Love Delight and Love Tuberose by Amouage – Welcome to the Secret Garden

We continue with Love Delight and Love Tuberose by Amouage, which are both part of the Secret Garden Collection – together with Lilac Love and Blossom Love, which I already presented to you in my last post Secret Garden Collection by Amouage – Oriental Flower Seduction. All those who would like to sniff their way through all four eaux de parfum have the opportunity to do so with the matching Secret Garden Discovery Set. It contains four samples of 2 ml each, which are ideal for extensive testing. 😊

Amouage - Secret Garden Collection

Love Delight – Scented treat

The latest addition to the Secret Garden Collection comes first, because I’m particularly excited about this one. I’ve already heard a lot about the creation – all of it positive – and now I finally want to get my own impression of the fragrance, whose bottle is dipped in a beautiful matt apricot.

Perfumer Pascal Gaurin drew his inspiration for the fragrance from the sweets of the Orient. This is probably where the nickname Delight comes from, as some of these sugary treats have this suffix in English. For Love Delight, Gaurin combines the olfactory ingredients of ginger, mandarin, rose, cinnamon, heliotrope, jasmine, rose, vanilla, cocoa, rum and nagarmotha for a fragrant Arabian-style treat.

The entire Secret Garden Collection comprises four fragrances, “each eau de parfum explores a facet of modern femininity by combining a tantalizing aromatic note with a distinctive floral note.” Lilac Love combined flowers, spices and cocoa, while Blossom Love combined flowers with amaretto and spices. I have just described the direction of travel of Love Delight and we will soon find out what an olfactory treat Love Tuberose may be.

Amouage - Love Delight

Ginger and mandarin make the opening of Love Delight a refreshing, tangy experience that is characterized by spicy, tart and fruity nuances. Cinnamon underlines the spiciness of the ginger and adds spicy aspects, while light and airy rose and creamy jasmine gradually enter the fragrance, gradually bringing the creation into floral realms. Powdery and sweet, surrounded by the vanilla sweetness of heliotrope and immersed in the radiant white, milky nuances of jasmine, the heart of Love Delight blossoms beautifully. The creation remains light and powdery in the finish and is finally joined by creamy, earthy and warm, liqueur-like accents.

After a fresh and citrusy opening, Love Delight reveals its light, powdery-floral side. It is a wonderfully relaxed, modern and transparent blend of hesperides, blossoms and soft, creamy notes – with a splash of rum for a good mood. Perfect for all fans of clean, bright and soft floral compositions with a milky-powdery finish. Summery, spring-like and an elegant, minimalist fragrance companion for any occasion. 🤍

Love Tuberose – Flower powder

And finally, Love Tuberose. Tuberose can be quite a beast in fragrances and I think you either love it or hate it. I can somehow understand both, because there are definitely tuberose fragrances that are also breathtaking for me, in the truest sense of the word. But there are also perfumers and labels that know how to handle the power, intensity and dominance of the flower diva and incorporate its sometimes effervescent nature into compositions in a beautiful way. Amouage, the Omani luxury fragrance house with years of experience working with the highest quality ingredients and the best perfumers, will definitely be of the latter variety. With the fragrance notes of tuberose, gardenia, jasmine, gourmand notes, vanilla, cedarwood and sandalwood, perfumer Nathalie Lorson enchants us and creates a tuberose creation that – as the name promises – you simply have to love … Love Tuberose.

Amouage - Love Tuberose

My assumption is absolutely confirmed. Love Tuberose starts light, airy, powdery, a little molecular-fluffy. Light, soft, clean nuances open the composition, in which all three white blossoms mentioned in the top note show their restrained nature. Together, the bouquet creates a milky and delicate fragrance, romantic, playful and also a little dreamy. The fine and spicy sweetness of vanilla flows into the composition as it progresses, accompanied by creamy and creamy nuances that fit perfectly into the fragrance. I notice the greenish facets of the tuberose again and again as the fragrance progresses, but it reveals absolutely good manners throughout, never pushing itself forward, but always remaining an olfactory team player that shows itself from its best side. Finally, clean and light woods round off the eau de parfum, lending the milky-floral melange durability and grounding.

Love Tuberose is a light, airy and transparent white-flower composition that is very clean, minimalist and milky-powdery and makes me spontaneously think of a bride. Yes, I can imagine this creation as a wonderful wedding fragrance. But Love Tuberose is not only suitable for special occasions, I also regard the eau de parfum absolutely suitable for the office and everyday wear. A finely balanced tuberose creation that I can recommend to all fans of white flowers and also to all those who would like to get to know this special fragrance genre better and may have been rather skeptical about tuberose up to now. My conclusion: Love-ly Tuberose! 🤍

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