Ruler – No. 10, Innocent – No. 11 and Rebel – No. 12 by ARgENTUM

With today’s post about the eaux de parfum Ruler – No. 10, Innocent – No. 11 and Rebel – No. 12, I would like to conclude the series on the London-based niche fragrance brand ARgENTUM, which I have been introducing to you bit by bit since the middle of last week. A really exciting label with a fascinating concept of different archetypes and elements, great packaging that makes unpacking alone a real experience, and wonderful fragrances based on a water-plant emulsion.

ARgENTUM - Water Collection

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Ruler – No. 10

Ruler – No. 10 beschäftigt sich mit dem Archetyp des Herrschers, des Oberhaupts und Machthabers, der naturgemäß eine gewisse Dominanz aufweist, der Ansagen macht und den Weg vorgibt. Ein Alpha-Tier mit stolzgeschwellter Brust, der zu lenken weiß. Dass dieses Eau de Parfum der Air Collection angehört, erstaunt mich etwas. Ich hätte eher einen Bezug zu Feuer oder Erde erwartet, aber lassen wir uns überraschen. Die von der Parfümeurin Delphine Thierry in der Kreation vereinten Duftnoten sind Ambra, Ingwer, Jasmin, Rosa Pfeffer, Rose, Tuberose, Wacholderbeeren, zitrische Noten und Zitrone.

Balance the strength of #10 to build integrity and combine honor with responsibility. Adaptability is key ~ others will follow if you lead the way.

ARgENTUM - Ruler - No. 10

Ruler – No. 10 is surprisingly light and airy, opening with an enchanting citrus freshness, woody, sparkling juniper berries and creamy flowers. This ruler is definitely not a dominant companion, but rather a well-considered, reserved and subtle character who is able to use his abilities to direct and lead differently, namely by seducing and enchanting. And Ruler – No. 10 from ARgENTUM achieves this with its beautiful creation, which is based on a creamy-fresh blend of bright flowers, the finest spices and woody accents. Great composition and once again proof that even a quiet fragrance can have a lot of expressive power. ♥️

Innocent – No. 11

Innocent – No. 11 has already won me over with the picture below. I just love this setting. And so I plunge straight into the review of the fragrance, which is all about the innocent, the childlike. Always in search of happiness and contentment, carefree, full of playful lightness and rousing joy. I expect a friendly, harmonious fragrance in light colours that is clean and pure. The ingredients ambrette seed, apple, basil, bitter almond, mint, clary sage, sandalwood and lemon could well confirm this.

Follow the guiding light of #11, which encourages you to trust your sense of loyalty and empathy ~ walk through life with grace and humility.

ARgENTUM - Innocent - No. 11

Innocent – No. 11 opens with light, milky notes accentuated with green additions. I recognize grassy facets, but also tart apple, cool mint and aromatic herbs dipped in that same viscous milk. In the background, I sniff out fine almond notes that harmoniously round off the fragrance. The creation is very gentle, flowing and soft, delicately powdery and clean. Exactly what I expected and hoped for. Perfect for anyone who prefers gentle compositions without floral notes in a light white colour, who is looking for milky, smooth and clean fragrances without the classic fresh laundry effect. A pleasant olfactory companion for spring and summer, suitable for any occasion. 🤍

Rebel – No. 12

Rebellious, revolutionary, non-conformist. I would associate the archetype of Eau de Parfum Rebel – No. 12 with these characteristics. It is certainly a little dangerous, wicked and provocative and is therefore not part of the Fire Collection for nothing. The fragrance notes are agarwood (oud), angelica (angelica root), benzoin resin, myrrh, papyrus, saffron and styrax resin.

Experience the evolution of #12 and embrace change to build a life of learning. Let the cycles of knowledge guide you through the fire of revolution.

ARgENTUM - Rebel - No. 12

Animalistic, smoky notes hit me immediately after applying Rebel – No. 12. The fragrance is dark, resinous and leathery, in which benzoin resin gradually provides a lovely creamy underpainting that soothes and calms the composition a little. Myrrh brings balsamic accents to the creation, while saffron underlines the medicinal-rough nuances of the olfactory rebel with its typical facets. This eau de parfum is equally suitable for oud fans and newcomers. An initially edgy, then very gentle blend of resins, woods and spices that is more suitable for wearing on cooler days.

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