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The ARgENTUM brand, which was founded a few years ago by South African-born Joy Isaacs, who now lives in London, is a real gem. The name already gives an idea of what the niche fragrance label focuses on: Argentum is the Latin word for silver. And it is precisely this silver that can be found in the brand’s skincare line based on natural ingredients, but not in the eaux de parfum available from Aus Liebe zum Duft. But the fragrance line also has a special feature, as it does not contain alcohol or any other solvents. Instead, ARgENTUM uses the so-called WPE (water-plant emulsion), which we already know from Maison Sybarite, for example.

Full Collection - Discovery Set from ARgENTUM
Full Collection – Discovery Set from ARgENTUM

In a nutshell: ARgENTUM

Initially, ARgENTUm only offered skincare products that were enhanced with a signature fragrance, which ultimately launched the perfume line: Become – No. 0. This eau de parfum created by Delphine Thierry was the prelude to a completely new, unique line of fragrances that the brand assigns to various archetypes: Ruler, Creator, Lover, Everyman, Explorer, Caregiver, Jester, Sage, Rebel, Hero, Magician and Innocent. In the middle of this is the first fragrance Become, No. 0.

However, the fragrances are not just about archetypes, but also about the elements of fire, air, earth and water. Therefore, in addition to the numbering – which I have admittedly not included in the list above – the creations are also divided into different collections, namely the Air Collection, Water Collection, Earth Collection and Fire Collection.

I have the Full Collection – Discovery Set pictured above and am already blown away by the outer packaging. A great deal of attention to detail has been paid here. There is a lot to see and discover. I’m really excited about that. And I can tell you that the packaging of the Eaux de Parfum tops it all.

ARgENTUM - Become - No.0

As we are dealing with a really large number of fragrances here, I would like to start right away and proceed in numerical order. So let’s start with No. 0, the signature fragrance of the ARgENTUM brand.

It should also be mentioned that the London label’s creations are said to be skin-caring thanks to the natural ingredients and the absence of alcohol. However, as the base of eaux de parfum consists of oil and water, they should not be applied directly to clothing in order to avoid possible stains.

Become – No. 0

Become – No. 0 was created – as already mentioned – by perfumer Delphine Thierry and combines the fragrance notes bergamot, patchouli, sandalwood, geranium, rose, moss and nutmeg. In my set, I find the eau de parfum in a black, elongated vial, which I shake before opening to ensure that the water-plant emulsion binds. I end up with a milky liquid that is very light and absorbs quickly into the skin. I spread the fragrance on the back of my hand, which felt wonderfully soft afterwards. I like that very much.

ARgENTUM - Become - No.0

Become – No. 0 is citrusy, fresh, gently soapy and greenish-herbal. For me, the eau de parfum has a slight barber store vibe. The green and tart freshness of bergamot is combined with cool geranium and woody notes. Patchouli brings subtle earthy woody nuances to the composition. As the fragrance progresses, herbaceous accents meet a gentle warmth that gradually spreads throughout the creation.

An invigorating and energetic fragrance that I can’t quite decide whether I think it’s masculine or unisex. But anything you like is allowed anyway, so you can of course do as you please here. For me personally, it’s a little too tart, although I might like it better on warmer days than in the sub-zero temperatures we’re currently experiencing here in northern Germany. I would definitely consider the creation suitable for the office and everyday use and am more than positively surprised by the presence and especially the durability of this fragrance based on a water-plant emulsion. Absolute test recommendation!

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