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Spiritum is an exciting new brand. I’ve had the Discovery Set in my to-review box for a few weeks now, and the time has finally come to introduce the French label and the fragrances to you. The sturdy cork packaging contains nine samples, described by Spiritum itself as “9 sacred perfumes”. The logo comprises a triangle with a star-like circle surrounded by spikes of different sizes, in which there is a black crescent. This symbolism in combination with the name of the brand and fragrances suggests a spiritual background, which is confirmed in the press release,

Spiritum - Discovery Set
Spiritum – Discovery Set

It was in February 2020 – during a spiritual retreat in Peru, when Spiritum emerged in me. This journey reconnected me with my body, soul and spirit and triggered a spiritual awakening. During the ceremonies accompanied by the shaman, I was able to experience the power of traditional medicine and sacred chants – called Icaros – which helped to cleanse my physical body and my subtle bodies in depth. – Jonathan Dufour, founder

In a nutshell: Spiritum

Spiritum was founded by Jonathan Dufour from Lille, who, after a journey of self-discovery to Peru, realized his long-held dream of creating his own fragrance house. He himself had been at home in the perfume business for many years and had worked for well-known brands. At some point, however, the desire for more independence sprouted in him, and so the founding of Spiritum was a natural next step towards more self-determination and self-realization.

The spiritual component is not only evident in the symbolism and naming of the label, but also in the numerology. Numbers and their influence on our lives have been assigned a special significance since ancient times, whether in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, China or India. According to the Spiritum website, numerology can be a path to self-discovery.

Four fragrances from Spiritum

Each number is equated with special characteristics, and Jonathan Dufour was also guided by these when developing his brand and the creations in the Number Collection. Excitingly, there is a special tool on the website where you can enter your date of birth to find the perfect fragrance for you. I’ll link you to it here.

Spiritum was able to recruit two well-known perfumers for the creative work, namely none other than the perfumers Bertrand Duchaufour and Philippe Paparella-Paris. I can particularly imagine Duchaufour, who has already inspired me with his travel fragrances for L’Artisan Parfumeur, as the creative force behind a collection that also deals with a kind of journey, a spiritual exploration of the inner self.

Incidentally, the fragrances are produced and bottled in the north of France. The bottles also come from France and the cork for the unique packaging comes from sustainable cultivation in Spain and Portugal.

1 – Solar Soul

Let’s start with the first fragrance from Spiritum, because we have a whole range of creations in front of us. 1 – Solar Soul immediately reveals which number is next. The 1 stands for the beginning, ambition and boldness. It is assigned the element fire, the star sun and the power, as already mentioned, ambition.

Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour used the ingredients amaretto, aniseed, clary sage, rose, tea, fig, dried fig, immortelle (Italian immortelle), sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla, benzoin resin, agarwood (oud), incense, musk and driftwood for Solar Soul.

Spiritum - 1 - Solar Soul

Solar Soul is a talisman for ambitious people who are sure of their virtues and have been humbled by their failures. It inspires the spirit of boldness and the energy of eternal renewal.

The scent of a new beginning

In the opening of 1 – Solar Soul, sweet, liqueur-like amaretto and spicy, cool aniseed meet radiant, bright rose, soft green tea and the sweet, fruity notes of dried fruit. Immortelle underscores these nuances with its very own accents, which alternate between fruity and herbal.

A delicate smokiness flows through the fragrance, rather subliminal and subtle, in which I sniff out the fine resinous-woody notes of the oud. I also perceive the dry and slightly rough woodiness of the driftwood before the creation slowly glides into a wonderful, warm and spicy finish. Even after more than twelve hours, 1 – Solar Soul is still perceptible on my skin.

Spiritum - 1 - Solar Soul
1 – Solar Soul from Facebook

1 – Solar Soul by Spiritum is a great homage to immortelle, whose special and multi-faceted notes the label combines with woods, spices and other flowers. A powerful and persistent fragrance with a good presence and excellent longevity, which in my opinion is a great start to this extremely exciting collection. For all those who love immortelle and are looking for new, fascinating fragrance compositions that also play with unusual nuances, 1 – Solar Soul and Spiritum in general is just the right thing. 🌞

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