Green Flannel and Fleur d’Oh by OHTOP – Of memories and simplicity

After Paranoïaque, Ohsphalte and I Hate Rose, today I would like to introduce you to Green Flannel and Fleur d’Oh from OHTOP. For the sake of simplicity, I will link my two articles below so that anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to read them can find out more:

OHTOP - Green Flannel

So today we would like to turn our attention to the last two eaux de parfum from the French-Korean brand, both of which were created by Alexis Dadier. The perfumer has been working as such for over twenty years and has been with Robertet since 2019. The Aus Liebe zum Duft range also includes various creations for the L’Atelier Parfum brand, which were created by him but which I have not yet presented here.

Green Flannel – OHTOP

Green Flannel is a tribute to a fragrance that has a very special meaning for Romeo Oh – and probably also for Alexis Dadier, as the press release reveals. I am not personally familiar with Gray Flannel by Geoffrey Beene, but the eau de toilette from the 1970s is said to have served as inspiration.

The name component flannel is of course reminiscent of the fabric flannel. The roughened and soft fabric is familiar from (checked) flannel shirts, but other items of clothing and bedding are also made from this soft and light fabric. The reference to textiles closes the circle to the fashion sector, in which Romeo Oh was and is active for decades before he founded his own niche fragrance label.

OHTOP - Green Flannel

Green Flannel combines the ingredients galbanum, mandarin, violet leaves, violet, jasmine, ambroxan and tonka bean and should therefore – in all likelihood – go in a greenish-powdery direction. A colour scheme that is also reflected in the name of the creation.

Scent of memory

Green Flannel starts the fragrance gently citrusy, rather tart and fresh. The color green is there from the start thanks to galbanum and violet leaves and I also notice fine, powdery accents from the beginning. Molecular nuances run like a red thread through the OHTOP collection and Green Flannel is no exception. These elusive, soft, light woody and sometimes shimmering notes give the fragrance an incredibly modern and minimalist character.

The eau de parfum has a very clean, fresh and clear effect, like a cool mountain stream, a cold breeze with greenish notes. And despite all its freshness, Green Flannel also has pleasant facets. Cotton-soft ambroxan pervades the creation like fluffy spring clouds in the sky. The tonka bean underscores the greenish nuances and adds spicy, vanilla accents with gentle cumarin sparkles in the finish.

OHTOP - Green Flannel

Green Flannel is a light, transparent and airy fragrance that combines powdery, molecular and greenish notes. Very soft, delicate and rather restrained, the eau de parfum is a pleasant and uncomplicated companion for any occasion. I would classify its presence as light to medium, and after a few hours the fragrance is still perceptible close to the skin. Perfect for anyone who prefers light and delicate greenish nuances with a soft powder finish. 💚

Fleur d’Oh – Fresh minimalism

Fleur d’Oh is also likely to be an eau de parfum that revolves around the color green – in some form at least. And a certain freshness is also hinted at by the ingredients, which are as follows: shisho (perilla) leaves, yuzu, neroli, orange blossom, petitgrain, cedarwood, moss and musk.

The creation is supposed to be inspired by the essential and simplicity, which makes me strongly suspect that it will be more of a restrained and minimalist fragrance, a creation characterized by clarity, transparency and authenticity.

OHTOP - Fleur d'Oh

Sooner or later, every creator is confronted with the idea of simplicity. He feels the temptation to simplify himself again and again, even to the point of complete nudity. In fact, we are all looking for an apparent lightness that hides real sophistication. This eau de cologne is a perfume that unites us in its nakedness and reveals a studied nonchalance that says: “I am what I am.”

Perfume in C-Oh-logne style

Fleur d’Oh is indeed reminiscent of a fresh, citrusy cologne. Very light, fruity, characterized by tart, tangy hesperides that are accompanied by powdery, airy nuances. The eau de parfum is like a sunny breeze that wafts over you on a gentle summer afternoon, dreaming away in a hammock under orange trees. In addition to the aforementioned citrus fruits, I also perceive delicate greenish nuances, as well as a bright, clean freshness that is very dry and molecule-like.

The last fragrance in this series of reviews also demonstrates this characteristic, and once again in a very harmonious and subtle way. In this creation, I rather smell the petitgrain with its spicy and aromatic-green orange notes than the creamy-floral relatives neroli and orange blossom, which suits me very well. Fleur d’Oh finally fades away with soft and comforting powdery nuances

OHTOP - Fleur d'Oh

Fleur d’Oh is just the thing for anyone looking for a citrusy, aromatic and greenish-powdery fragrance that smells of summer and sunshine and has the freshness of a cologne. The name suggests a fragrance dominated by flowers, but here they play more of an accompanying role. This eau de parfum is also rather transparent and quiet, so I would classify the presence as light to medium. The durability on my skin is also medium, maybe it’s different for you. An absolute all-rounder in the warmer seasons that can be worn for any occasion. 🍋🌿

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