Day Dreamer, Bookworm and Early Bird by Paul Smith – Colourful Room Fragrances

Today I would like to present the three scented candles Day Dreamer, Bookworm and Early Bird from the Home Fragrance collection by British designer Paul Smith in more detail. I gave you a rough overview of the different room fragrances of the line in my last post Duft-Tagebuch on Tour – The new room fragrances by Paul Smith and also told you a little about Paul Smith himself. Perfect for those who want to know more about the fashion designer.

Paul Smith - Day Dreamer
© Julia Biró

All three of the Paul Smith room fragrances I’m reviewing today were created by IFF perfumers Céline Bartel and Meabh McCurtin and are inspired by personal memories or incidents from the life of British designer Smith. I would like to start with the yellow scented candle Day Dreamer, to then continue with the orange Bookworm and finally round off this review with the blue Early Bird. By the way, all the scented candles presented here are also available as diffusers.

Day Dreamer – scented candle from Paul Smith

On our Instagram account yesterday I uploaded an unboxing reel, in which I unpack the scented candle Day Dreamer to present you the sophisticated and incredibly refined packaging, which already makes me in a good mood when looking at it. This great sunny yellow in combination with different shades of blue – gorgeous! The colour scheme is also reflected in the candle itself. The glass is a beautiful shade of yellow, topped with a bluish coloured lid that can also be used as a coaster. The characteristic stripe pattern, the so-called signature stripes of Paul Smith, is once again taken up here – intensified again in the ignited state.

I have already told you the fragrance notes of Day Dreamer: Verbena, clary sage, lavender and hay. Inspiration is southern France, dreamy summers in Provence, surrounded by lavender fields. Bright colours, the sun is shining, and the sky is bright blue. I ask you, what more could you want?

Paul Smith - Day Dreamer

Day Dreamer smells simply wonderful even when not ignited. Fruity-citrusy and a little greenish, not too tart but subtly sweet. After summer, sun and good mood. Lit, this olfactory impression is confirmed. The subtly tart and herbaceous accents of lavender and hay can be sniffed out in the background. The fragrance is overall very complex, densely interwoven and extremely harmonious in itself. Ideal for those who love fruity, greenish-citrus and relaxing room fragrances that provide a restrained, yet noticeable scenting. A composition that beautifully reflects the mood of a vacation in the south for me and to which the name Day Dreamer fits perfectly. Simply wonderful! 💛

Bookworm – Paul Smith

The name here gives a direct clue to the source of inspiration: Bookworm is the name and so books should not be far away, of course. In fact, libraries and the stacks of papers and books in Paul Smith’s office are instrumental in the creation of this room scent. I suspect that the designer has a fireplace in his study, which provides warmth and comfort in the room (I personally see him and his piles of books in an English country house, although I don’t know if this corresponds to reality), because the press release talks about warmth next to the books and papers.

The fragrance notes of the room fragrance Bookworm are grapefruit, amber, allspice and cedar. The glass is orange and red, reflecting for me the warmth of the fireplace, in the glow of which the books and papers are bathed in the same light.

Paul Smith - Bookworm

As always, I’ll start by describing the fragrance in its non-inflamed state: the spicy-dry nuances of allspice combine with balsamic-woody ambergris. Grapefruit adds a touch of citrusy effervescence to the composition, which fits wonderfully into the melange. The fragrance is still cool, of course. So light it up quickly for the full feel-good mood. The warmth gives the creation the perfect twist and ensures that the individual notes flow harmoniously into one another. I now perceive a delicate smokiness that reinforces the fireplace associations for me. The dry spiciness of allspice combines with soft cedarwood and the velvety warmth of ambergris, accentuated by delicate citrus nuances. A scented candle that for me fits perfectly into the current cooler season and is perfectly realised in terms of colour. Ideal for all those who prefer a fine, woody-spicy and extremely pleasant room scenting. 🧡

The early bird – Early Bird

A walk through London in the early morning. It is cloudy and of course it is raining. Because as we already know from the comic Asterix with the Brits, if it’s not foggy in Britain, it’s raining. 😉 Paul Smith’s path leads to his boutique. There is an old iron railing here that gives off a very specific scent. On his feet, the British designer wears the finest suede shoes – perhaps not the best choice in the cool, wet weather outside.

These were (more or less) the thoughts that led to the creation of the room fragrance Early Bird. The fragrance notes are patchouli, jasmine, suede and iris. The press text still speaks of a rain accord, with which the composition might have earned a place of honour in my post Top 5 rain fragrances – Singing in the rain.

Paul Smith - Early Bird

When unlit, Early Bird smells earthy, woody and slightly metallic, greenish-herbaceous, leathery and powdery. Yes, the scented candle also has the scent of petrichor, plus a little smoky. I quickly pull out the matchbox to let the olfactory experience take effect on me in warmed form. The suede is now more prominent, as are the powdery facets of the iris. The patchouli is still perceptible, but takes a back seat. A leathery-powdery scented candle with earthy-metallic petrichor notes that creates a subtle and very pleasant room fragrance. Perfect for those who love soft suede and the special nuances of rain compositions. A special creation that picks up on an absolutely popular theme. I really like it! 💙

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