Memento Collection by Filippo Sorcinelli – Sacred memories

Over the next few days, I will be presenting a total of eight fragrances that belong to a very special collection: the Memento Collection by Filippo Sorcinelli. A reference to memory is recognizable by name. Thematically, the line is dedicated to sacred material. The press release mentions the sacristy, a room within the church that is used to prepare and store important and sacred objects before the actual church service. The Memento Collection takes us to eight different sacristies in various churches and cathedrals, mainly located in Italy.

St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican
Photo by Chad Greiter on Unsplash

Eight fragrances that reveal places and treasures inspired by as many places known around the world for their experiences of faith and piety.

Eight fragrances that describe ancient treasure chests full of mystery and wonder, offering answers and comfort to those seeking truth on their journey.

Eight whispered prayers, like moments of meditation, in which time stands still and you perceive a golden sculpture bathed in infinity.

Eight blessing hands that tell of hidden paths, slumbering voices, human sorrows, moving consciences, fragrant and suffered currents.

Olfactory blessing à la Filippo Sorcinelli

Filippo Sorcinelli stands for artistic creations, for daring compositions, for fragrance aesthetics of a special kind, for visually appealing and different bottles that are sure to be a highlight for every perfume collector. The Memento Collection is in no way inferior to the fragrances launched to date. The bottles are simply incredible. The lid of the lavishly decorated flacons is held in the shape of a large, golden hand in a gesture of blessing, probably a copy of Filippo Sorcinelli’s right hand, decorated with magnificent rings. An eye-catcher through and through and an absolutely unique selling point of this collection.

I would like to introduce you to two of the eight Extrait de Parfum today, namely Notre Dame notte di Natale and Santa Casa, while the remaining six are Sacristie Des Arbres, Rosa Fiorita, Pont. Max.Dòmm, Chiesa d’Oro and Basilica di Assisi will follow in the next few days.

Notre Dame notte di Natale

Our first fragrance in the Memento Collection takes us to the French capital, Paris. The famous Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, which Filippo Sorcinelli gave the nickname Notte di Natale, is located here. Christmas Eve … Perhaps the exceptional Italian perfumer was in this church on Christmas Eve and captured the memories of this special event in the composition? In the press release, I read that Notre Dame is known for its changing incense blends, which are adapted to current celebrations. The ingredients Virginia cedarwood, orange blossom, chocolate, cedarwood, cinnamon, tonka bean, frankincense and ambergris do indeed suggest a Christmas-inspired incense composition.

Filippo Sorcinelli - Notre Dame notte di Natale
Notre Dame notte di Natale by Filippo Sorcinelli

Greenish-fresh and cool coniferous woods open Notre Dame notte di Natale in an impressive way that does absolute justice to an imposing cathedral like Notre-Dame. The orange blossom adds creamy, floral and beguiling nuances that have more of a background function, as the focus is still on the intense coniferous woodiness, which is gradually joined by spicy, dark chocolate notes. The cocoa is tart and dark brown in color, while delicate, smoky and cool incense slowly brings transparency and airiness to the creation.

Definitely a special fragrance that should appeal wonderfully to fans of strong, complex and expressive coniferous wood compositions with a greenish-fresh character. Less Christmassy than expected, even though the spices and chocolate are present, the focus is different. Notre Dame notte di Natale by Filippo Sorcinelli has rough edges, convinces with its presence and excellent longevity and is probably not for everyone. Nevertheless, I would describe the fragrance as easy to wear, at least for those who are not afraid of unconventional creations with a strong character. A prelude to this very special Memento Collection, just as I had hoped for.

Santa Casa – Memento Collection

The Basilica of the Holy House in Loreto is the olfactory destination of our journey through the sacristies of various churches. Filippo Sorcinelli takes us to the Adriatic coast, to a place that seems to be almost as important in the Catholic Church as St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The Santa Casa, the holy house in which Mary, the mother of Jesus, grew up and where the archangel Gabriel is said to have announced the birth of Jesus to her, is located in the basilica. This place of pilgrimage is the source of inspiration for Santa Casa, for which Filippo Sorcinelli has chosen the ingredients. Vanilla, sandalwood, ambrette, benzoin resin, ambergris, musk, maritime notes, tobacco, rose, orange, bergamot and Incense in order to olfactorize the “unmistakable smell of candles and their vapours” in “one of the most important and most visited Marian shrines in the Catholic Church”.

Filippo Sorcinelli - Santa Casa - Memento Collection
Santa Casa by Filippo Sorcinelli

Santa Casa also starts lushly and with an incredible presence. Dark aromatic tobacco, little to no honey sweetness, meets a magnificent incense coolness, which is underlined by a maritime-fresh breeze. The test strip initially reveals a lovely spicy sweetness, I suspect vanilla, benzoin resin and sandalwood are the culprits. However, this is not perceptible on my skin. I immediately start the full tobacco incense program with my skin, which certainly has its charm, but I wouldn’t mind a little sweetness and vanilla spice in the background. Let’s see, maybe that will happen. Creamy and powdery nuances gradually creep into the creation, while the fragrance seems to become somewhat less dense overall. I have a strong hunch that the rose and citrus fruits are beginning to show in the composition, if only in the form of transparency, airiness and a gentle freshness. After quite a while, the vanilla-spicy nuances I had hoped for slowly emerge, providing a wonderful rounding off.

Like Notre Dame notte di Natale, Santa Casa is an idiosyncratic extrait de parfum with all kinds of rough edges. The sacred subject is wonderfully realized by the magnificent incense. The proximity to the sea is also clearly recognizable thanks to the maritime notes. We remember that the pilgrimage site of Loreto is located on the Adriatic coast. You should definitely have a certain preference for the aforementioned nuances and rather dark, aromatic tobacco, as Santa Casa only becomes more pleasing in the finish thanks to its creamy, sweet facets, which are easily perceptible for a long time. Top!

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