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The travel loving fragrance house Memo takes us with its latest creation Cappadocia to the enchanting landscape of the same name in Turkey, which is famous for its bizarre rock formations, for caves carved into the light-colored tuff and for dreamy images of colorful hot-air balloons that float in droves over the unique backdrop of Cappadocia during the golden hour, making the place seem even more magical.

Cappadocia from Memo Paris

All the Memo creations I reviewed recently were incredibly warm, comforting and played with powdery-creamy nuances, which were always beautifully realized in very different ways. I’m linking you to my last three posts on Memo, which took us to Scotland, central England, Norway, the Greek island of Corfu and Portugal:

Cappadocia – Saffron & Sandal

I don’t know how many of you have seen the unique landscape of Cappadocia for yourselves, whether from a hot air balloon or not. The sandy to cream-colored tuff formations, the magical fairy chimneys created by erosion, the cave-like dwellings and this unique light that makes this fascinating backdrop seem even more surreal.

Memo - Cappadocia
Cappadocia from Facebook

Here, in Cappadocia, in the heart of Turkey, the earth preserves the memory of an immaculate feeling, a shiver of saffron, sandalwood and myrrh lies on the skin. Impressive, ancient formations rise into the sky like exclamations.

They are known as “fairy chimneys”, natural pillars of soft, brittle rock formed by volcanic eruptions, the passage of time and the weathering of the elements. They watch over the mountains, craters, plateaus and gorges, over the underground and cave-dwelling cities.

Perfumer Gaël Montero was commissioned by Memo to create the olfactory version of Cappadocia, translating the soft colors of the landscape with the ingredients saffron, jasmine, iris, sandalwood, rose, frankincense, myrrh, benzoin resin and vanilla. I expect a creation dipped in velvety red-brown and terracotta, underlined by creamy beige, sometimes lighter, sometimes darker shades.

Cappadocia from Instagram

Land of dreams

And I actually find my color expectations reflected in the creation when I test it. Cappadocia smells of the finest and warmest red-brown. Spicy and beautiful notes of saffron, used very harmoniously and not too opulently, meet wonderfully creamy jasmine and equally creamy iris. This trio is heart-warming, even though it has a certain coolness to it, soft, comforting and wonderfully balanced and thus provides a prelude that is absolutely successful in my eyes.

I find the gently curved shapes of the tufa in the composition, the shades of color anyway and also the still existing coolness of the early morning hours, when the visitors to this special landscape slowly gather to board the hot air balloons and view the bizarre rock sculptures and dwellings from above in the light of the golden hour.

Sandalwood gradually creeps into the fragrance, lending the creamy saffron blossoms of the opening velvety, warm and woody accents, in which I also detect the airy and nectar-sweet nuances of rose, which provide lightness and radiance. In the finish, the balsamic-sweet and creamy facets of benzoin resin and myrrh are added, accompanied by lovely vanilla, rounding off Cappadocia in a wonderful way.

Memo - Cappadocia

A spicy-woody and velvety blend of saffron, creamy flowers, soft woods and sensual-balsamic resins in warm reddish brown and beige tones. Beautifully and harmoniously composed and finely balanced with a medium presence, I find Cappadocia to be absolutely suitable for every day and office use. A pleasant and relaxed fragrance for any occasion in the cooler season. If you like saffron and prefer smooth and creamy spicy fragrances, you should definitely take note of this composition from Memo. 🤎

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