Everyman – No. 4, Explorer – No. 5 and Caregiver – No. 6 by ARgENTUM

In the third part of the London-based niche fragrance brand ARgENTUM, I present the three creations Everyman – No. 4, Explorer – No. 5 and Caregiver – No. 6. Coincidentally, all three of the fragrances reviewed today are part of the Earth Collection, and so I strongly suspect that there is a certain earthy component to all of them – whatever it may be.

ARgENTUM - Earth Collection

Enclosed I link you again to my first two articles on ARgENTUM, in which you get an overview of the brand itself as well as the archetypes that characterize the individual fragrances. On top of that, I have of course already introduced you to four of the eaux de parfum, giving you a first impression of the collection.

Everyman – No. 4

Everyman – No.4 stands for people like you and me. This could be the good buddy next door or the friend who is always on hand with help and advice. People who are there for others and want to belong. They are often rather reserved in nature, but sometimes lack a certain depth in their relationships with others. Perfumer Delphine Thierry combined the ingredients cassia (sweet acacia), mimosa, clary sage, narcissus, patchouli, cedarwood and lemon for the eau de parfum.

Let yourself be guided by the love of No. 4 to gain trust in your surroundings and anchor your loyalty. Try to create a bond of friendship and build a perfect foundation.

ARgENTUM - Everyman - No. 4

In Everyman – No. 4, tart, green, clearly perceptible narcissus meets aromatic, spicy clary sage and the clean, light woody notes of cedarwood. There is a delicate citrus freshness in the background. Earthy-creamy nuances that remind me of iris flow through the fragrance. The mimosa brings a fine, powdery and subtle sweetness to the composition, which lends the creation wonderful accents. It prevents Everyman – No. 4 from becoming too heavy, too profound and serious and ensures a certain lightness. Mossy-woody and still earthy-creamy, the fragrance finally fades away. Comforting, delicate and incredibly soft, the eau de parfum by ARgENTUM is rather transparent and has a medium presence. Absolutely suitable for everyday wear and the office, in my opinion wearable all year round.

Explorer – No. 5

The characteristics of an explorer should be obvious: An adventurous spirit, a desire for freedom and curiosity come to mind. Plus boldness, courage and a certain restlessness and restlessness. Explorer – No. 5 was created from the fragrance notes ambrette, grapefruit, cardamom, labdanum (cistus), patchouli, Szechuan pepper and incense.

Unleash the skills of No.5 and celebrate your personal freedom with individuality, travel and adventure ~ seek and hold the North to find your unconventional path to authenticity.

ARgENTUM - Explorer - No. 5

Explorer – No. 5 opens with a dark, powdery and resinous-smoky scent. The fragrance is very dry, profound and once again we have this earthy component, which wonderfully reflects the fact that the creation belongs to the Earth Collection. The
Labdanum provides a fine, smoky sweetness that harmonizes perfectly with the coolness of the frankincense. An almost chocolaty tartness lends mysterious and fascinating accents. For fans of dark, spicy-smoky and finely balanced fragrances with a medium presence that are suitable for any occasion. For me, it’s more of a candidate for fall and winter.

Caregiver – No. 6

A caregiver is a carer, although this certainly cannot or need not be translated literally. The associated archetype is committed to caring for others. Qualities such as self-sacrificing, altruistic, motherly, empathetic, protective and benevolent come to mind spontaneously. The matching fragrance notes for ARgENTUM would be neroli, tonka bean, vetiver, sesame, bergamot, elemi resin, cinnamon and patchouli.

Engage with the compassion of #6, with purposeful altruism and sincere generosity. Create space to be the unconditional protector of your community.

ARgENTUM - Caregiver - No. 6

Caregiver – No. 6 opens the fragrance with spicy, aromatic neroli and the greenish, herbaceous freshness of elemi resin. Creamy vetiver brings earthy and gentle notes to the fragrance, accompanied by woody patchouli, which further emphasizes the earthiness. The tonka bean adds green to the composition, accompanied by vanilla notes. A hint of sesame milk flows around the creation. Caregiver – No. 6 is a greenish-herbaceous, earthy and creamy-spicy fragrance that is very comforting, cozy and enveloping. This fragrance also has a medium presence and is suitable for any occasion on cooler days or in fall and winter.

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