Soap Club and Boy of June by BIBBI Parfum – Soapy leather and June boys

Unbelievable, but true! We have already reached part 4 in the series of reviews of fragrances from BIBBI Parfum. Soap Club and Boy of June are today’s protagonists and they take us to Paris, to an ominous club that indulges in soap and leather, and to Copenhagen, where Stina Bibbi Seger lost her heart to her husband Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren.

BIBBI Perfume - Soap Club

BIBBI Perfume in the Duft-Tagebuch

I’ve already written three posts, so here’s the familiar and ever-popular list of all those articles in which you can get a quick and easy overview of the brand itself and the first six eaux de parfum, unless you’ve been following along all week anyway. 😊

Soap Club – BIBBI Parfum

There seems to be a place in Paris – whether in reality or solely in the imagination of brand founder Stina Bibbi Seger remains an open question – that revolves entirely around soapy leather. A kind of club, shrouded in mystery and secrecy, to which only a select few are granted access. The press release speaks of a house, a golden door, soapy leather and incredible experiences that are made here. Once again, the background remains opaque and leaves room for speculation. Perfumer Jérôme Epinette translated these imaginative and enigmatic specifications into olfactory terms with the ingredients leather, vanilla, jasmine, mimosa, sandalwood, white musk and tonka bean.

BIBBI Perfume - Soap Club

Airy leather scents me immediately after spraying on Soap Club. Clean, minimalist and in light beige. The jasmine lends the leather creamy and smooth nuances, delicately flowing and gentle, accompanied by a subtle mimosa sweetness that blends harmoniously into the fragrance. Soap Club is transparent, lucid and airy to cool, yet always soft and cozy. Tonka bean adds a touch of greenish coumarin spice to the olfactory play, accompanied by powdery, crystalline musk and velvety sandalwood.

I personally like the fact that Soap Club is more clean than soapy. I also like the fact that there is no typical rose soapiness in the creation. It is a light, creamy and clean leather fragrance that can be worn wonderfully on any occasion, which should also appeal to leather skeptics and novices as well as anyone who prefers discreet, transparent and minimalist compositions. A fragrance to my taste! 💙

Boy of June – The great love

With Boy of June, Stina Bibbi Seger is launching a tribute to her husband and co-founder Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren, whom she apparently met in Copenhagen and whose birthday is in June. The eau de parfum is said to be a personal interpretation of the fragrance that Stina’s future husband wore when they first met. Jérôme Epinette was once again commissioned with the creative work, combining the ingredients bergamot, black pepper, lemon, geranium, incense, apple, patchouli, leather and ambergris for this very special and intimate creation.

BIBBI Perfume - Boy of June

When I first sniff Boy of June, I spontaneously think of barbershops. Fresh, spicy and aromatic nuances escape me, tart, masculine and striking. The apple brings fruity and exciting accents to the composition. It goes well with the subtly smoky coolness of the incense, soothes the energetic citrus-pepper combination of the opening and thus brings the creation into moderate realms that are extremely successful. The apple notes that Boy of June presents to us are sweet and juicy, and I think they are simply wonderful – as is the whole development of the composition.

While at the beginning I thought I knew exactly where this olfactory journey was going, the apple manages to turn the fragrance rudder around and steer the creation in completely different directions. Wonderful! That’s the kind of thing I like. The tart, masculine nuances of the opening are now more or less history. Boy of June is gentle, sweet, yet still fresh, vitalizing and dynamic. As it progresses, the eau de parfum becomes softer, warmer and creamier before gradually fading away. A fragrance suitable for everyday wear and the office that can be worn on any occasion. It tends to be more masculine and is highly recommended for apple fans. 🍎

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