Cèdre Figalia by Atelier Materi – harmony and elegance

A few weeks ago, a new fig fragrance was added to the Aus Liebe zum Duft range, namely Cèdre Figalia by Atelier Materi. Anyone who reads here diligently knows that I particularly like fig as a fragrance ingredient, so I’m really looking forward to this addition to this olfactory metier. I already introduced you to the fragrance house itself a few years ago, and of course I will link you to my previously published articles below. I can tell you: It’s worth it, because Atelier Materi’s creations are multi-layered, exciting, varied and all beautifully composed.

Incidentally, we have recently added the Fragrances with fig section to our Fragrances by theme section (only in German), which brings together recommended fragrances based on figs. In our theme section, you can search for your favorite ingredient and view the most beautiful fragrances with it. 😊

Atelier Materi - Cèdre Figalia

Atelier Materi in the Duft-Tagebuch

I have published three articles on Atelier Materi so far. While looking through them, I realized that I haven’t even reviewed two of the eaux de parfum yet, namely Narcisse Taji and Cuir Nilam. This should be done as soon as possible and is already on my to-do list. Here are my contributions to Atelier Materi for anyone who is interested:

Cèdre Figalia – Cedars and figs

Perfumer Cèline Perdriel was also responsible for the fragrances Rose Ardoise and Cuir Nilam by Atelier Materi, and is now devoting herself to a combination of cedarwood and fig after rose and leather. Several types of cedar are used, namely Virginia, Atlas and Alaska, all of which have different fragrance profiles.

Atelier Materi - Cèdre Figalia

The cedar with the nickname of the North American state in the Arctic Circle is rather fresh, while the Atlas cedar, which is native to Morocco, exudes warm and cozy notes. The Virginia cedar, on the other hand, reveals clean, woody aspects and has more of a background effect. All three types of coniferous wood naturally encounter other ingredients and are not left to their own devices.

The fragrance notes of Cèdre Figalia are basil, bergamot, pepper, fig, fig leaves, mate, green notes, Virginia cedarwood, cedarwood, Atlas cedarwood and woods. And these are all ingredients that make me look forward to the fragrance, about which the brand itself says: “Cèdre Figalia – an ode to nature! The lively and refreshing notes of fig leaf, enhanced by the power of cedar wood.”

A fig to dream about

The opening of Cèdre Figalia is fresh, aromatic and radiantly green thanks to the juicy notes of basil and tangy bergamot. The typical peppery dryness provides subtly spicy accents in the background before the creation slowly turns to the fig, whose green, fruity and milky-woody nuances gradually take over the olfactory rudder.

Atelier Materi - Cèdre Figalia

Cèdre Figalia is gentle, not a loud, shrill green scent, but well-dosed, balanced and extremely finely composed. The mate brings subtly tart and herbaceous notes of tea to the eau de parfum, which combine beautifully with the fig and underline the colorful shading of the fragrance.

Finally, the cedar wood lends the creation sweetness and stability, providing a clean, bright and woody framework on which the greenish-milky aspects of the fig are only too happy to settle.

The cedar trio actually brings fresh moments into the composition, while at the same time I perceive a powdery-warm and creamy nuance, which in combination goes perfectly with the still sniffable watery notes of mate tea and fig. A beautiful and atmospheric finish to this elegant and dreamlike eau de parfum.

Atelier Materi - Cèdre Figalia

Cèdre Figalia by Atelier Materi is a delicate, greenish-creamy fig fragrance with an aromatic, tangy opening and a light, woody and comforting finish that I really like. At its heart, the mate tea is the ideal partner for the seductive little fruit. This combination works extremely well and highlights the green-woody fig notes in a really great way. At the same time, the cedar woods round off the fragrance in a wonderfully gentle and meditative manner. A dreamy fig fragrance that is transparent rather than opulent, very elegant, modern and wonderfully spring-like – absolutely suitable for everyday and office use and unisex. Atelier Materi described the creation as “an ode to nature” and I couldn’t agree more. Not just a must-try for fig fans, but actually for anyone who loves beautifully composed fragrances in the color green. 💚

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