5 – The Guardian Master, 6 – Carnal Spirit and 7 – Spiritual Explorer by Spiritum

Spirituality continues with the French fragrance house Spiritum and the three creations 5 – The Guardian Master, 6 – Carnal Spirit and 7 – Spiritual Explorer, which once again allow us to immerse ourselves in the mysterious and fascinating world of this special label. I have already presented you four eaux de parfum, namely 1 – Solar Soul, 2 – Astral Twin, 3 – Wisdom Universe and 4 – Builder of Future.

Four fragrances from Spiritum

The two articles in which I introduced you to the Spiritum brand itself and the first four fragrances are linked below as usual – for anyone who has not yet read the articles and would like to find out more.

5 – The Guardian Master

Philippe Pararella-Paris was responsible for the creation of 5 – The Guardian Master. With the number 5, the eau de parfum is dedicated to a number that stands for “freedom, change, happiness, protection, stability”. The word “Mercurian” appears in the press release, which is why I suspect that the fragrance could be dedicated to the celestial body Mercury. Some of the fragrances reviewed so far have already been assigned stars and elements in the press release, while others have not.

Cardamom, pink pepper, black pepper, nutmeg, incense, chili leaves, turmeric, jasmine, cedarwood, cinnamon, clary sage, tobacco, honey, iris, musk, bourbon vanilla, patchouli, vetiver, labdanum (cistus), amber, tonka bean, sandalwood, oakmoss, opoponax, plum and leather are the ingredients of this fragrance, which revolves around the number 5.

Spiritum - 5 - The Guardian Master

5 – The Guardian Master begins with a colourful bouquet of lush spices that meet honeyed tobacco and creamy flowers. Wow, what an opening! I find the fragrance powerful and dynamic, but at the same time I also perceive a great cosiness, which for me is perfectly suited to a “protector”. 5 – The Guardian Master by Spiritum exudes an incredible calm and presence, a familiarity and gentleness that is almost comforting. The spicy floral notes of the opening are then joined by warm woods, sweet-smoky and balsamic-resinous facets that round off the composition in an incredibly harmonious and harmonious way. Simply wonderful! 💜

6 – Carnal Spirit

The number 6 is called Carnal Spirit, and so I strongly assume a fragrance that is sensual and seductive. In numerology, the number 6 stands for “beauty, harmony, seduction, the search for balance”, which certainly confirms my assumption. The press release also contains the subordinate clause “a Venusian exploration of sensuality”. So the planet for the scent is probably Venus.

In Roman mythology, Venus is “the goddess of love, erotic desire and beauty”, which in turn fits in perfectly with the facts already mentioned. With the ingredients incense, pear, ginger, black pepper, pink pepper, Szechuan pepper, pine, jasmine, violet, cedarwood, osmanthus, clary sage, cashmeran, geranium, lily of the valley, nutmeg, cinnamon, musk, sandalwood, amber, vanilla and peach, Philippe Pararella-Paris created the corresponding fragrance 6 – Carnal Spirit.

Spiritum - 6 - Carnal Spirit

The amount of fragrance notes suggests an opulent scent, but 6 – Carnal Spirit is wonderfully delicate, light and airy from the first sniff. Fruity pear meets smoky-cool incense, dry-hot pepper meets floral-fruity nuances. I clearly perceive the velvety peach sweetness of osmanthus, delicately powdery violet and creamy jasmine, accompanied by the spring-like aquatic notes of lily of the valley and delicate, cotton-soft moments. It is a fragrance that leaves me thinking. Because I feel a big discrepancy between the name of the eau de parfum and its development during testing. If I had a creation in mind that was imbued with carnality and sensuality, sexy, opulent and seductive, I sniff a fragrance that is delicate, restrained, distant, clear, fruity, floral and spring-like. Not that we’re misunderstanding each other, I really like 6 – Carnal Spirit. This combination of pear, peach, flowers, woods and resins is simply enchanting. The only thing I find difficult is the name. 😉 An absolutely pleasant and uncomplicated olfactory companion, wonderfully suitable for the office and everyday life, which I would tend to wear on warmer days and in spring and summer.

7 – Spiritual Explorer

7 – Spiritual Explorer concludes this review and heralds the final round of Spiritum fragrances. Because my next post with three more eaux de parfum will also be the last for now. The epithet Spiritual Explorer makes me think of a curious, knowledge-hungry and adventurous creation, because that’s how I see an explorer. According to the Spiritum homepage, the meaning of the number 7 is “inner life, wisdom, knowledge, inspiration, awakening, witty.”

The eau de parfum was created by Bertrand Duchaufour, who combined the ingredients saffron, davana, raspberry, coffee, caramel, rose, myrrh, patchouli, oakmoss, cedarwood, ambergris and musk to create a “woody gourmand” that the press release says “evokes the passion that guides the destiny of those who live freely”.

Spiritum - 7 - Spiritual Explorer

In the opening of 7 – Spiritual Explorer, cool, leathery saffron meets liqueur-sweet davana and tart raspberries, soon accompanied by lucid and airy rose notes and the subtle scent of roasted coffee beans. A creamy caramel sweetness pervades the composition in the background, which still appears rather transparent and light, although the ingredients might lead one to expect an opulent and lavish creation. Myrrh and patchouli bring balsamic-woody and earthy-spicy facets to the eau de parfum, which are gradually joined by the gentle warmth of ambergris and clean cedarwood. An exciting composition that plays with spicy-gourmand and woody-powdery notes and is both airy and profound and can be worn on cooler days or in fall and winter for any occasion.

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