8 – Mystic Warrior, 9 – Final Spirit and Shamanism by Spiritum

The fourth and final part of the young French niche fragrance brand Spiritum includes the three eaux de parfum 8 – Mystic Warrior, 9 – Final Spirit and Shamanismwith which I would like to conclude the series on the spiritually-inspired label with its expressive fragrances that are designed to bring body, soul and spirit into harmony. Ten creations and a Discovery Set are currently available at Aus Liebe zum Duft, but the brand has recently launched three more fragrances, which will certainly be arriving in our store soon.

Four fragrances from Spiritum

Regular readers know the game. In the following, I will link you to my last three posts on Spiritum so that you can get a quick and easy overview of the brand and the fragrances I have reviewed so far. I think this list very practical, not only for new readers, but also for anyone who may have missed my previous articles or would like to read them again.

8 – Mystic Warrior

Perfumer Philippe Paparella-Paris created the fragrance 8 – Mystic Warrior, which revolves around a mysterious fighter. The fragrance revolves around the element earth, the stars Pluto, Uranus and Saturn and the power of triumph. The press release also states: “Mystic Warrior is a sybaritic ballet of precious amber notes and a shout of joy to all who wish to realize the dream of Icarus.”

The reference to the Sybarites, the inhabitants of the ancient city of the same name in what is now Calabria, which was destroyed in the 6th century BC, suggests a lavish, opulent and extravagant fragrance, as the Sybarites were known for their hedonism and excessive luxury. The ingredients coriander, caramel, incense, ambrette, cedarwood, ambergris, clary sage, honey, vanilla, musk, balsamic notes, labdanum (cistus ) and sandalwood give the impression that we could well be dealing with a powerful creation.

Spiritum - 8 - Mystic Warrior

In the opening of 8 – Mystic Warrior, sweet caramel meets the aromatic pungency of coriander – the spice, mind you, not the herb -, subtly smoky incense and powdery, warm ambergris. Golden yellow and sweet, the notes of honey flow into the fragrance, combining with balsamic, spicy and resinous nuances. The creation is almost syrupy, very sweet and characterized by a profound spicy note, yet always resting in itself, rather quiet and reserved. 8 – Mystic Warrior is – like all Spiritum perfumes – not a loud, riotous fragrance, but a well-dosed and finely balanced scent that sneaks into the heart quietly. In fact, the composition is surrounded by a certain mysterious aura that makes the eau de parfum all the more appealing. In my opinion, it is more suitable for cooler temperatures, for autumn and winter, but can then be worn on any occasion. 💜

9 – Final Spirit

Number 9 – Final Spirit was created by Bertrand Duchaufour and is dedicated to the element of fire, the planets Mars and Pluto and altruism. It is said to be a woody and floral fragrance, about which the press release reads: “As a perfume of a radiant light in the depths of darkness, Final Spirit takes on the beauty of a generous heart whose gaze always finds the truth.”

The olfactory ingredients of the eau de parfum are davana, clary sage, labdanum (cistus), cinnamon, date, saffron, musk, sandalwood, eaglewood (oud), frankincense, nagarmotha, myrrh, vanilla and tobacco, which sounds incredibly seductive to me.

Spiritum - 9 - Final Spirit
9 – Final spirit of Instagram

At first, I sniff the wonderful, subtly smoky sweetness of the labdanum, which combines with the liqueur-like dried fruit notes of the davana. Saffron and oud are also clearly perceptible with their dark, leathery and spicy nuances, which lend depth and intensity to the creation and emphasize the oriental character of the composition. In 9 – Final Spirit, cool incense meets the warm facets of ambergris, velvety sandalwood and the golden honey sweetness of tobacco, accentuated by earthy, woody moments. An atmospheric and beautiful fragrance that evokes a very cosy and comforting atmosphere, enveloping and comforting. I also see this creation more in the cooler season and would wear number 9 for any occasion. Really great! 🤎

Shamanism – Spiritum

Our last fragrance in this review, as well as in the entire series on Spiritum, should probably have been presented first and foremost in retrospect. Because Shamanism is “the transcendent memory of the first shamanic ceremony of Jonathan Dufour, the founder of the House of Spiritum. The fragrance Shamanism refers to the ritual of transformation, the essence of his inspiration. In a timeless moment, sixteen souls, including Jonathan’s, gathered in a circle in a tent called Maloka in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. Magic invades this sacred place, shamanic chants, called icaros, invoke the energy of the forest and its treasures, the initiation begins.”

With the fragrance notes bergamot, cypress, mandarin, myrrh, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, iris, cedarwood, cinnamon, cumin, heliotrope, musk, ambergris, vanilla, oakmoss, tonka bean, sandalwood, incense and sage, the eau de parfum pays homage to this experience of the brand’s founder.

Spiritum - Shamanism

Light, airy and ethereal, Shamanism starts the fragrance with tart hesperides accompanied by the citrusy coniferous notes of cypress. The floral bouquet of rose, lily of the valley and jasmine emphasizes this rather transparent character of the composition, into which warm, spicy accents gradually creep in. Sandalwood and oakmoss combine with tonka bean and incense to create a meditative and expressive finish, which is finally joined by the creamy lipstick nuances of iris. A wonderfully harmonious and atmospheric fragrance that is a pleasant companion at any time of year and for any occasion. 💜

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