Musc K by Ella K – pure idyll

The colour white is ubiquitous in the fragrance world this year. Musc K by Ella K fits seamlessly into the ranks of the bright white bottles, which for me are already purely visually so wonderfully summery, clear and noble. The fragrance characters of the white bottles usually vary between floral, gourmand, clean and woody. Musc K should still bring the powdery facet into play here, if you go by the name of the fragrance.

White feathers
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From Ella K I had in recent months already some creations on my desk and then for review purposes soon also sniffing under the nose. Most recently Camélia K (read here), before that the desert wind leather trio Khamsin, Ghibli and Harmattan (read here) and Rose de Pushkar (read here).

All the creations I have tested so far were characterized by an extremely coherent composition, were transparent yet present, lucid and yet possessed excellent longevity. The DNA of the line is marked by the masterful work of the brand’s founder and perfumer Sonia Constant, who beautifully expresses her love for her craft, the art of perfumery, in her creations.

As a perfumer, I have always seen my work as a way to speak to the subconscious of others. I awaken their curiosity and invite them on a journey. They will gain insight into my memories and can make their own discoveries. My creations are real destinations, places that anyone can travel to. I don’t make rules, I just make suggestions. – Sonia Constant

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park
Photo by Léo Castro on Unsplash

Musc K – Scent of the dunes

For Musc K, Sonia Constant was inspired by the white sand dunes of a national park located in northern Brazil, Lençóis Maranhenses. The landscape got its name because it looks like rumpled bedsheets (in Portuguese “lençois”) and is located in the state of Maranhão.

The wandering white dunes cover an area of almost 1600 km² and are a special highlight of Brazil: The desert – by the way the only one of its kind in Brazil – is crisscrossed by numerous turquoise blue lagoons, which give the sandy area a unique and paradisiacal charm.

This special mood of the idyllic and fascinating landscape Sonia Constant implemented in Musc K with the help of the ingredients pink pepper, iris, vetiver, musk and cedar wood. I was able to sniff the first two scents in combination just yesterday in the review of The Omniscient Mr. Thompson by Penhaligon’s (read it here) – a duo that I loved. I’m curious to see how the pepper and iris in Musc K blend together. But more about that in a moment!

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park
Photo by Léo Castro on Unsplash

Engaging and restrained … So refined and beautiful that no particular fragrance notes are recognizable, but everyone is directly captivated by them … You will not be able to stop sniffing this extraordinary fragrance! Like a radiant glow that gently emanates and accompanies the wearer olfactory …

Dream in powder white

Musc K starts with a citrusy freshness that has a delicate spiciness to it, underpinned from the start by cotton-soft nuances that I would attribute to crystalline musk and iris. Vetiver brings a bit of coolness to the creation, underscoring the earthy facets of iris, whose smooth, almost buttery creaminess is perceptible early in the fragrance’s course. Flowing through the composition, it reminds me of the equally flowing movements of the wind-sculpted white dunes of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, through which the turquoise blue lagoons snake.

Sand and water. Two different materials in different states of aggregation, perfectly matched to each other. Salty notes permeate Musc K, merging with the creamy powdery facets of iris and the sandy crystalline accents of musk. The transparency and lightness of the creation are countered by the clean nuances of cedar wood, which provide some traction and durability in the base.

Ella K - Musc K

The latest creation by Ella K is a dream in white and further proof that fragrances can be absolutely multifaceted even with just a few ingredients. Salty freshness meets creamy earthy nuances. A gentle vetiver coolness pervades the eau de parfum. The sandy-soft notes of crystalline musk are surrounded by the flowing cream of iris, bedded on clean cedarwood. A fragrance that musk lovers will absolutely love. Airy and transparent, with a light to medium presence and good longevity, this creation is a great companion for any occasion and any season. 🤍

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