Sol Salgado and Fuego Futuro by Thomas de Monaco – Sun and fire

The fragrances from Thomas de Monaco are always a little highlight for me. The original Raw Gold enchanted me back in 2021. In the meantime, the fragrance has been reformulated, and I will soon have to devote myself to the new version of the olfactory raw gold. In my article Grand Beau and Eau Coeur by Thomas de Monaco – fragrance art in a limited edition, I introduced you to two more creations by the Swiss artist just last summer, which once again blew me away – in a positive sense, of course. Today, the latest creations Sol Salgado and Fuego Futuro follow, which I am particularly looking forward to for the reasons mentioned above.

Thomas de Monaco - Raw Gold, Sol Salgado and Fuego Futuro

Sol Salgado – Salty sun

What may seem somewhat irritating at first glance makes perfect sense when you have a closer look at the fragrance notes and the press release. Sol Salgado, which means salty sun, is dedicated to summer and was probably inspired by Portugal, as the name comes from the Portuguese. The special summer atmosphere on the beach may have inspired Thomas de Monaco to create the fragrance.

The salt on sun-kissed skin, captured just before the heat takes its shimmering farewell in the golden hour, pure seduction of an endless summer.

The fragrance notes immediately make me sit up and take notice, because they include a particular favourite of mine: lime blossom, mimosa, cotton blossom, salty notes, heliotrope, amber, sandalwood, musk, smoky notes and vanilla. Anyone who has been reading here for a while knows that I absolutely love the blossoms of the lime tree, both in the wild and in perfumes.

Thomas de Monaco - Sol Salgado

Oh, what can I say? The very first sniff makes me happy. The lime blossoms in Sol Salgado are honey-sweet and at the same time dry and airy, with a sunny yellow colour supported by fine, powdery mimosa pompoms. The fragrance is bright, floral and not overly sweet, with solar-ozonic nuances. The cotton blossom probably plays a role here, with its linen-like, clean and fresh notes that are underpinned by a subtle saltiness. Transparent, lucid and light, the extrait de parfum also has a good presence and excellent longevity. Velvety-warm sandalwood, smoky-creamy vanilla and sandy-mineral musk reinforce the sun-summer-beach association and give the creation a wonderful and cosy base. Perfect for fans of lime blossom, soft floral fragrances with sunshine and holiday vibes, and for anyone looking for an exceptionally beautiful perfume for the warmer season ahead. 🌞

Fuego Futuro – Fire of the future

Fuego Futuro also refers by name to the Iberian Peninsula, as the name could be of Portuguese or Spanish origin. Fire of the future or future fire indicates a composition with smoky components. The press release confirms this assumption.

A meditative journey inspired by the infinite wilderness and shamanic rituals that combine the powerful elements of earth and fire – the scent of a nomad.

Szechuan pepper, mate, elemi resin, smoky notes, sage, hay, incense, sandalwood, cedarwood and woods are the ingredients of this extrait de parfum that make me incredibly curious. This could indeed be wild, adventurous and original. I am curious!

Thomas de Monaco - Fuego Futuro

Wow, this one is exciting. And unconventional. And great! Green herbal notes that make me think of sage, celery, mint and parsley open Fuego Futuro, soon accompanied by wonderful mate tea and a subtle smokiness. The extrait de parfum is sparkling, fresh and infused with flowing accents, only to reveal itself the next moment with a gentle coolness of incense and atmospheric woody notes. Perfumer Maurus Bachmann’s creation radiates an incredible calm and serenity, is meditative, expressive and very present, impresses with good longevity and can also be used universally. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, whether in the office, everyday life, for going out or for sport, Fuego Futuro is always the right choice. An absolute recommendation! 💚

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