Sending Love by Zarkoperfume – All for love

I think Sending Love by Zarkoperfume is really appealing from the look alone. Although magical would probably be more appropriate. The bottle is kept in the restrained style of the Danish label – typically Scandinavian and minimalist – and has a tidy and minimalist appearance. And then a dazzling, deep red heart is emblazoned on the simple label with the golden inscription Zarkoperfume and Eau de Parfum. 🥹

Zarkoperfume - Sending Love

A heart for love

The heart is no coincidence, because Sending Love is all about love. It is “a fragrance that expresses so much more than words can.” A kind of olfactory love letter, an ode of affection with which you can share your feelings with loved ones or simply make them happy. Once again, the name says it all: Sending Love is a fragrant declaration of love.

Even without having sniffed the creation, I would love to get the fragrance myself right away, because the look of the bottle has already captured me with loving affection, so I can’t rule out buying the eau de parfum myself in the near future. But first I should perhaps do a sniff test, and of course the small bottle that my magical colleagues from the head office sent me is perfect for this.

Sending Love – olfactory love letter

As always with Zarkoperfume, the perfumer of the fragrance is the namesake and label founder Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov, who naturally remains true to his style of molecular creations with the new eau de parfum. The compositions of the Danish fragrance artist, who has dedicated himself entirely to molecular fragrances and has been extremely successful in the highly competitive niche fragrance market for over a decade now, are Scandinavian, minimalist and always ultra-modern. Zarkoperfume’s fan base is growing and growing, and with every new creation launched it gets bigger and bigger.

Zarkoperfume - Sending Love

With Sending Love, Zarkoperfume sticks to its olfactory line. It is, of course, an incredibly modern molecular fragrance that combines the ingredients lime, mandarin, toffee, ambergris and vanilla.

Butterflies in your stomach with Sending Love

At the start, Sending Love reveals the tangy and airy-fresh nuances of citrus fruits, from which I particularly sniff out the greenish-sour tartness of lime. It continues light and sparkling, very bright, clear and clean, before warmer and sweetish-creamy facets gradually blend into the fragrant melange.

Sending Love becomes velvety and soft, comforting and smooth as it progresses, even if the fruity accents remain in the background. A lovely creaminess flows through the composition, creamy and milky, yet also endowed with powdery and fluffy molecular nuances that often seem so elusive. The eau de parfum gradually fades away with a soft, crystalline woody vanilla powder.

Sending Love is a special kind of delicate, fresh and carefree fragrance tasting. A creation that combines tangy, sparkling hesperides with sweet, creamy nuances and a subtle, woody-powdery and skunky finish. All this is done in a very airy, transparent way, very clear, minimalist and molecular, which makes the eau de parfum ideal for the current warmer season. In general, the fragrance can of course be worn all year round and, thanks to its uncomplicated and pleasant character, it is an absolute all-rounder that is the perfect fragrance companion for any occasion. Sending Love is also unisex. A great and almost classic Zarkoperfume that is timeless and contemporary and is sure to please many of you.

By the way, we currently have a special offer in the store for a short time only: When you buy a 100 ml bottle of a fragrance from Zarkoperfume, you will also receive a 30 ml bottle of Sending Love. Isn’t that great? So be quick, because this promotion is limited and only valid while stocks last.

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