Sacristie Des Arbres, Rosa fiorita and Pont. Max. by Filippo Sorcinelli

Sacristie Des Arbres, Rosa fiorita and Pont. Max. are the next three extraits de parfum by Filippo Sorcinelli that I would like to present you. Anyone who has already read my last article Memento Collection by Filippo Sorcinelli – Sacred Memories will know that the fragrances take us to various sacristies, churches and cathedrals, shrines and places of pilgrimage that have a special meaning for the Italian perfumer. It is not for nothing that the collection is nicknamed Memento, the Latin word for “remember”.

Sacristie Des Arbres

Even a forest can have something sacred about it. At least that is the case for Filippo Sorcinelli, because Sacristie Des Arbes is not dedicated to a real sacristy, but to a forest. For many people, nature has a grounding effect and serves as a place to recharge their batteries and let their thoughts wander. Here you can relax, breathe in the fresh air and regain your strength. A forest can be meditative and restful, profound and relaxing. A place where you can become one with yourself and with nature.

An ideal retreat for the senses in a centuries-old forest. A forest is a place full of wisdom and secrets, where nature seems to speak with its peace and beauty. This is the environment where you have to listen to yourself, in connection with the trees, to understand their silent lessons.

Vanilla, vetiver, benzoin resin, ambrette, ambergris, damask rose, guaiac wood, pine, Virginia cedarwood, incense and mint are the ingredients of this extrait de parfum, which explores the sacred facets of a forest.

Filippo Sorcinelli - Sacristie Des Arbres
Sacristie Des Arbres by Filippo Sorcinelli

While I had initially expected the dark green coniferous scent of a sublime forest, with moss-covered boulders and fern leaves blowing in the gentle wind, Filippo Sorcinelli’s interpretation of the forest reveals a completely different kind of area overgrown with trees. Well, I suppose I simply can’t base this fragrance on the Central or Northern European forest that I am generally familiar with, but have to think more openly and freely here. Sorcinelli’s forest is surprisingly bright, sun-drenched, permeated by soft vanilla clouds and an earthy vetiver creaminess, into which the milky, smooth and warm nuances of benzoin resin and ambergris flow very slowly and gradually.

The mint provides a hint of greenish freshness that sets exciting accents, while the powdery floral notes of guaiac wood and ambrette in turn provide more gentle facets. Gradually, the incense also reveals itself, floating through the composition in delicate clouds of smoke and coming to rest in a clean-looking bed of coniferous wood. Sacristie Des Arbres is a spicy-resinous and velvety-warm creation that is very calm and relaxed, flooded with light and wonderfully meditative. I really like this sacristy of trees. Finely balanced, very harmonious and skillfully composed, the extrait de parfum is a fragrance for every season and every occasion. Great!

Rosa fiorita – Filippo Sorcinelli

Blooming Rose is the name of our second fragrance today, Rosa fiorita. A creation inspired by the Italian nun Rita of Cascia (1381-1447). After an arranged marriage full of violence and abuse, she lived in a convent in the Umbrian town of Cascia, which is still attached to the Basilica di Santa Rita today. It is a place of pilgrimage for all those who wish to honor Saint Rita, a woman about whom the basilica reads: “Hail Rita, vessel of love, bride of Christ, you sad one, from the thorns of the Redeemer, beautiful you were born like a rose.” A rose is also the central theme of the Rosa fiorita fragrance, which combines the ingredients damask rose, honey, May rose, lily of the valley, iris and geranium.

Filippo Sorcinelli - Rosa fiorita

Rosa fiorita is exactly what the name suggests. A rose fragrance through and through, a colorful bouquet of lucid, gently soapy and nectar-sweet blossoms, surrounded by golden honey and rounded off by the delicate, aquatic notes of lily of the valley and creamy iris powder. A creation that is surprising in this Memento Collection, as it contains no incense and no other sacred or meditative aspects.

It is a monothematic floral fragrance that revolves around the queen of flowers, delicately composed in a balanced way to give a very authentic olfactory image of the rose. A bright, light and airy creation with a medium presence that can be worn all year round and for any occasion. Ideal for all fans of the rose and its fragrance. 🌹

Pont. Max. – Memento Collection

The perfume Pont. Max. – which is the abbreviation for Pontifex Maximus – takes us to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Pontifex Maximus is a papal title that dates back to Roman times and means “supreme bridge builder”. The extrait de parfum pays homage to the fragrances in the sacristy of St. Peter’s Basilica and, given the great importance of this basilica, which was built in the Vatican from the 16th century onwards, I am assuming a creation that is more traditional and sacred than those tested so far. The ingredients are myrrh, benzoin resin, frankincense, ambergris, maritime notes, jasmine and Virginia cedarwood.

Filippo Sorcinelli - Pont. Max.
Pont. Max. by Filippo Sorcinelli

The combination of frankincense and myrrh has always been used in the Catholic Church. And so it is not surprising that these two components make up the fragrance Pont. Max. in a lavish manner. The opening of Filippo Sorcinelli’s extrait de parfum is deep and balsamic-spicy, infused with a fine, smoky coolness of incense and balsamic-herbaceous myrrh resin. Benzoin and ambergris lend a little velvety-soft warmth, into which creamy jasmine gradually creeps. The maritime notes are cool and subtly salty, lending the creation airiness and transparency and ensuring that Pont. Max. does not become too massive and heavy, before clean, bright cedar provides a successful rounding off.

Pont. Max. is in my eyes the most sacred fragrance in the collection so far, in which I clearly perceive the church inspiration. Resins and woods beautifully, very harmoniously and harmoniously combined and, despite all the presence and intensity that prevails especially in the prelude, absolutely wearable. Probably not a crowd-pleaser, but a striking and idiosyncratic creation for connoisseurs and lovers of this special fragrance genre.

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