejma Collection – The new fragrance of the Oud Line

The Nejma Collection brand is celebrating its premiere here in the Duft-Tagebuch today with its latest creation, Le J. The label was founded by Marie-Lise Bischoff in 2006, who was inspired by a reading of an Arabic legend during a trip to the Orient.

The protagonist of this legend was the beautiful Nejma, who initially suffered a terrible fate. Kidnapped by pirates, she is offered for sale as a slave. There, a vizier catches sight of her and is immediately enchanted by her charm and grace. It is said that Nejma’s special scent also played a major role in making the Arab government official fall in love with her instantly.

Nejma Collection - Le J
Image from Instagram / © ACÓMI Studio

Seven daughters are born from this union, each more magnificent than the last. To honor her and make her immortal, each of them tries to imitate her mother’s scent. Blends of various spices, all carrying the warm and precious scent of oud, which gives Nejma its oriental magic.

Le J – Nejma Collection

The Nejma Collection brand now comprises several lines, some of which can be found at Aus Liebe zum Duft. Under Nejma’s Daughters, for example, you will find consecutively numbered bottles, from 1 to 7 of course, which are intended to represent the daughters of Nejma olfactorically. The oud line now includes Le J, which should logically contain agarwood.

A glance at the fragrance notes confirms this – admittedly not particularly daring – thesis: raspberry, leather, agarwood (oud), rose, nagarmotha, patchouli, ambergris and benzoin resin are the ingredients of this composition. I am curious about the interplay of oud and rose. Raspberry and leather, which could almost be the new olfactory dream couple, as they are appearing together more and more frequently in fragrances, immediately caught my attention.

Nejma Collection - Le J
Image from Instagram / © ACÓMI Studio

Le J perfume embodies celestial grace and confidence, celebrating timeless beauty and elegance while evoking vitality, boldness and independence.

The beauty of the Orient

Le J convinces with expressiveness right from the start. Sweet and sour raspberries provide cheerful fruity accents, which are soon joined by the finest and softest leather. The agarwood is also already making its presence felt. With its subtly smoky and medicinal nuances, it underlines the leather, but also brings its very own facets to the olfactory game.

Close behind: the rose. With its characteristic, subtly soapy floral notes, it lends the fruity oud leather a lightness, a certain sweetness and that rose-typical radiance that makes the combination of oud and rose so particularly beautiful. Nagarmotha brings cool, soft earthy accents to the creation, which is rounded off by creamy, sweet ambergris and benzoin resin in the base.

Nejma Collection - Le J

Le J is a very present, rather feminine mix of fruity, leathery-woody and floral notes that is wonderfully balanced and appears very harmonious. The combination of oud and rose is wonderfully nuanced by leather and raspberry, and I really like it. I wasn’t quite sure how the four fragrances would harmonize with each other, as the oud rose is now a classic and the raspberry leather also makes quite a statement. But Nejma Collection manages to combine and harmonize these powerful notes in a wonderful way. Le J is an elegant, sophisticated and enchanting composition that is perfect for going out or for the evening. ❤️

I would like to thank Mr. Spies from ISIS Parfums for providing a bottle of Le J for an unboxing reel on our Instagram account and for this fragrance review.

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Julia Biró Written by:

Bereits 2010 gingen so einige Blogbeiträge auf mein Konto. Dann war ich „kurz“ weg – sechs Jahre. Umso mehr freut es mich, dass ich nun wieder die Chance bekomme, mein Näschen im Dienste der Duftrezension schnuppern zu lassen und eifrig in die Tasten zu hauen. Was Nischendüfte angeht, habe ich damals übrigens schnell Feuer gefangen. Meine Ausbildung tat dazu ihr Übriges: Als diplomierte Biologin kenne ich mich nicht nur mit Fauna und Flora, sondern auch recht gut mit der Herstellung von Ölen und Extrakten aus, was den Reiz der Parfumwelt natürlich noch größer macht.

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