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Today and in my upcoming posts, I’m delighted to present pernoire, a brand that I’ve noticed on social media for some time and which has been available in the Aus Liebe zum Duft range for a few weeks now. Young, dynamic, always in tune with the times – that’s the first impression I have of the two founders Nico Mannino and Robin Dünner. In the interview, we learn some exciting details about Nico and Robin, about the brand itself and its fragrance compositions.

Welcome to the Duft-Tagebuch: Nico Mannino and Robin Dünner from pernoire! ✨

Nico Mannino and Robin Dünner, founders of pernoire
Robin Dünner and Nico Mannino, founders of pernoire

Dear Nico, dear Robin, can you tell us a little about yourselves?

Nico: After graduating in business administration in 2017, I started a career in finance. Despite my deep-rooted passion for perfume, I considered doing a second degree in perfumery creation. However, I hesitated because I thought I would excel more in the business world than in perfume production. Nevertheless, I yearned to play a significant role in the world of perfume, which led me to choose the position of creative director and to lead a perfume brand at the same time.

Robin: During this period of self-reflection, I studied to obtain my own degree in business administration. The connection between Nico and I spans over two decades, and our shared love of perfume only strengthened our friendship. We often engaged in friendly duels, presenting each other with our latest and most unique fragrance discoveries.

Nico: At the beginning of 2020, a restructuring at the Swiss headquarters led to me losing my position at Coca-Cola. Torn between returning to the financial sector or starting my own business, I recalled the numerous business ideas Robin and I had developed over the years. I was firmly convinced that Robin would be the ideal partner should I start a new project. Our personalities not only harmonized well with each other, but our skills and talents also complemented each other wonderfully.

pernoire - Vitias

And that’s how pernoire was founded?

Nico: The situation came to a head in February with the appearance of the first coronavirus cases in Europe. Given the urgency and opportunity for change, I contacted Robin to pitch him the idea of starting his own niche perfume brand. By March 2023, despite the challenges of the pandemic and personal setbacks – Robin’s student budget constraints and my recent career and relationship losses – we both began our journey to revolutionize the fragrance industry. We were both convinced that waiting for the “right moment” was pointless; the time to act was now.

What makes your brand and your fragrances unique in your eyes?

Nico: In the diverse landscape of niche perfumery, our brand is characterized by a multi-faceted approach rooted in recognizing and meeting the changing needs of today’s young consumers. We are proud to be one of the few niche brands to tailor our range specifically to a younger audience. We recognize their need for uniqueness, their commitment to sustainability and their aversion to traditional gender norms. Our fragrances break out of the box and introduce scents that are truly novel, something the world has not experienced before.

One of our strengths lies in our digital expertise. In an era where digital interaction is paramount, we have mastered the art of online engagement and are implementing innovative strategies that not only foster a sense of community, but also support our global partners. Our approach is not just about selling; it’s about dialog, connection and co-creation with our community.

Nico Mannino, pernoire

Robin: Quality is another cornerstone of our brand. Rooted in Swiss craftsmanship, our creations bear the seal of precision, attention to detail and excellence. This focus on quality is not just about the end product; it is intrinsic to our entire process. As founders, Nico and I are closely involved every step of the way to ensure meticulous attention to detail and maintain a hands-on approach.

But at the heart of everything we do is our primary commitment to our customers. We strive to be a brand that is not only customer-oriented but also customer-centric, fostering close relationships based on trust, transparency and shared values. Combine this with our unique fragrances of the highest quality, and it becomes clear why our brand stands out: we offer an unparalleled experience of authenticity, innovation and connection.

You say yourselves that you don’t want to create pleasant fragrances, but olfactory personalities. What exactly does this mean?

Nico: pernoire is pursuing the ambitious goal of becoming an internationally recognized fragrance curator for olfactory creations. The brand attaches particular importance to appreciating the sense of smell and going beyond the range of conventional pleasant fragrances. Instead, pernoire focuses on the creation of “olfactory personalities”. This means that our fragrances aim to express complex characters and identities that can transform the wearer into the desired self-image. This philosophy is reflected in complex fragrance compositions created with rare essences to represent authentic and gradual elements of a character.

pernoire - Amoral

In this respect, a perfume from pernoire is not just a fragrance, but rather a means of self-identification and personality expression. The idea is that by wearing one of our perfumes, you can take on the personality you want to embody – perhaps even a superhero persona. Each perfume created by pernoire offers a different personality and gives the wearer the opportunity to transform themselves into their desired personality on the day.

To be continued …

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