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The fragrance house Panouge recently launched two new fragrances in the Perle Rare line with the two Eaux de Parfum Perle Rare Le Rouge and Ambre de Carthage, which I would like to present to you today. Two original bottles are available to me – many thanks to the distributor Isis Parfums for the friendly sending -, which I always love, because I can thus reflect my fragrance impression in its entirety, so not only olfactory, but also haptic and visual.

Panouge - Perle Rare Le Rouge and Ambre de Carthage
© Julia Biró

I’m especially looking forward to Perle Rare Le Rouge, because this one contains an ingredient that I particularly like and which, for me, fits perfectly into spring and summer with its fresh and fruity notes. Well, do you know what I mean?

Perle Rare Le Rouge

Perle Rare Le Rouge brings us – how could it be otherwise with the fragrance house Panouge – to Paris, that metropolis which also bears the nickname “The City of Love”. The gorgeous scarlet of the bottle and outer packaging reflects the amorous atmosphere of the French capital, and the press text also alludes to being in love:

Two lovers, standing hand in hand in the gardens of the Champs de Mars with its gracefully blooming red rosebushes, walk towards the Eiffel Tower. As night falls, they stop at the majestic columns and as if by magic, the golden lights begin to twinkle. He takes her in his arms and breathes in the intense and elegant scent of her perfume Perle Rare Le Rouge, Love is in the Air!

Panouge - Perle Rare Le Rouge
© Julia Biró

Perfumer Benoît Bergia was entrusted by Panouge with the creative realization of Perle Rare Le Rouge, and combined for the fragrance the ingredients of lychee, rhubarb, bergamot, rose, peony, cedarwood, vetiver, musk, incense and Cashmeran. There it is, the rhubarb, which I was so looking forward to. Remains to hope that I find him in the fragrance process also when testing. 😉

Love is in the air

Wonderfully fruity and tangy, the opening of Perle Rare Le Rouge reminds me of a mix of red fruits. The rhubarb is excellently implemented, light, sweet-sour and tingling-tart at the same time. From the start, it gives the creation an invigorating and lively aura that immediately captivates me. Soon the first flowers can be sniffed. The delicate and sweet notes of peony, always a little watery, so lucid and radiant.

They combine beautifully with the honeyed lightness and lightheartedness of a youthful, fresh rose. Magical! Clean and bright woody accents are provided by the cedar wood, while vetiver and musk provide powdery-creamy moments, rounded off by delicate smoky incense coolness and cashmeran fluffiness.

Panouge - Perle Rare Le Rouge

Feminine, cheerful and spring-like is Perle Rare Le Rouge by Panouge and thus the perfect fragrance companion for all who are still looking for a fruity-floral eau de parfum for the warm season. A good-mood guarantor with tangy rhubarb, airy flowers and a soft base, which can be worn in the office and everyday life as well as for going out in the evening. Absolutely recommendable! ❤

Perle Rare Homme – Ambre de Carthage

The fragrance house Panouge follows the classic line of men’s and women’s fragrances and after Perle Rare Le Rouge goes in the feminine direction, we enter the masculine metier with Ambre de Carthage from the Perle Rare Homme collection.

Perle Rare Ambre de Carthage completes the masculine range with its distinctive and oriental floral fragrance. A fragrance for those who are charismatic and live boldly on their constant journey.

Panouge - Perle Rare Homme - Ambre de Carthage
© Julia Biró

Perfumer of the creation is Jean Jacques, who for Ambre de Catharge by Panouge combined the fragrance notes of bergamot, jasmine tea, birch, labdanum (cistus), osmanthus, patchouli, amber, sandalwood, incense and musk. The source of inspiration is by no means supposed to be the ancient Carthage, but once again the French capital Paris, when the warm “sunlight falls on the windows of the Haussmannian buildings”.

The light of Paris

Warm, leathery and balsamic, Ambre de Carthage reveals itself in the opening. The bergamot provides a subtle and tart freshness that immerse the creation in a certain lightness, while the birch gives the eau de parfum dark leather notes. The unifying element is the creamy floral watery nuances of the jasmine tea, joined by the sweetish resinous notes of cistus and fruity osmanthus.

Amber and sandalwood bathe the fragrance in a warm and golden light, giving it a wonderful warmth and woody velvety. A gentle smokiness permeates the creation, uniting with the still warm, spicy and amber-balsamic notes, while the musk provides a soft powdery finish.

Panouge - Perle Rare Homme - Ambre de Carthage

Personally, I don’t see Ambre de Carthage as a pure men’s fragrance, but definitely as a unisex creation that should appeal to anyone who prefers warm, spicy and leathery-resinous scents. Thanks to its medium presence and good durability, I would definitely classify Panouge’s eau de parfum as suitable for office and everyday use. However, I feel Ambre de Carthage is more of an autumn and winter scent than for the warmer season. An elegant, refined and expressive creation, perfectly matched in colour to the fragrance character.

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