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Just under a year ago, I introduced you to the DER DUFT label and the seven fragrances Match, Monopteros, Pride, Privilege, Cinematic, Canvas and Act, which were created by renowned perfumers such as Nathalie Feisthauer, Anne-Sophie Behaghel, Prin Lomros, Miguel Matos and Freddie Albrighton. Brand founder Anselm Skogstad, an American by birth and resident in Munich, was also responsible for the development of a creation. Today, In Flagranti is the eighth fragrance from this exciting brand.

DER DUFT - In Flagranti

The perfumes from DER DUFT are visually minimalist and pared down, but reveal a fascinating expressiveness and are also highly individualistic. Here you can clearly see that the aim is not to please per se, that the aim is not to create conventional, crowd-pleasing creations, but to design with artistic and olfactory freedom. In this niche, DER DUFT finds the right soil to allow the sometimes striking fragrances to flourish and present themselves appropriately.

In the following articles you will find all the important information about the label itself as well as my reviews of the seven perfumes already mentioned:

White lilies
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In Flagranti – DER DUFT

For In Flagranti, Anselm Skogstad engaged the perfumer Antonio Alessandria and gave him only the olfactory direction in which the new perfume should go: a floral gourmand or a gourmand floral fragrance. Skogstad left everything else to the Italian perfumer, who has been fascinated by fragrances since childhood.

“In Flagranti is a sophisticated and luxurious interpretation of a floral-gourmand theme. I vividly remember the fragrances my parents wore when they went out: my father’s eau de cologne and my mother’s scent – Chanel N°5. When I start composing a fragrance, I always try to tell a story through scents.” – Antonio Alessandria

For the creation, the perfumer combined ingredients that sound seductive and delicious: Basil, galbanum, strawberry, raspberry, apricot, peach, lily of the valley, lily, orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose, vanilla, caramel, sandalwood, musk and ambergris.

What do I expect from In Flagranti? Well, based on the above information and the fragrance notes, it is definitely a floral composition with a clear white-flower component, with green-aromatic notes and a fruity underpinning, bedded on the finest and sweetest gourmand nuances. Will I find that in the perfume?

A floral dream in white

The fragrance opens with a crisp, tart green, accompanied from the start by the mushroomy notes of white flowers – I particularly suspect tuberose here – which combine with the greenish, woody and subtly pungent accents of basil and galbanum. The initially clearly perceptible mushroom nuances eventually fade into the background.

They pave the way for the magnificent, beguiling floral facets of aquatic lily of the valley, lucid lily and creamy orange blossom. Fruity nuances are added, very velvety, aldehyde-like, accompanied by a warm and spicy woodiness. In the finish, I also perceive the aforementioned gourmand notes that flow through the perfume like creamy, vanilla-like caramel.

DER DUFT - In Flagranti

In Flagranti by DER DUFT is once again a composition with a certain uniqueness. It is a classic, elegant floral fragrance, present, intense and powerful, with lush white flowers and velvety fruits on an atmospheric base. The aforementioned mushroomy note in the opening lends the creation exciting and quite daring facets, as these are unlikely to appeal to everyone. However, you should not be put off by this, because – as already mentioned – In Flagranti develops into a wonderful gourmand floral perfume that is simply marvellous. 💚

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