2 – Astral Twin, 3 – Wisdom Universe and 4 – Builder of Future by Spiritum

We continue with three fragrances from the French niche fragrance brand Spiritum, namely 2 – Astral Twin, 3 – Wisdom Universe and 4 – Builder of Future. We remember my last post Spiritum – Olfactory journey to yourself, in which I introduced you to the brand and the first Eau de Parfum 1 – Solar Soul. The label has a clear penchant for the spiritual and expresses this in mysterious symbols, numbers and expressive creations.

Four fragrances from Spiritum

2 – Astral Twin

Perfumer Philippe Paparella-Paris was responsible for the creation of 2 – Astral Twin, about which the press release says: “Astral Twin is a double composition that is both charismatic and attentive, evoking the celestial energy of unconditional love.” Number 2 of the line revolves around the element of water, the moon and the power of intuition.

While Matière Première was the last brand to focus on minimalist compositions, Spiritum and Philippe Paparella draw on the full range when developing their fragrances.

The ingredients bergamot, cypress, juniper berries, lavender, incense, dill, floral notes, pink pepper, geranium, clary sage, cedarwood, cedar leaves, musk, vetiver, sandalwood, amber, tonka bean, nagarmotha, moss and patchouli point us in my eyes in the direction of an eau de parfum characterized by aromatic herbs, woods and woody notes. I wonder if that is so true.

Spiritum - 2 - Astral Twin
2 – Astral Twin from Facebook

2 – Astral Twin opens with citrus-fresh coniferous wood notes, with a fine, smoky incense coolness in the background that meets woody juniper berries and herbaceous lavender. Greenish-aromatic herbal nuances and a dry pepper spiciness underline this exciting and extremely harmonious opening, before honey-sweet, sweet notes slowly flow into the composition. Creamy, bright and woody nuances are added, but Spiritum Eau de Parfum remains rather cool overall. The fragrance gradually fades away with gentle, earthy and woody facets. The young French niche fragrance brand remains true to its line with the second creation in the Number Collection and ensures atmospheric, striking and at the same time finely balanced creations that can be worn in any situation in life.

3 – Wisdom Universe

I tried out the numerology tool on the Spiritum website, where you just have to enter your date of birth and the perfume that perfectly matches it is calculated. While I came out with 33 – Cosmos Guide, which we unfortunately don’t have in the store yet, my husband’s Spiritum fragrance seems to be 3 – Wisdom Universe. And so I’m going to rush over to him later and hold the aforementioned eau de parfum under his nose or spray it on his skin, if desired.

But first, I would like to test the creation, which revolves around the elements of air and fire, Jupiter and the power of harmony, on my skin and on paper. Perfumer Philippe Paparella combined for 3 – Wisdom Universe the ingredients incense, davana, black pepper, saffron, rose, jasmine, iris, clary sage, ylang-ylang, geranium, cinnamon, heliotrope, orange blossom, musk, cedarwood, sandalwood, ambergris, vanilla, benzoin resin, agarwood (oud), labdanum (cistus), nagarmotha, gurjun balsam, patchouli, vetiver and leather.

Spiritum - 3 - Wisdom Universe

Surprisingly bright and light, 3 – Wisdom Universe begins the fragrance with a spicy, smoky rose, which is soon joined by creamy, lucid flowers and warm woods. Here and there, the leathery-medicinal nuances of the oud flash up, which behaves very mannerly in the olfactory company and in no way plays to the fore. This composition also has a very harmonious, multi-faceted and atmospheric effect, remaining transparent and restrained rather than bold in any way. As it progresses, the eau de parfum becomes somewhat darker and more profound without losing its meditative and calming mood. A wonderful mix of spices, flowers, woods and resins that has been skillfully implemented. An all-rounder for every occasion and every season.

4 – Builder of Future

The third and final creation of the day is 4 – Builder of Future, once again from the pen of Bertrand Duchaufor. He combined the fragrance notes almond, coriander, lemon, davana, guaiac wood, saffron, clove, tobacco, chypre accent, patchouli, caramel, chocolate, musk, ambergris and labdanum (cistus) to create an eau de parfum that bears the nickname Builder of the Future.

The press release reveals the following information about the fragrance: “Straightforward, intoxicating and uncomplicated, Builder of Future is the glimmer of hope, happiness and heroic strength.” In numerology, the number 4 is associated with the qualities of “work, perseverance, achievement, wealth, realization of ideas”, as I learned on the Spiritum homepage.

Spiritum - 4 - Builder of Future

The opening of 4 – Builder of Future is spicy, herbaceous and smoky, surrounded by violet-like guaiac wood and honey-sweet tobacco, which breathes radiant golden moments into the creation. Clove and saffron lend depth to the fragrance, while patchouli evokes a soft, earthy woodiness. The dark and bitter nuances of dark chocolate set exciting accents that combine with ambergris and labdanum to create an ambery, sweet and warm finish. A composition with spicy-tart, woody-resinous and chypre notes that is powerful and dynamic with a good presence and longevity. In my opinion, it is more of an eau de parfum for the cooler months of the year and for special occasions or evenings out. 🤎

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