Creator – No. 1, Lover – No. 2 and Jester – No. 3 by ARgENTUM

Yesterday, in my article ARgENTUM – Les Parfums Infinis, I introduced you to the London-based niche fragrance brand by South African-born Joy Isaacs and a first creation by the label here. Today I would like to continue with three more fragrances, namely Creator – No. 1, Lover – No. 2 and Jester – No. 3. My next articles will continue with the creations from ARgENTUM that are still missing.

ARgENTUM - Lover, Innocent and Jester

The archetypes of ARgENTUM

I would like to say a few words about the archetypes that play a central role in the ARgENTUM collection. These archetypes are not a pure invention of the London brand, but are based on a theory by C.G. Jung, who recognized in the course of his research career that similar patterns could always be found in many ancient stories, fairy tales and various mythologies, with which he developed his Archetypes – so-called “dynamic basic structures of human patterns of imagination and action”.

Each of the archetypes mentioned by ARgENTUM can be found in Jung’s theory and naturally also stands for a certain archetype of the human psyche and the subconscious. Today, we will first look at the creator, the person who provides ideas and structure, who is creative, breaks new ground and conveys values.

We then turn our attention to the lover, who stands for intimate relationships of all kinds and for trust, intimacy and the search for harmony and unity. Last but not least, Jester, a source of joy and amusement, but sometimes a bit of a mess and a bletherer who can also cause a ruckus and unrest.

ARgENTUM - Jester - No. 3

Creator – No. 1

Perfumer Delphine Thierry was responsible for creating the ARgENTUM fragrances, as we learned yesterday. Creator – No. 1 is part of the Air Collection, so I suspect that this air association is reflected in some way in the fragrance.

The brand itself describes the composition as a “wondrous wave”, which spontaneously makes me think more of water. The fragrance notes hint at a gourmand, spicy creation: Benzoin resin, bitter orange, davana, iris, cumin, osmanthus, suede and cinnamon.

Use the creativity of No.1 to realize your individuality through self-acceptance and new beginnings. With a strong personality protected by optimism ~ you spread harmony in every season.

ARgENTUM - Creator - No. 1

In Creator – No. 2, dark leather meets soft, resinous and spicy-liqueur notes. Benzoin resin and osmanthus add a light, creamy sweetness to the composition, but tend to remain in the background. Lush cinnamon meets aromatic cumin, along with dark leather and subtle iris nuances that create a delicate powderiness. Added to this is the fine fruity tartness of bitter orange, which blends wonderfully into the fragrance. In fact, the creation is more airy and transparent than my description might suggest – even than I would have expected after reading the ingredients. In my opinion, Creator – No. 1 is more suitable for the cooler months of the year, but is suitable for any occasion, whether in the office, in your leisure time or for going out in the evening. Beautifully spicy, warm and wonderfully leathery.

Lover – No. 2

Lover – No. 2 is part of the Water Collection and combines the notes geranium, raspberry, musk, pink pepper and Turkish rose. Raspberry is now an increasingly frequent and welcome guest in fragrance compositions, which I appreciate a lot. Often combined with rather coarser notes such as leather, but here it is implemented in a completely different way, presumably with powdery rose nuances. This could be great!

Reflect the bliss of #2 and connect with boundless devotion to find true love. With passion and balance, attract the song of your heart ~ reflect your reflection and feeling.

ARgENTUM - Lover - No. 2

Delicate and airy notes of roses greet me after application, nectar-sweet, cheerful and carried by an enchanting light-heartedness and youthful lightness that is simply fun. The raspberry is perceptible as a subtle, sweet and sour fruity background, while the pepper sets subtle accents. Fine, powdery notes underline the feminine and delicate character of the eau de parfum, which has a light to medium presence. I really like this composition, it is wonderfully spring-like and summery. Like a stroll through a lush rose garden, Lover – No. 2 puts you in a good mood and brings a smile to your face. For all friends of fine and gentle floral scents, of rose and raspberry, who are looking for a pleasant and rather discreet fragrance companion for every occasion in the warmer season.

Jester – No. 3

With Jester – No. 3, we now turn our attention to someone, who on the one hand provides a lot of laughter, joy and amusing moments, but on the other hand can also have a bit of mischief on his mind from time to time. Jester is also part of the Water Collection and has the fragrance notes berries, bergamot, blood orange, ginger, kumquat, mandarin, sandalwood, tamarind, white flowers and ylang-ylang

Feel the spirit of No. 3 when joy and laughter lead to your freedom. Have faith in the process and trust in the outcome, because the energies of fun and mischief bring the pleasure of understanding.

ARgENTUM - Jester - No. 3

A colourful mix of citrus fruits gives the opening of Jester – No. 3 a summery, cheerful touch, soon accompanied by wonderfully creamy floral nuances that take on orange blossom and neroli characteristics in combination with the citrus fruits. There are also fresh, spicy accents that I would spontaneously attribute to ginger, accompanied by soft and milky notes that make the fragrance seem incredibly sunny and relaxed. This jester is not a troublemaker, but someone who wants to spread joy. A ray of sunshine that makes you smile and cheers you up. The sweet-sour spiciness of tamarine nestles comfortably in the fragrance, while sandalwood evokes a velvety warmth in the composition. Jester – No. 3 is a summery-sunny blend of hesperides and milky florals on a fine spicy-woody base that is radiant, airy and delightful. Absolutely suitable for everyday wear and the office and can be worn for any occasion. Wonderful!

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