Sage – No. 7, Magician – No. 8 and Hero – No. 9 by ARgENTUM

In the fourth and penultimate part of ARgENTUM, I present the fragrances Sage – No. 7, Magician – No. 8 and Hero – No. 9. While Sage is another candidate from the Air Collection, we are entering completely new territory with Magician and Hero, as they belong to the Fire Collection. As already known, the perfumer is Delphine Thierry. She has created the entire range of fragrances from the London-based niche fragrance label ARgENTUM, which – as you have already seen in my previous posts – is based entirely on an alcohol-free formula and uses a water-plant emulsion instead.

ARgENTUM - Fire Collection

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Sage – No. 7

At first, I couldn’t make any sense of the term sage, as I only know the word as the English equivalent of sage. But it also means someone who is particularly clever and wise. Someone who wants to expand and impart their knowledge, who wants to understand and experience how things work, who wants to see through connections and decipher the mysteries of this world. For ARgENTUM, the fragrance notes heliotrope, sandalwood, vanilla, violet leaves and ylang-ylang represent precisely this kind of archetype.

Consider the awareness of No. 7 to awaken your inner wisdom through the power of nature. See both sides as you share your esoteric knowledge and awareness ~ for an enlightened path to healing.

ARgENTUM - Sage - No. 7

Right from the start, Sage – No. 7 enchants with soft white flower facets that are wonderfully milky, creamy and beguiling. Light, airy and soft as cotton, the fragrance reminds me of a fluffy cloud against a bright blue sky. Sandalwood brings sunny warmth and depth to the creation, while powdery vanilla, spicy violet leaves and creamy ylang-ylang underline the soft atmosphere of the composition. Perfect for those who prefer soft, light and aldehydic floral fragrances that are transparent and airy rather than overly opulent. It has a medium presence and is perfect for the office, everyday wear and any other occasion on warmer days in spring and summer. ♥️

Magician – No. 8

A wizard is Magician – No. 8 and therefore someone who can move things, who sometimes achieves something superhuman, but who can also influence and manipulate others. An ambivalent archetype, then, whereby one could certainly assign positive and negative characteristics to each of the twelve. In purely olfactory terms, the eau de parfum sounds incredibly exciting to me, as it combines ambergris, Atlas cedarwood, clove, labdanum (cistus), myrrh, chili pepper and black pepper.

Invoke the power of transformation with No. 8 to attract the alignment of body and cosmos. Reveal the magic of manifestation through the alchemy of science and nature.

ARgENTUM - Magician - No. 8

Spicy, coniferous woody nuances open Magician – No. 8, evoking a cozy, profound mood in the creation. Pepper and chili lend the fragrance a certain dryness and spiciness, which are soon immersed in ambery cedarwood notes and the finest labdanum sweetness. The aromatic coolness of clove can be sniffed out, as can the resinous-balsamic accents of myrrh. Magician – No. 8 is a warm, spicy-woody and ambery fragrance, which for me fits perfectly in fall and winter. Rather a quiet nature with good durability that prefers to be everywhere. Beautiful! ♥️

Hero – No. 9

Hero – No. 9 is the hero, the saviour, the protector who stands up for others and fights for them. I expect a present and rather expressive fragrance and the ingredients agarwood (oud), basil, clove, cardamom, cumin, orange, patchouli, vetiver and incense could well confirm this.

Dedicate the energy of No. 9 with courage and discipline to protect everything that is dear to you. Use your destiny to triumph over obstacles and show mercy to humanity with your selfless character.

ARgENTUM - Hero - No. 9

Cool, smoky, woody, leathery. Hero – No. 9 is a fascinating mix of oud, vetiver and incense, accompanied by earthy patchouli and aromatic, tart spices. It is less present and powerful than I had expected, but I do not consider this to be a flaw. On the contrary, the fragrance fits harmoniously into the previous ARgENTUM collection and presents another exciting olfactory facet with smoky-woody and resinous-leathery nuances. More of a creation for the cooler season, but also absolutely suitable for everyday and office use. 🖤

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