Jasmine Dentelle, Pomelo Fizz and Immortel Cedrat by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

A little South Seas feeling brings Comptoir Sud Pacifique hopefully with the three Eaux de Toilette Jasmin Dentelle, Pomelo Fizz and Immortel Cedrat to us in the Duft-Tagebuch today. The summer vacations are just around the corner or have already begun, depending on the state, and your holiday is certainly already planned. Whether long-distance travel or not, whether holiday in your own country or at home, a nice summer scent is never wrong and maybe some of you are still looking for a suitable olfactory companion for the coming months.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique - Jasmine Dentelle, Pomelo Fizz and Immortel Cedrat
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The three fragrances I’m featuring today are part of a series called Les Jardins Pop, which revolves around refreshing citrus, cheerful colours and zesty compositions, and with which the French brand, which has been around since the mid-1970s and is internationally established, departs from the classic turquoise-blue label colour concept, which I really like. Visually, the bottles already put me in a good mood, and the names of the creations do the rest. After all, what’s better in this hot weather than a nice citrus scent? 🍊🍋

Jasmine Dentelle – lace from jasmine

Even though I automatically thought of something with “tooth” when I first read Jasmin Dentelle – whether it was due to my science degree, the fact that my father was a dentist, or simply my abysmal school French, we’ll never know. “Dentelle”, as a quick glance at one of the many online dictionaries quickly reveals to me, means nothing other than “lace”, namely the extremely aesthetic fabric with manifold hole patterns that is often used for wedding dresses or even lingerie.

Perfumer of the Jasmin Dentelle eau de toilette is Thomas Fontaine, who we recently met in my post on Grisette by Lubin (read it here). The creation dates back to 2018, so it’s not quite a freshly hatched scent chick, but – like the other two candidates Pomelo Fizz and Immortel Cedrat – it hasn’t found its way onto our blog yet.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique - Jasmin Dentelle
Jasmin Dentelle from Instagram

For Jasmin Dentelle, Thomas Fontaine combined the ingredients of lemon, mandarin, jasmine, magnolia, white musk and amber. Citrus is included, as it was already announced in the collection Les Jardins Pop. I was initially irritated by the name of the eau de toilette, because it had no reference to citrus. We will see how Comptoir Sud Pacifique reconciles the three themes of jasmine, lace and citrus in this composition.

Delicate as lace, noble as silk

Soft, airy and transparent, Jasmin Dentelle opens with the typical lightness of eau de toilette, which is so wonderfully refreshing in the warm season. The citrus fruits are used in a well-measured manner, discreetly tart and tangy, but in no way overbearing.

Magnolia brings delicate aquatic, sometimes fruity floral facets to the creation, giving it additional airiness, while jasmine provides a radiant white, lucid and floral creaminess. Gradually, the fine powdery notes of white musk push into the fragrance action, beautifully rounding off the creation with its lovely sweetness.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique - Jasmin Dentelle
Jasmin Dentelle from Instagram

Jasmin Dentelle by Comptoir Sud Pacifique is a beautiful, light and fruity-creamy fragrance that carries floral, powdery and aquatic facets and makes them harmonize with each other in a charming way. It is a delicate fragrance composition, finely crafted like artful lace, romantic, girlish and carefree. Perfect for the warmer season, for any occasion and for those who love rather subtle and transparent fragrance compositions with fine hesperides, radiant flowers and creamy powdery base.

Pomelo Fizz – Sunny Grapefruit

After recently presenting the grapefruit fragrance Pompelmo by Laboratorio Olfattivo (read more here), I am now very pleased to be able to present another olfactory representative of the tart-sweet fruit. Pomelo Fizz combines two of my favourites by name.

I love eating pomelo, even though peeling the fruit almost drives me crazy every time. When I think of Fizz, I immediately think of Gin Fizz, even though the scent probably has nothing to do with the long drink I love.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique - Pomelo Fizz
Pomelo Fizz from Instagram

Again, Thomas Fontaine was at work, combining for the eau de toilette the fragrance notes of bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin, orange blossom, black currant, mugwort, nutmeg, myrrh and amber. I like the fruits at the beginning very much, how the fragrance will develop with the latter four ingredients, I am very curious.

Sunny and refined

Tart, tangy and delicate citrus fruits determine the opening of Pomelo Fizz, which – like its predecessor – presents itself very soft and transparent. The grapefruit is very authentic and is soon accompanied by the creamy, floral fruit accents of the orange blossoms, which go very well with the rather tart grapefruit and the lovely mandarin nuances of the opening.

In the background, the dark berry facets of the black currant gradually take position, but they are denied the grand entrance. A sunny warmth rises in Pomelo Fizz, highlighting the creamy sweetness of the orange blossoms. Fine-powdery and ambered, the creation fades very slowly and gradually.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique - Pomelo Fizz
Pomelo Fizz from Instagram

I expected Pomelo Fizz to be a super sparkling and refreshingly vitalizing fragrance, but Comptoir Sud Pacifique proved me wrong. The eau de toilette opens with citrusy-tart grapefruit and early on, the orange blossoms provide a sweet creaminess that gradually slides into ambery-balsamic nuances. The composition is beautiful, no question, but I probably would have chosen a different name 😉 More intense and present than our first fragrance candidate Jasmin Dentelle, but overall an incredibly relaxed, transparent and chilled creation that can be worn on any occasion. 🧡

Immortel Cedrat – Floating lemon

Immortel Cedrat is not – as I assumed – about an immortal cedrat lemon, but rather a combination of immortelle and citrus, meant to evoke the “scent of Sicilian lemon trees, which grow not far from the beach and the sea.”

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to conclude that Immortel Cedrat is a more or less maritime fragrance. The press release goes on to say, “As if in a ‘coastal meadow,’ heated by the sun, where the air is full of ozonic and fresh notes reminiscent of sea spray.”

Comptoir Sud Pacifique - Immortel Cedrat
Immortel Cedrat from Instagram

Perfumer here is also Thomas Fontaine, who brought together for Immortel Cedrat the fragrance notes of cedar wood, bergamot, verbena, rosemary, basil, immortelle (Italian strawflower), seaweed and oak moss.

Vitamin Sea

Greenish, fresh and citrusy is the opening of Immortel Cedrat, marked from the start by distinctly maritime notes that have a certain saltiness. Not a turquoise Amalfi aqua in white Speedo lolling in the sun on a boat, but rather a slightly rougher sea scent that carries the notes of seaweed, of surging waves and rocks overgrown with seaweed.

Cedar contributes clean woody notes that combine with the aromatic-salty nuances of rosemary and basil. Immortelle adds spice to the fragrance with its green facets reminiscent of celery, while the creation finally finishes with earthy-mossy and citrus-maritime notes.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique - Immortel Cedrat
Immortel Cedrat from Instagram

The marine scent in the trio called Les Jardins Pop reveals rather masculine traits to my senses, is rather tart and darkly aromatic. The Hesperides only play an accompanying role in Immortel Cedrat eau de toilette. A beautiful, though surprising, conclusion to these three colourful fragrances, with which Comptoir Sud Pacifique may not have given us a South Seas feeling, but which at least created a Mediterranean holiday mood for me. A beautiful trio that calls for summer, sun and beach! 🌊

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