Isla and De Oro by Trudon – On the shores of the Mediterranean

With the Eau de Parfum Isla and the matching scented candle De Oro, the traditional French brand Trudon has created an olfactory duo that scents both the body and the rooms, creating a summery, Mediterranean atmosphere. I have the eau de parfum here as a sample. I only have a Scented Wax Cameo from the scented candle, that can be melted on the La Promeneuse room fragrance diffuser. Due to the lack of the melter, I can only describe the scent of the hardened wax here, I hope you’ll forgive me. 😊

Trudon - Isla and De Oro

Perfumer Emilie Bogue was responsible for the olfactory realization of Isla and de Oro, who has already created several other perfumes and room fragrances for the luxury label TrudonVIXI, for example. The summer duo Isla and De Oro is all about the Mediterranean coast, citrus fruits, herbs and flowers. Bergamot is at the forefront here with its sparkling, invigorating notes. As it is primarily grown in Italy, I assume that the Italian coast of Calabria was the source of inspiration for the olfactory duo of eau de parfum and room fragrance.

Isla – The scent of summer

Bergamot, which plays such an important role in Isla’s composition, only grows under very special climatic and geological conditions. As already mentioned, these can be found in Calabria, but only in a small area covering a length of around 100 km on the coast of the Ionian Sea. Although there are also a few growing regions outside Reggio Calabria, for example in South America and Africa, the quality of the bergamots harvested here is – what a nice word – comparatively inferior.

Perfumer Emilie Bogue combines the ingredients musk, vetiver, bergamot, mint, rosemary, cardamom and grapefruit for Eau de Parfum Isla. If that doesn’t sound like summer, sun and southern Italy, I don’t know what does. I have already packed my imaginary suitcase before testing, and I am looking forward to a wonderful fragrance trip south.

Trudon - Isla

Isla opens with a cologne-like citrus freshness and promises summery delights from the very first sniff. The bergamot is tart, greenish and sparkling, nuanced from the outset by crystalline musk and light, creamy, earthy vetiver. The eau de parfum is very light, airy and transparent, gradually revealing greenish, aromatic herbal notes and a delicate, fresh mint. Rosemary adds subtly salty, maritime accents, while grapefruit picks up on the tart tanginess of bergamot and emphasizes it with its own fruity facets.

Isla is a fragrance that calls for summer, sun and the south, that fits perfectly into the current season and is simply enchanting with its sparkling, light Hesperide freshness. I can only recommend this eau de parfum to anyone who loves airy, transparent citrus fruit compositions with greenish, herbal aspects, who prefers Mediterranean cologne-style creations or who is looking for a sparkling, pleasant and uncomplicated companion for vacations and/or hot days. An elegant, timeless and minimalist unisex fragrance that is beautifully composed and absolutely sophisticated. Big Isla love here with me! 💛

De Oro – Stylish fragrancing

I would also like to briefly introduce the De Oro scented candle here, even though – as already mentioned – I don’t have any of them here in my home. Emilie Bogue was also responsible for the composition, combining the ingredients bergamot, blackcurrant, laurel, mandarin, gardenia, jasmine, bitter orange, rosemary, tuberose, cedarwood and lily for the room fragrance. De Oro focuses less on bergamot, although it is found in the top note, and more on orange blossom. You won’t find it in the fragrance notes, but I suspect that the ingredient is hiding somewhere in the creation. 😊

Trudon - De Oro

Since I only have the very pretty wax cameo here, decorated with a portrait of a woman, I’ll try to introduce you to the fragrance this way. Of course, I can’t say what facets and intensities De Oro shows in its inflamed state, but you can at least get an initial overview below.

The fragrance of the wax has citrusy facets that are naturally less sparkling than in the eau de parfum. They appear creamier, softer, gentler, surrounded by fine flowers that emphasize the smooth, soft nuances of the creation. I perceive a subtle soapiness, which is certainly due to the floral facets. De Oro is also summery, sunny and reminiscent of Mediterranean climes, which in my opinion is also beautifully reflected in the color scheme of the candle jar and packaging. This ombré coloration from milky white to radiant yellow certainly looks even more fascinating when ignited. Perfect for anyone who loves the combination of citrus fruits and creamy flowers to scent a room. I like! ☺️

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