Ohsphalte and I Hate Rose by OHTOP – Love and Hate

After introducing you to the OHTOP brand in my last article Paranoïaque by OHTOP – Olfactory Wardrobe from Paris and also presenting a first fragrance, today I continue with the two eaux de parfum Ohsphalte and I Hate Rose.

OHTOP - Ohsphalte

Ohsphalte – Urban passion

One of my favourite perfumers is responsible for the creation of Ohsphalte, namely Anne-Sophie Behaghel, who has been delighting me with her wonderful compositions for some time now. Together with her colleague Amélie Bourgeois, whose perfumes I also love, and several other perfumers, Behaghel runs the fragrance factory Flair Paris, from which many an olfactory treasure has sprung.

I remember, for example, the three creations Sugar Addict, Dirty Heaven and Sin & Pleasure by BORNTOSTANDOUT, which were created by three perfumers from Studio Flair Paris and which were simply heavenly. I very much hope that Ohsphalte is as wonderful as these compositions and also as Paranoïaque, which already inspired me in my last post.

For Ohsphalte, Anne-Sophie Behaghel was asked to translate the following inspiration into olfactory terms: “Romeo is addicted to the scent of asphalt and everything it embodies: urban modernity, streets that connect people, but also pollution, dust and human excesses.”

OHTOP - Ohsphalte

The press release speaks of hot asphalt and blazing heat, of a black leather jumpsuit, of the ultra-modern, urban and sophisticated universe of OHTOP. That sounds exciting! The fragrance notes are also quite enticing: iris, orange blossom, amyris, guaiac wood, patchouli, cashmeran, labdanum (cistus) and white musk. The press material also mentions a concrete chord.

Fragrant concrete – Ohsphalte

Lovely and quite fruity orange blossoms meet airy, molecular and dry notes – perhaps the aforementioned concrete accord? -, on delicately smoky guaiac wood and a gentle powdery iris. Like Paranoïaque, Ohsphalte is very light and lucid and also has clear molecular facets that seem elusive and ethereal.

Patchouli brings soft, earthy and creamy woody nuances to the composition, accompanied by the velvety warmth of amyris. The interplay of woods, orange blossom and iris evokes a fragrance that I would definitely describe as mineral. It reminds me of warm sand. The cistus brings a certain sweetness to the creation, while the musk intensifies the powder accents.

OHTOP - Ohsphalte

Ohsphalte by OHTOP is a powdery, woody and lovely blend of woods and flowers. Iris and orange blossom are clearly perceptible and lend the creation lush, powdery and fruity-floral nuances, which are rounded off by molecularly warm cashmeran and gentle woody facets. I perceive the mineral accents as rather understated and very subtle. I would classify the presence as medium, the persistence is good. Perfect for anyone who loves iris, orange blossom and woods in combination and is open to molecular scents. It’s a finely balanced and lucid fragrance that I would classify as a warmer season scent. 💚

I Hate Rose – Floral aversion

The name can be seen as a statement: I Hate Rose. Romeo Oh makes his dislike of the queen of flowers very clear. Nevertheless, this negative attitude towards roses does not stop him from including his own rose fragrance in his collection. He wanted to create a rose whose scent he could fall in love with.

He entrusted this task to perfumer Amélie Bourgeois, who used the fragrance notes bergamot, paprika, pink pepper, mandarin, geranium, raspberry, tropical fruits, rhubarb, rose, blackcurrant, ambroxan, cashmeran, driftwood and white musk to compose a modern, innovative and different creation around the theme of rose.

OHTOP - I Hate Rose

Great creations often come about when we dislike something so much that we turn it into something else. Transformation is a true act of creation. Romeo doesn’t like the natural scent of roses, so he wanted to find a way to turn it into a perfume he loves. A metaphor for trusting in our duality and holding on to our creativity.

Rose in transition

The rose is evident from the very beginning of the eau de parfum, accompanied by a citrusy, tart spiciness that is probably attributable to paprika and pepper. However, the creation soon becomes softer and smoother. The molecule-like powdery warmth of ambroxan and cashmeran appears early in the fragrance, but initially only as an undercurrent. Fruity-floral nuances of lucid rose and tangy-sour fruits are at the heart of this creation.

The geranium adds a hint of greenish coolness to the composition, while the characteristic accents of rhubarb are clearly perceptible. The notes of ambroxan and cashmeran pick up speed in the finish, although the fragrance becomes lighter, airier and more transparent overall. I Hate Rose ends with soft, fruity-floral, dry-woody and powdery-lucid nuances.

OHTOP - I Hate Rose

I Hate Rose is a beautiful, airy, summery and cheerful rose fragrance, accompanied by fruits and powdery-woody facets, which is very modern, elegant and sunny. Anyone who loves the combination of radiant, not-too-sweet rose and tangy fruits should definitely put this eau de parfum on their must-try list. With a medium presence and good longevity, I Hate Rose is a pleasant companion for any occasion in spring, summer and on warmer fall days. Also suitable for rose beginners and skeptics. ❤️

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