Nocturnal King, Wild Grace, Golden Tusk and Gentle Guardian – room scents by Mabou

In the interview, Marie Junkersdorf already told us a lot about the room fragrances of the Munich-based label Mabou, founded in 2018 (read it here). Today I would like to introduce you to the four different fragrances that have the exciting names Nocturnal King, Wild Grace, Golden Tusk and Gentle Guardian. Each fragrance is assigned its own animal head in the Sculptures of Alamee line. If you like it more subtle, you can also use one of the Boxes of Alamee, which are filled with colored stones.

Mabou - Wild Grace

Marie sent me four samples of the room scents, so today I can tell you more about the different olfactory orientations of lion, giraffe, elephant and gorilla. 🙂

Nocturnal King – King of the Night

When the idea of animal head diffusers came up, Marie quickly realized that a lion definitely had to be included: her favourite animal and zodiac sign. The young founder has already revealed this to us.

But which fragrances embody the Nocturnal King? The lion is commonly known as the king of the savannah. The room fragrance dedicated to the big cat, which likes to be active at night, combines the ingredients cedar wood, cinnamon and ginger.

Mabou - Nocturnal King

Naturally, a test on the skin is not possible, I have to get used to it a little first. The paper immediately gives off an almost chocolatey and wonderfully warm-spicy woody scent that smells to me like sunset on the savannah. Not that I’ve been there before, but that’s how I imagine it. The sun glowing red and huge on the horizon, the ground terracotta coloured. A colour that is also found in the lava stones of the eponymous box.

The fragrance sample alone seems restrained to me, so I assume that the scent in the diffuser will also turn out rather subliminal and subtle. Here, of course, the size and ventilation of the room in which it is located, has some influence. In my eyes, a very nice, spicy fragrance that I like without exception. 🙂

Wild Grace – Wild Grace

The way the giraffes walk through the savannah with their long necks on high legs is indeed quite characterized by grace, which is why the name Wild Grace fits perfectly for me. And what fragrance notes does the giraffe scent contain? Vanilla, tonka bean and night jasmine are the olfactory ingredients of the room fragrance, which sound quite seductive to me even before testing.

Surprisingly, the color of the giraffe is not yellow, but a light pink with a soft purple touch. Incidentally, this colour scheme is also found in the matching Box of Alamee called Wild Grace, which incorporates salmon crystals.

The scent of Wild Grace is quite different from the first test candidate. Lushly floral and sweet, bright and lively, but without becoming even slightly too intense. Wild Grace is spring-like and sweet and – thanks to the spices – definitely also carries slightly gourmand traits.

This room scent is also clearly perceptible on paper, but seems rather subtle and discreet, which is why I would also transfer this to the diffuser. For friends of lovely and spring floral room scenting absolutely recommended. 🙂

Golden Tusk – Golden Tusk

The name suggests it: Golden Tusk is an elephant. Also a savannah animal that has found its place in Mabou’s very own world. Fortunately, it must be said, because isn’t the elephant head just beautiful to look at too? I think it’s incredible how much love goes into the details.

The fragrant ingredients I tell you of course – sandalwood, apple and grapefruit – and we’re off to test the third room fragrance with the sonorous name Golden Tusk. By the way, the box to the fragrance is equipped with white selenite stones.

Mabou - Golden Tusk

Fruity and cheerful, Golden Tusk also has that spicy-woody warmth of sandalwood that grounds the fragrance and makes it long-lasting, despite its fruity nuances. In fact, the elephant room fragrance also has slightly gourmand undertones, which gives the composition subtle oriental-fruity features. Golden Tusk also shows its gentle side and subtly brightens the room in terms of fragrance.

Gentle Guardian – Gentle Protector

Not an actual savanna dweller, but rather one that is native to forested areas, is the gentle giant, the gorilla. But in the fabulous land of Mabou, which the Munich label has created for itself, the individual landscape types seem to be quite close to each other.

Gentle Guardian combines the fragrance notes of nutmeg, rose and musk. What do I expect? In conclusion, I would expect a more powdery scent, because spicy, floral and fruity we already had in the line. Let’s see if I’m right about this.

Mabou - Gentle Guardian

I’ll admit it right away: I was wrong. Gentle Guardian is not really a powdery fragrance, but a spicy floral composition that is less sweet compared to Wild Grace. Less spring-like, more of a spicy rose with soft creamy musk undertones. For those who prefer delicate floral scents without too much sweetness and with a subtle spiciness. A calm and relaxing fragrance that skilfully rounds out this particular room fragrance line.

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