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It’s going to be delicious, it’s going to be sweet, it’s going to be pink in this post called Sweet Escape about our top 5 pink scented treats that should put a smile on the faces of all olfactory sweet tooths out there. Anyone who thinks we are dealing with heavy gourmands here is wrong. Today it’s the turn of the light and airy sweet scents, reminiscent of pink cotton candy, pastel-colored bubble gums and all kinds of other fluffy treats.

You already know the game, there’s another Sweet Escape sample set accompanying my Top 5 article in the Sweet & Pink category which includes all five creations that, for me, are a perfect match for this delicious and delicate subject. If you fancy summery, gourmand creations and like to wear soft fragrance sweeties, you shouldn’t hesitate too long to order this sample set because, as always, it is a limited edition that we will not be reproducing in this form. So, as always, the early bird catches the worm! And this time it’s particularly delicious! 🤤😉

Ultimosole – Boellis – Panama 1924

The Ultimosole creation will certainly make your mouth water. This eau de parfum combines the ingredients sugar, caramel and vanilla. Of course, this is done in a wonderfully sweet and gourmand way, but Ultimosole is so beautifully composed that this creation can also be worn at any time in summer. Or should I say: must? The fragrance is so beautiful that a seasonal restriction would be absolutely inappropriate. You want to wear it all the time and at any time of the day or year, and that’s a good thing! But what exactly does Ultimosole smell like?

Boellis - Panama 1924 - Ultimosole

A little boozy and wonderfully sweet, Ultimosole opens and definitely makes you want more. Roasted sugar nuances merge with creamy facets and powdery, sweet vanilla spice to create a seductive and absolutely delicious olfactive treat that simply smells good enough to melt away. You want to lie down in it, immerse yourself, let yourself be enveloped by this wonderful fragrance.

And despite all these characteristics, Ultimosole is absolutely suitable for summer, because this eau de parfum is so wonderfully balanced, so finely composed that it has a lightness and fresh tendencies that are not usually found in such a gourmand-sweet and caramelly creation. Perfect for the warm season and also an all-rounder in terms of occasion, Ultimosole by Panama 1924 is the ideal fragrance for anyone who loves to indulge in seductive, sweet and caramel-vanilla compositions anytime and anywhere.

Bubble Forever – Montale

Bubble ForeverbyMontale is a dream in pink, even just visually. But the inner values also point in a very special direction here. Bubble gum is the keyword that perfumer Pierre Montale throws into the room, which naturally made me think of opulent white bloomers in my review from May 2024 (read it here). The ingredients grapefruit, lemon, pear, neroli, cinnamon, white flowers, Bulgarian rose, orange blossom, toffee, vanilla, musk and ambergris confirmed this assumption and left me with the following impressions during the olfactory tasting of the eau de parfum:

Montale - Bubble Forever

Sparkling citrus fruits determine the opening, but soon the bubble-gum note announced by Montale spreads throughout the creation. The sweetness of the fragrance is kept wonderfully in check by the hesperides and fruity nuances, so that it never feels oppressive. Bubble Forever is also wonderfully airy, powdery and transparent. The image with the flying bubble gum bubble in pink, the color of the bottle, all this fits perfectly with the creation. Bubble Forever is light-hearted, cheerful and wonderfully feminine, evoking childhood memories and yet absolutely modern, elegant and always on point. In the finish, the gourmand-soft and crystalline-spicy notes of vanilla toffee and the finest, radiantly light musk round off the fragrance wonderfully.

Bubble Forever is a fragrance for all those who love sweet, floral, fruity and powdery gourmand scents. A preference for white flowers and chewing gum is required to enjoy this creation. However, if the conditions are right, it could well become your great love. I classify the presence as medium and also the durability. This eau de parfum from Montale is characterized by transparency and airiness, as well as a certain synthetic-molecular mood. Beautiful and an absolute must-try fragrance for all fans of the brand and anyone looking for a special and beautifully composed creation for the summer. 🩷

Nel – Kinetic Perfumes

Perfumer Mark Buxton designed the pale pink perfume Nel for Kinetic Perfumes, which I introduced to you in May last year and which combines the ingredients lychee, apple, geranium, rhubarb, marigold, rose, jasmine, cranberry, magnolia, oakmoss, vanilla, amber and cedarwood. I found the creation romantic, dreamy, elegant and feminine. The combination of rhubarb, lychee and rose has been a favorite of many since Delina by Parfums de Marly at the latest, and Nel strikes a similar olfactory chord, which should absolutely please.

Springlike nuances Nel reveals from the first sniff. Fine fruit accents of sweet apple, tart lychee and the tingling notes of rhubarb combine with minty floral geranium and gently soapy rose. Nel is truly not lush pink like Aura, but is a delicate pink, a pastel scent that is romantic and innocent. The rose is the protagonist of the creation. All other olfactory ingredients in the composition are turned towards it.

Rhubarb, in particular, is perceptible far into the fragrance’s progression, nestling with jasmine and magnolia, which provide a brightly floral and creamy underpinning in Nel. These supple and soft notes are underscored by the subtle, softly earthy accents of oakmoss, which joins warm and vanilla wood nuances in the base.

Painting it sweet – EMIL ÉLISE

About a year and a half ago, I introduced you to the EMIL ÉLISE brand here and, of course, the label’s fragrances (read about them here). For me, Painting it sweet fits perfectly with the Sweet Escape theme, because the ingredients bergamot, honey, pear, rose, floral notes, jasmine, violet, vanilla, musk, ambergris and vetiver already hint at an olfactory treat. A delicately fruity and creamy floral composition that, like all EMIL ÉLISE fragrances, is a real allrounder.

EMIL ÉLISE - Painting it sweet - Sweet Escape

Surprisingly, painting it sweet starts more fresh and tart than expected. Bergamot flashes for a moment, soon to be washed by creamy floral notes. Delicate-floral and much less powdery is the last fragrance of the collection of Emil Élise. Violet, rose and other floral notes blend with the lush creaminess of jasmine, warmed by subtle amber and also creamy, subtly earthy vetiver.

Astonishingly, painting it sweet is relatively unsweet on my skin. The test strip shows itself somewhat differently here. On paper, I perceive subtle and beautiful pear and honey nuances that naturally give the fragrance a certain sweetness. My skin swallows this completely and reveals exclusively the aforementioned creamy notes, which can also be sniffed out on the paper strip, but which here only underscore the scent and do not determine it.

PINK MOLéCULE 090 – 09 – Zarkoperfume

To round off this top 5 of sweet and pink creations, it’s time to get molecular with Zarkoperfume and the fragrance PINK MOLéCULE 090 – 09. The name of the creation is admittedly a little unwieldy, but fortunately the eau de parfum is not. It is a composition that pays homage to the pink bubbling water. In exquisite form, of course, and so it is a rosé champagne of the very highest quality that was the source of inspiration. The ingredients are straightforward and are as follows: Elderberry, apricot, orchid, mahogany wood, cream and woods.

Zarkoperfume - PINK MOLéCULE 090 - 09

“There’s something tingling in the state of Denmark!” you almost want to exclaim when testing the eau de parfum by perfumer Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov. Because the rosé champagne specification was implemented absolutely harmoniously. Sparkling berry notes, which tend to be in the darker range of blackberry, blackcurrant and elderberry, combine with airy, velvety nuances in PINK MOLéCULE 090 – 09. The typical fluffy transparency of Zarkoperfume’s creations can of course also be found in this eau de parfum, which is very airy and molecular, but at the same time has a strong presence. Not overly sweet, which I personally like, our last candidate on this top 5 list has a gentle tartness to it that is quite champagne-like. The woods have a rather light and underlining effect, providing the berry-tingling PINK MOLéCULE 090 – 09 with a great and absolutely fitting framework.

Fans of Zarkoperfume will love PINK MOLéCULE 090 – 09 anyway, but anyone who loves berry-summery fragrance compositions with a little sweetness and an elegant mood is sure to enjoy this eau de parfum. Transparent, present and with excellent durability, this creation is a more than worthy conclusion to this contribution to the Sweet Escape theme!

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