Irresistible niche fragrances for her – our top 3 for Valentine’s Day

It’s almost February, which of course means it’s Valentine’s Day. Like every year, many of us are looking for gifts for our loved ones, friends, family and all those we are emotionally close to, who we want to make happy or simply give a present to. February 14 is commonly known as Lovers’ Day, but I think it could be celebrated more holistically as the day of love, which is not necessarily just romantic in nature.

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If you want to give something special for Valentine’s Day and don’t want to rely exclusively on traditional gifts such as chocolates, flowers or greeting cards, I recommend the following eaux de parfum to please the ladies and all those who prefer more feminine fragrance compositions. In my next post, I will also be presenting three great Valentine’s Day perfumes for men. But first my top 3 niche fragrances for her.

Remember Me – Jovoy

In the fall of 2022, I presented you Remember Me by Jovoy here in the Duft-Tagebuch (read about it here) and was thrilled from the first sniff. I am a big fan of compositions with tea accents and the combination of spices, citrus fruits, creamy-milky facets and tea made my heart beat faster as soon as I read the fragrance notes.

For Remember Me, perfumer Cécile Zarokian combined the ingredients cardamom, bergamot, lemon, frangipani, ginger, tea, vanilla, woods, cedarwood and milk to create an elegant, meditative and timelessly modern spiced tea fragrance that is simply gorgeous.

Jovoy - Remember Me

A hint of citrus freshness surrounds the opening of Remember Me, underpinned by greenish spicy notes that I would attribute to cardamom, whose aromatic pungency adds a certain tension to Hesperides. Milky powdery nuances, the tart accents of tea and the lovely tropical facets of frangipani create a fragrance that makes me spontaneously think of oriental black tea enhanced with spices and milk. So delicious! Yes, I have acute chai associations that make Jovoy’s eau de parfum a real highlight for me. Because I love chai. Ginger underscores this picture with its citrusy spiciness, while dark vanilla and warm woods round off the creation beautifully

Perle Rare Le Rouge – Panouge

I reviewed Perle Rare Le Rouge by Panouge for you in May 2023 (you can read about it here) and this fragrance also grabbed me right away with its beauty and feminine, spring-like character. The source of inspiration is said to be a pair of lovers taking a stroll through Paris (of course!) or, more precisely, through the large Champs de Mars gardens at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, where there seem to be numerous rose plantations.

Perfumer Benoît Bergia was responsible for the creative realization of the fragrances, who combined lychee, rhubarb, bergamot, rose, peony, cedarwood, vetiver, musk, incense and Cashmeran to create an eau de parfum with fruity, floral nuances that was exactly to my taste and therefore definitely belongs on this list of Valentine’s Day fragrances.

Panouge - Perle Rare Le Rouge
© Julia Biró

Wonderfully fruity and tangy, the opening of Perle Rare Le Rouge reminds me of a mix of red fruits. The rhubarb is excellently implemented, light, sweet-sour and tingling-tart at the same time. From the start, it gives the creation an invigorating and lively aura that immediately captivates me. Soon the first flowers can be sniffed. The delicate and sweet notes of peony, always a little watery, so lucid and radiant. They combine beautifully with the honeyed lightness and lightheartedness of a youthful, fresh rose. Magical! Clean and bright woody accents are provided by the cedar wood, while vetiver and musk provide powdery-creamy moments, rounded off by delicate smoky incense coolness and cashmeran fluffiness.

Lost Cherry – Tom Ford

Lost Cherry by Tom Ford is almost a classic Valentine’s Day fragrance, and not without reason. With its fruity and gourmand facets, the eau de parfum enchants and seduces from the very first sniff. Together with the two cherry fragrances Cherry Smoke and Electric Cherry – we remember that Tom Ford likes to launch olfactory trios – Lost Cherry is a milestone in the trendy world of fruit and cherry fragrances and an absolute must-have not only for cherry fans and friends of the cult designer Ford!

This fragrant delicacy comes from perfumer Louise Turner, who developed Lost Cherry from the ingredients cherry, almond, Turkish rose, jasmine, Peru balsam, tonka bean, sandalwood, vetiver and cedarwood, creating a fragrance that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Tom Ford - Lost Cherry - Valentine's Day

Lost Cherry is the sweet counterpart to our first candidate of the day (editor’s note: Cherry Smoke). Lush and juicy cherries open the fragrance, accompanied by soft almonds reminiscent of marzipan. Jasmine creates a beguiling floral creaminess that flows through the fruity-gourmand duo like a white wave. Tonka bean gives the eau de parfum greenish-lovely vanilla accents, which are underlined by Peru balsam. On the finish, sandalwood and cedar provide warm, balsamic woody nuances that are accompanied by the creamy and gentle earth notes of the vetiver, beautifully rounding out the still distinct cherry-almond cream.

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