Bubble Forever, Beast Love and Oud Fool Roses by Montale

The cult label Montale is bringing us three new fragrances: Bubble Forever, Beast Love and Oud Fool Roses. What can we expect? Well, with Bubble Forever I assume a gourmand-synthetic fragrance, Beast Love sounds to me like a concentrated load of white bloomers and Oud Fool Roses is probably another representative of the seemingly endless array of oud roses. The only thing that irritates me is the word Fool in the middle. But Pierre Montale will have thought of something. 😉

Montale - Bubble Forever

As always, three fragrances is quite a lot, which is why I don’t want to spend too much time on preamble, but instead start the review straight away. The Montale brand is certainly familiar to most of you and has been featured here in the Duft-Tagebuch several times. If you would like to find out more about the previous new launches, you can find my last three reviews below:

Bubble Forever – Feminine flourmand

Bubble gum fans watch out! Bubble Forever could hit you right in the heart. Montale describes the fragrance as a “feminine, fresh and floral gourmand” that is “inspired by the delicate aroma of bubble gum”. When I think of this shade, I immediately think of white flowers, which often have certain chewing gum nuances. I particularly associate it with jasmine. The fragrance notes confirm my suspicions: grapefruit, lemon, pear, neroli, cinnamon, white flowers, Bulgarian rose, orange blossom, toffee, vanilla, musk and ambergris are the ingredients of this creation, which is said to be “a tribute to a multi-faceted and fun-loving woman, amidst the powdery opulence of high-society salons and the splendor of Hesperides in wild gardens”.

Montale - Bubble Forever

Sparkling citrus fruits determine the opening, but soon the bubble-gum note announced by Montale spreads throughout the creation. The sweetness of the fragrance is kept wonderfully in check by the hesperides and fruity nuances, so that it never feels oppressive. Bubble Forever is also wonderfully airy, powdery and transparent. The image with the flying bubble gum bubble in pink, the color of the bottle, all this fits perfectly with the creation. Bubble Forever is light-hearted, cheerful and wonderfully feminine, evoking childhood memories and yet absolutely modern, elegant and always on point. In the finish, the gourmand-soft and crystalline-spicy notes of vanilla toffee and the finest, radiantly light musk round off the fragrance wonderfully.

Bubble Forever is a fragrance for all those who love sweet, floral, fruity and powdery gourmand scents. A preference for white flowers and chewing gum is required to enjoy this creation. However, if the conditions are right, it could well become your great love. I classify the presence as medium and also the durability. This eau de parfum from Montale is characterized by transparency and airiness, as well as a certain synthetic-molecular mood. Beautiful and an absolute must-try fragrance for all fans of the brand and anyone looking for a special and beautifully composed creation for the summer. 🩷

Beast Love – The beast within you

Another gourmand is said to be Beast Love, which Montale describes as “refined and seductive”. A beast, well, that usually has rather negative connotations. My friend, the Duden, writes in the dictionary that a beast is an “annoying, unpleasant animal”, a “cunning, mean, vile person” or a “desirable object”. I’m sure Montale didn’t have any of the previous definitions in mind when he created Beast Love. The fragrance notes actually sound quite pleasant and socially acceptable: pear, plum, bergamot, leather, cedarwood, Turkish rose, vetiver, vanilla, tonka bean, musk and ambergris.

Montale - Beast Love

Beast Love starts with a fruity and citrusy fragrance. From the outset, the eau de parfum reveals creaky and lush leather notes that are somewhat difficult to integrate into the composition at first sniff. But little by little everything comes together, becomes more harmonious and coherent. I perceive creamy nuances that I would attribute to cedarwood and vetiver. The nectar sweetness of the rose shimmers lucidly in the background. The dark leather finally picks up speed again, black and smoky. Powdery facets accompany the leather, which is ultimately soothed again. The eau de parfum ends with a warm, spicy finish.

Beast Love is less of a beast than advertised, but it is not a fundamentally pleasing fragrance either. The leather reveals its rough edges in the creation and occasionally proves to be a little quick-tempered. However, the accompanying fragrances always manage to calm the dark leather and get it back on track. Overall, this eau de parfum is also a rather transparent and lighter caliber with a medium presence and good longevity. Perfect for everyday wear and the office and can be worn seasonally without restriction. ❤️

Oud Fool Roses – Montale

The press release hints at why a fool has crept in between the eaglewood and roses: “You had to be a fool to want to reinvent Montale’s most famous fragrance, Roses Musk. Nevertheless, Pierre Montale did not give up until he created this special rose fragrance from his imagination. This reinterpretation is a seductive, intense and oriental take on the timeless classic.” I have to admit that I did not recognize the Roses Musk, but assume a composition based on powdery roses. Personally, I am an absolute and avowed fan of Black Aoud, which captivated me over a decade ago. For me one of, if not the most beautiful oud roses and we all know that countless of these have stormed onto the fragrance market in recent years. Oud Fool Roses now joins this ranks and does so with the help of the ingredients mandarin, rose, Arabian taif rose, agarwood (oud), cashmere wood, ambergris, musk and labdanum (cistus).

Montale - Oud Fool Roses

The opening of Oud Fool Roses combines tart citrus notes with smoky, medicinal agarwood and dark, powdery woody notes. The rose is also in the mix, with a cool, almost metallic appearance. Although I had expected a strong fragrance, it was light and transparent when I tested it – at least for an oud rose. The musk with its fine and crystalline notes does this combination a world of good and soothes the spirits of the olfactory protagonists. Ambergris and labdanum lend warmth and a subtle smoky sweetness to the creation, rounding off the eau de parfum beautifully.

Oud Fool Rose is certainly not a reinvention of the wheel. However, for those who prefer subtle and transparent rose and alderwood fragrances or are new to this combination, this creation is highly recommended. A well-balanced and harmonious unisex composition that is suitable for everyday wear and the office and can be worn all year round. 🩷

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