11 – Psychic Vibes, 22 – Universal Mind and 33 – Cosmos Guide by Spiritum

Spiritum ‘s collection, which is characterized by numbers and spiritual experiences, continues with the three most recently launched eaux de parfum 11 – Psychic Vibes, 22 – Universal Mind and 33 – Cosmos Guide. The latter fragrance in particular makes me curious. You may remember that in my last posts about the French label I told you about the numerology tool on the Spiritum homepage (I’ll link you to it here), where you can enter your date of birth. The perfectly matching fragrance is then selected from the collection using the sequence of numbers. My olfactory counterpart or the number of my life path – as Spiritum itself calls it – is 33 – Cosmos Guide.

Spiritum - 11 - Psychic Vibes, 22 - Universal Mind and 33 - Cosmos Guide

Spiritum in the Duft-Tagebuch

I have already introduced you to the brand’s other ten creations here on our fragrance blog. If you would like to read up and / or find out more, you are welcome to do so with the help of the reviews linked below:

11 – Psychic Vibes

I don’t want to beat about the bush, but start with the fragrance tasting right away, because we have a lot planned for today. 11 – Psychic Vibes is our first candidate. As before, the perfumer was Philippe Paparella-Paris, who combined the ingredients bergamot, frankincense, pear, violet leaves, cardamom, elemi resin, saffron, jasmine, cedarwood, sage, myrrh, nutmeg, ginger, licorice, moss, ambergris, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, nagarmotha, leather, musk, vanilla and fir balsam for the creation.

Spiritum - 11 - Psychic Vibes

11 – Psychic Vibes begins airy, bright and greenish-cool, soon accompanied by darker, sweetish-spicy and woody accents. The fruity-green and subtly smoky nuances of the opening are still perceptible. Jasmine and cedarwood provide creamy, bright facets that are surrounded by warm and sweetly balsamic accents of marjoram and licorice. Powdery nuances are added in the finish, which blend wonderfully with the fine, spicy and ambery creaminess of the composition. Velvety-soft and still wonderfully sweet and woody, the fragrance gradually fades away.

11 – Psychic Vibes is a really great and gentle, transparent and fascinating creation that I absolutely like with its spicy-warm and smooth-soft notes. Spiritum remains true to its philosophy of developing complex yet airy compositions. 11 – Psychic Vibes also contains a multitude of ingredients that seem to mesh like cogwheels, so well-balanced and finely balanced is the fragrance. In addition, you experience an exciting development, from fruity, greenish and rather cool to creamy, warm and spicy to powdery, woody and ambery. For me, 11 – Psychic Vibes is a beautiful unisex creation that I would wear for any occasion and at any time of day. Really great! ❤️

22 – Universal Mind

22 – Universal Mind – like the other two fragrances reviewed today – belongs to a separate line called Master Collection. This can be recognized by the golden lids and the golden lettering on the bottles, while the ten eaux de parfum in the Number Collection are in silver. I will find out exactly what the Master Collection is all about, I promise. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to do so. The fragrance notes of 22 – Universal Mind are absinthe, incense, freesia, Bulgarian rose, Szechuan pepper, ginger, jasmine, cedarwood, cinnamon, geranium, orange blossom, musk, ambergris, vanilla, vetiver, ambrette, sandalwood, incense and sage. Perfumer Philippe Paparella-Paris does not skimp on ingredients here either, and yet I am certain that this eau de parfum will once again be a balanced and harmonious, rather transparent fragrance.

Spiritum - 22 - Universal Minds

And that’s the way it is. 22 – Universal Mind has a fresh, greenish and very bright opening. The rose brings airy, floral nuances to the fragrance, which are surprisingly unsweet and also manage without soapy accents. Freesia underscores the transparent floral notes with its lucid facets reminiscent of flowing water, accompanied by creamy jasmine and milky orange blossom. Clean cedar provides a light woody note, while geranium adds a touch of greenish mint freshness. Crystalline musk combines with soft ambrette, sandal velvet and vanilla-amber accents to create an extremely cozy, cuddly finish that rounds off the composition in a wonderful way.

22 – Universal Mind is also an airy, transparent and extremely pleasant blend of flowers, spices and woods that will certainly appeal to anyone who prefers unagitated, relaxed and pleasant fragrance compositions for every season and every occasion. The second creation in this Master Collection is an all-round success and makes me all the more curious about my 33 – Cosmos Guide. 🤍

33 – Cosmos Guide

Now let’s move on to 33 – Cosmos Guide, the fragrance that the numerology tool told me was particularly suitable. The fragrance notes read absolutely well and make me even more excited: leafy greens, Bulgarian rose, violet leaves, lily of the valley, jasmine, freesia, gardenia, iris, cedarwood, musk, amber, moss, vanilla, ambrette, tonka bean, vanilla, fir balsam, sandalwood, incense and sage. There’s nothing in it that doesn’t smile at me. I notice that many ingredients are repeated within the three creations, which could explain the special harmony between the two compositions already tested.

Spiritum - 33 - Cosmos Guide

Bright, greenish notes open 33 – Cosmos Guide in the proven transparent, airy and light style of Spiritum. The violet leaves bring a certain herbaceous woodiness to the composition, which is soon underscored by the floral aquatic nuances of lily of the valley and freesia. The iris enters the stage with wonderful creamy, earthy, delicately lipsticky notes and makes my heart beat faster. Gradually, olfactory companions of the elegant iris are added, emphasizing its special facets. Amber and ambrette add warm, gentle and soft accents. Musk and sandalwood provide fine, velvety-powdery nuances that are accompanied by woody moments.

33 – Cosmos Guide is a wonderful iris fragrance, just the way I like it. The dazzling olfactory spectrum of iris is beautifully played out here, from creamy and lipsticky to powdery and earthy to woody, soft and velvety. All the ingredients seem to work towards a common goal, to support, emphasize and underscore the iris in all its splendor and beauty. In keeping with the style of the previous Spiritum creations, 33 – Cosmos Guide is also light, transparent and yet impresses with a good presence and durability. A fragrance that can be worn by iris fans on any occasion and in any season. Really great! ❤️

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