Etrango by J.F. Schwarzlose – In the frenzy of the 1920s

With J.F. Schwarzlose and Etrango, we are once again transported to 1920s Berlin, as the brand’s latest eau de parfum is also based on an original formula that was originally founded in the 19th century and fell into oblivion in the middle of the 20th century. Until Lutz Hermann and perfumer Véronique Nyberg took over the fragrance house and brought it back to life.

If you would like to find out more about the J.F. Schwarzlose brand and its fascinating history, I recommend the two-part interview with Lutz Hermann, in which you can gain very special and certainly previously unknown insights into the history of the Berlin label:

j.F. Schwarzlose - Etrango

Etrango – In the land of fantasy

The original Etrango fragrance dates back to 1929 and was “described as a fantasy perfume” at the time. At the time, the transparent bottle was adorned with the outlines of skyscrapers in shades ranging from orange to copper, a reminiscence of the metropolis of Berlin, which was going through a turbulent time a hundred years ago. Society was not only politically divided, but the gap between rich and poor could hardly be greater. Bloody May and the stock market crash were just some of the events that shook the year 1929 and Berlin.

Etrango combines the French “étrange” (strange, unknown) and the English “strange” (unusual, odd) in sensual dance. With elegant, mysterious aromas between seduction and delicacy, the fragrance arouses curiosity about the unknown and the extraordinary. Are you ready for a journey into the land of fantasy?

Véronique Nyberg used the ingredients bergamot, caraway, saffron, jasmine, damask rose, clove, patchouli, oakmoss and nagarmotha for Etrango, the fragrance with the imaginative name and subject. Incidentally, the eau de parfum is available in two different visual versions: The 100 ml bottle features an emblem in elegant copper orange, while the 50 ml bottle is classically black.

j.F. Schwarzlose - Etrango
Etrango from Instagram

The 11th fragrance by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin pulsates with complexity, self-confidence, uninhibited eroticism and unashamed cheekiness – just like the city of Berlin. An olfactory kaleidoscope of the senses in a vaudeville of fantasies: opulent, sensual and sexy.

Olfactory fantasy journey

Etrango opens with a citrusy and spicy note. The greenish tartness of the bergamot is combined with aromatic spices. I perceive the dark, medicinal nuances of saffron, soon accompanied by lovely flowers. Jasmine provides creamy nuances, but the Damask rose takes center stage, radiant, bright, airy and pompous at the same time. The queen of flowers is surrounded by an array of olfactory companions, gazing up in admiration at the blossom that beguiles with all its splendor and magnificence.

The citrus notes are perceptible well into the fragrance. Slowly, earthy, woody accents creep into the fragrance. The smoky-rooty facets of Nagarmotha bring not only coolness but also a touch of melancholy to the creation, a certain seriousness that appears mature and distinguished. The fragrance gradually fades away with fine, powdery-earthy and gently spicy nuances.

j.F. Schwarzlose - Etrango

Etrango by J.F. Schwarzlose is a beautifully composed, classically elegant rose fragrance that is rounded off with citrusy-spicy and earthy-woody nuances. The rose in the eau de parfum has a radiant, intense and wonderfully sweet scent, with a fine saffron and aromatic caraway nuance. It can be worn all year round, but is more suitable for cooler days. I don’t see Etrango being suitable for the office, but rather for special occasions, for the evening or for going out. I would describe the presence as medium and the longevity as very good. Even after more than twelve hours, the fragrance is still subtly perceptible. Perfect for all fans of rose fragrances, of classically elegant yet modern floral compositions, and anyone who loves J.F. Schwarzlose has to put the eau de parfum on their must-try list anyway 😉.

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