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In my last poll on our Instagram account, White Cannabis by Balma Venitia was way ahead when it came to the question of which fragrance I should present to you next in an unboxing. And since your wish is always my command, I have of course shot a corresponding reel, which I will publish on Instagram to accompany this review.

Balma Venitia - White Cannabis
White cannabis from Instagram

Balma Venetia meets weed

I introduced you to the brand itself and the fragrances launched so far last November in my article Balma Venitia – From the heart of Provence. In a nutshell: The label comes from Provence, the home of founder and designer Thierry Lemahieu, who launched the three eaux de parfum White Wood, Chanvre Sauvage and L’Eau de L’Âme with perfumer Marie Duchêne. Here, too, we have already had two fragrances with weed involvement, namely Chanvre Sauvage, which means “wild hemp”, and L’Eau de L’Âme.

The fragrance house certainly seems to have a certain preference, at least olfactorily, for cannabis, as its quota is quite high in a small but fine collection of just four creations. Incidentally, my personal favorite so far has been the only hemp-free eau de parfum, White Wood. Anyone who loves pear, fig and fruity, light, summery compositions should definitely put this fragrance on their must-try list.

White Cannabis – Welcome to the smoke

White Cannabis takes a component of the White Wood name and combines it with the recently legalized herb with the distinctive aroma. In my opinion, it is all the more surprising that cannabis is not listed at all in the official fragrance notes of the eau de parfum. Instead, sage, thyme, leather, tobacco, birch, cedarwood and patchouli can be found here.

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White Cannabis by Balma Venitia presents itself in an elegant and oriental guise. In the expression of the palaces of the East, where colors mingle with intoxicating scents. The soul of an explorer shapes his powerful character. The uncompromising fragrance emphasizes its woody depth with cedarwood and leather. A captivating fragrance, a strong signature, an intense and unforgettable scent.

How deep is your smoke?

As bright, clear and uncluttered as the bottle of White Cannabis may appear, the soul of this creation is just as profound. Spicy, edgy herbs meet creaky, dark leather in the opening of the eau de parfum, soon to be joined by smoky, tarry birch and earthy patchouli. This fragrance is powerful and expressive, striking and idiosyncratic. The mélange of lush, pungent herbs and leathery, smoky nuances really does evoke the typical cannabis facets, which appear profound and mysterious.

Nevertheless, there is a certain lightness and airiness to the composition. It is not a heavy fragrance, but a thoroughly transparent, albeit present eau de parfum, which is given a golden and aromatic-sweet undertone by tobacco. The cedar wood lends the creation light wood nuances that emphasize the transparency of the fragrance.

Balma Vanetia - White Cannabis

White Cannabis by Balma Venitia is a creation for all lovers of lush, herbaceous, smoky and leathery compositions, with a good presence and excellent persistence without being too heavy or overwhelming. It is certainly not a fragrance for every occasion, but rather something for the evening or a special occasion. I would also tend to classify the eau de parfum as masculine, although whatever you like is allowed here. Perfect for fans of cannabis creations and all those who prefer a strong and unique olfactory experience rather than a quiet and pleasing one. An exciting new fragrance from this still too unknown, young brand, which I can only recommend to you. 🧡

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