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With the Eau de Parfum Flåm by Memo we turn today once again around a theme that inspires me particularly: Scandinavia. More specifically, the Parisian label of the French-Catalan-Irish couple Clara and John Molloy takes us to the beautiful Norway, the land of fjords, with stunning landscapes, magnificent nature and charming people.

Inspired by Norway’s fjords

Flåm is inspired by such a breathtakingly beautiful fjord. The small town of the same name is located at the end of the Aurlandsfjord, a branch of the Sognefjord, about eighty kilometers northeast of Bergen. Flåm has just a few hundred inhabitants. In addition, there are the countless tourists who visit the place since the middle of the 19th century. In the beginning, a few sport fishermen came from Great Britain and tried their fishing luck in Norway. In the meantime, close to half a million visitors from all over the world come to Flåm – usually by cruise ship or train.

This is because the Flåm Railway, a branch line of the Oslo-Bergen route, serves the route from the higher Myrdal to the valley in Flåm several times a day all year round. Over a total length of just over twenty kilometers, the Flåm Railway overcomes a difference in altitude of almost 900 meters. A remarkable achievement, because we are not talking about a rack railroad here, but a normal one. The view on the journey from Myrdal to Flåm, which takes just under an hour, must be spectacular. Passing a waterfall down into the valley, surrounded by high mountains, a small village with typical Scandinavian wooden houses and a picturesque wooden church.

A fragrance that evokes the attractive energy of the northern lights and the warmth of a cozy wooden house. The crimson cottages line the small harbor. The village is characterized by contrasts. Flåm is located on the road that crosses the majestic glacial valleys, where the memory of the Viking ships is still alive.

Of course, the Vikings cannot be missing when it comes to the topic of Scandinavia. Those legendary warriors who sailed the seas on their impressive ships. Such a longship of the Drakkar type, used for military purposes, is depicted on the bottle, struggling through the vastness of the ocean. A few years ago I was in Oslo and visited the Oseberg ship, which is exhibited in the museum Vikingskipshuset. A truly impressive testimony to Scandinavian history that is absolutely worth seeing. So if you’re ever in Oslo, be sure to stop by! 🙂

The ornately decorated, traditional longship Drakkar sets sail – graceful, powerful yet light, designed for speed. Full speed ahead out of the deep blue fjord, with towering mountains and thundering waterfalls.

Flåm – Northern lights on the horizon

Somewhat surprising may seem the fragrance notes that Memo has combined for Flåm: Bergamot, bitter orange, clary sage, aldehydes, jasmine, cedarwood, tonka bean, bourbon vanilla, cashmeran, ambroxan and ambrette. In fact, for a fragrance inspired by Scandinavia, I would have expected other ingredients, although I can’t really pin down which ones.

Memo - Flåm
Flåm from Instagram

Exotic spices were already known to the Vikings, who brought them back from their travels to the cool north, such as cinnamon and cardamom. The aforementioned tonka bean, however, originated in South America and arrived in Europe in the late 18th century, well after the time of the Vikings.

How does Flåm smell?

Flåm reveals itself from the start as a lush floral scent dominated by aldehydes, which is fluffy, powdery and creamy at the same time. A colorful basket of Hesperides provides a gentle zappiness that underlines the lightness and freshness of the eau de parfum. Closely followed by a bouquet of cotton soft cuddly notes that spill into a sea of creamy jasmine blooming lushly in the creation.

There is a hint of peachy velvet in the air, as well as the hay-like aromatic spiciness of tonka bean and the lovely facets of vanilla that skillfully nuance the fragrance. Cedar provides bright and clean wood accents as it progresses, offering Flåm a solid and still creamy base. After an intense opening, Memo’s creation gradually calms down until finally, after several hours, it fades away close to the skin and soft.

Memo - Flåm
Flåm from Instagram

Even though I personally would have rather thought of a maritime, mineral-earthy creation for a fjord and Viking fragrance, this does not detract in the least from the expressiveness and beauty of the Flåm fragrance composition. An enchanting mix of creamy jasmine, fluffy cuddly notes like cashmeran, ambroxan and ambrette, paired with a gentle spicyness, tangy Hesperides and velvety aldehydes that should absolutely please friends of summery, sunny and lusciously soft floral scents. A certain preference for mentioned cuddly nuances as well as aldehydes should be present, but if the conditions are right, it could become the great love. 🙂

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