Iris Wallpaper and Pistachio Game by BIBBI Parfum – From Italy to Persia

Today it’s the turn of the two Eaux de Parfum Iris Wallpaper and Pistachio Game, after I already presented you the brand itself and the two creations Rainbow Rose and Radio Child in my article BIBBI Parfum – When Meditation Meets Fragrances. Stina Bibbi Seger and Jan Ahlgren are the founders of the BIBBI Parfum label. Born in Sweden and based in Paris, their creations transport us into a very special world inspired by Stina’s spiritual experiences and visions during her meditation sessions. Today, Iris Wallpaper and Pistachio Game take us to northern Italy and the ancient Persian Empire.

BIBBI Parfum - Iris Wallpaper

Iris Wallpaper – A house full of irises

Iris Wallpaper is not only dedicated to Italy, but also to music. The fragrance is inspired by Guiseppe Verdi’s second wife and muse. Guiseppina Streponi was her illustrious name. She herself was a well-known opera singer and musician when she met the composer Verdi in the middle of the 19th century. A few years later, they married and after her death, Verdi had their home decorated from top to bottom with Guiseppina’s favorite flower, the iris.

Giuseppe Verdi’s muse Giuseppina Strepponi died in 1897. Her absolute favorite flower was the iris. The story goes that Verdi was so shocked when she died that he fell into a kind of ecstasy and decorated the entire Casa Verdi with iris flowers. In Strepponi’s room, you couldn’t find a free spot on the wall without an iris. You can still smell the scent of iris in the house today.

Perfumer Jérôme Epinette was commissioned with the olfactory realization of this inspiration, creating Iris Wallpaper from the ingredients peach, carrot, iris, peony, vanilla and leather.

BIBBI Parfum - Iris Wallpaper

Iris Wallpaper opens velvety and fruity, with clearly perceptible soft peach notes that are accompanied from the start by a powdery carrot sweetness and creamy, lipsticky, subtly earthy iris. The peony adds light and airy accents to the composition and prevents the eau de parfum from becoming too dense and heavy. Lucid, soft and enchanting, the suede blends with the iris to create a fascinating and enveloping leather iris that is wonderfully complemented by fruity, velvety undertones. Transparent, delicate and simply beautiful, this creation is summery, sunny and incredibly bright.

Extremely elegant and modern, Iris Wallpaper is the ideal unisex fragrance for all fans and friends of iris, for all those who like powdery-creamy compositions with a fruity finish and are looking for a sociable and pleasant fragrance companion for every occasion. I would classify the presence as medium, as is the longevity. It tends to be more suitable for the warmer months of the year, but is actually too nice for seasonal restrictions. 💙

Pistachio Game – Play me the pistachios

In ancient Persia there is said to have been a pistachio game, a game with the delicious green nuts in which the aristocrats of the Persian Empire played for noble steeds and a venerable pistachio tree. Pistachio is currently experiencing a small boom in the world of fragrances, even if it is by no means comparable to the olfactory hype surrounding cherries, raspberries or peaches in recent years. But more and more pistachio fragrances have come under my nose, such as Pistachio by D.S. & Durga (read here) or Une Pistache by Obvious Parfums (read here) and so I am very much looking forward to another representative of this special species of fragrance. Jérôme Epinette also worked creatively on Pistachio Game, using the ingredients kumquat, eucalyptus, floral notes, apple, violet, incense, vetiver, smoky notes, sandalwood, leather and coffee for the eau de parfum.

BIBBI Parfum - Pistachio Game

Cool eucalyptus green opens Pistachio Game, followed by earthy, smoky vetiver, which underlines the mentholated freshness of the Australian plant and gives it depth and persistence. The incense also plays a role here, while I still miss the pistachio that gives the fragrance its name. Cool, smoky and earthy, the scent of BIBBI Parfum’s creation continues, even if I can slowly perceive a gentle floral sweetness in the background. However, this can only be sensed subliminally. The blend of incense, vetiver and eucalyptus is still in the foreground, accompanied by soft leather and balsamic sandalwood in the finish.

Pistachio Game is not a classic pistachio fragrance, but rather a greenish-fresh and smoky-cool mix, from which the incense-eucalyptus-vetiver trio stands out particularly clearly. If you were hoping for creamy-sweet pistachio or a dessert-like composition, I recommend the above two creations from D.S. & Durga and Obvious Parfums. The fragrance of BIBBI Parfum is distinctly different and more suitable for lovers of cool, smoky freshness. Pistachio Game also has a medium presence and is just as long-lasting. I can imagine the unisex fragrance being wonderful on hot summer days, but also in the cooler seasons.

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