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In the last post on MiN New York fragrances, I would like to present you the latest collection Experimental: which includes the Eaux de Parfum First Time, Hall of Fame and Pure Heart. The line already stands out purely visually from the previous portfolio of the New York brand, because while all previously launched creations were in black, the three new ones are dressed in a pure white bottle.

MiN New York - Experimental:

Before I get started with today’s topic, I’d like to briefly list my previous posts on the fragrance house below – for anyone who wants to read up on the brand and its creations:

The fifth and last article, as the name suggests, is about experimentation and self-realization. Challenge yourself, embrace new things, rethink routines, think outside the box, let your imagination run wild, drift and see where the journey takes you. Or, as MiN New York itself says, “EXPERIMENT TO EXPERIENCE: EXPLORING THE SPACE BETWEEN LIFE AND LIFESTYLE.”

MiN New York - Experimental: - First Time, Hall of Fame and Pure Heart

First Time – Experimental:

The first fragrance of the new line Experimental: is called simply First time. It is precisely the first time of any kind that one crosses the boundaries of what one has already experienced and witnessed. Regardless of what it is exactly about. The first sniff of MiN New York’s eau de parfum will also be something new for me. Anyway, the fragrance notes suggest a delicacy: Sugar, gourmand notes, rose, Peru balsam, pistachio, labdanum (cistus), hazelnut and pistachio.

The first look. The first touch. The first kiss. The first dance. The first time happens only once.

MiN New York - First Time

The sweet notes of roasted sugar meet the delicate smoky nuances of labdanum and creamy nutty accents, which also appear roasted, in the opening of First Time. The rose brings lightness and airiness to the creation. Its lovely floral accents flow through the composition, while Peru balsam provides milky-smooth facets. Very light, lucid and radiant is the eau de parfum of MiN New York. A delicate fragrance that seems a little shy, pure and innocent, but also incredibly carefree, full of life and tenderness. A gourmand creamy fragrance for every season and occasion. Simply wonderful!

Hall of Fame – MiN New York

The eau de parfum Hall of Fame deals with the path from nobody to superstar, from rags to riches, from zero to hero. Certainly something that is not easy to do. MiN New York created the experimental fragrance to ascend to the Olympus of the beautiful, rich and famous from the ingredients apple, peach, jasmine, musk, oakmoss, amber, labdanum (cistus) and patchouli.

The rise from humble beginnings to a famous artist is a path that should never be questioned or forgotten. Promotion to the Hall of Fame is hard-earned.

MiN New York - Hall of Fame

Fruity, tangy and also a little citrusy, Hall of Fame starts the fragrance course, soon underpinned by the velvety sweetness of peach, which is enveloped by the creamy and white floral nuances of jasmine. Lovely, beguiling and wonderfully pleasant-soft is the eau de parfum, in which the subtle smoky sweetness of labdanum and warm amber soon spread. These add depth to the creation and push the fruity aspects of the opening a bit into the background. Oakmoss and patchouli gradually provide a delicate earthy and woody creaminess that gradually fades the fragrance.

Pure Heart – Experimental:

“A clear conscience is a gentle pillow to rest on,” as the German saying goes, and with a pure heart, the conscience can actually only remain unblemished. After all three fragrances are visually dressed in pure white and the first two candidates of today have already belonged to the clean-powdery-creamy faction, I just spontaneously assume that this Eau de Parfum is similar in a creation called Pure Heart. Where the fragrance notes are a little more lush: Red berries, juniper berries, cardamom, black currant, broom, floral notes, jasmine, oakmoss, cedarwood, vetiver and mastic.

A moment of clarity is enough to awaken inspiration. The page is blank: choose spirit over matter, virtue over pride, and above all, a pure heart.

MiN New York - Pure Heart

An intense berry fruitiness opens Pure Heart by MiN New York, accompanied by the woody tingle of juniper berries and aromatic green cardamom. Soft and powdery floral nuances underline the opening, giving the fragrance sweet and creamy accents that are very soft, airy and bright. Pure Heart gradually glides over into the base, where woody-mossy and subtle-earthy nuances stand by the powdery florals. Cedarwood provides clean and light woody notes, which are given creaminess and warmth by oakmoss and vetiver. Perfect for those who love berries combined with powdery soft facets.


We raffle the following treasure from MiN New York, for which we would like to thank the distributor nice brands very much:

1 x 75 ml bottle First Time from the line Experimental: by MiN New York worth € 220

How do you get into the lottery pot? Very simple! Leave us a comment below this article up to and including Sunday, July 16, 2023 and tell us which of the four lines or which fragrance from MiN New York appeals to you the most. On Monday, 07/17/2023, we will inform the lucky winner by email.

You can find the conditions of participation here.

We wish you good luck 🙂

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