Tulipe, La Rose and L’Âme Perdue by Le Galion – Tulips, roses and lost souls

In my last post on Le Galion, I would like to present you the three eaux de parfum Tulipe, La Rose and L’Âme Perdue, all of which revolve around flowers. Starting with the spring-flowering tulip, I would like to turn straight to the roses, before plunging into a floral composition with the melancholy name “The Lost Soul”. Of course, I’m not doing all this without referring you to my previous blog articles: Le Galion – Reunion with old acquaintances and Sovereign, Sang Bleu and L’Astre by Le Galion – kings, blue blood and stars, in which I presented you the traditional fragrance house and the four eaux de parfum Sortilège, Sovereign, Sang Bleu and L’Astre.

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Tulipe – Great tulip love

I am particularly excited about the eau de parfum Tulipe, as I am a big fan of spring flowers and think that there should be more tulip fragrances. Byredo’s La Tulipe has always been a very special favorite of mine and it’s not for nothing that it has been given a place in my article Top 5 Spring Fragrances – Julia’s favorite fragrances for spring. Tulipe by Le Galion was created in 2020 by perfumer Thomas Fontaine, who combined the ingredients acacia blossom, galbanum, tulip, green notes, jasmine, ylang-ylang, narcissus, iris, musk and cedarwood.

I wanted to create a modern, floral, green fragrance. The tulip opened up to me, this subtle flower that we transform from fruity, green notes. The narcissus gave me green-floral accents, the jasmine fruity-floral echoes, while the ylang-ylang joined in to carry the painting beyond a wooden frame. – Thomas Fontaine

Le Galion - Tulipe

Tulipe has a greenish, airy and powdery opening. Leaf juice accents meet delicate and relatively unsweet floral nuances that are very transparent and lucid. However, the creation soon becomes more profound and gains in presence. Galbanum and narcissus underline the green facets of the fragrance with tart, subtly earthy, coniferous notes that make Tulipe somewhat darker and more intense. Jasmine and iris soothe the composition with creamy-soft floral aspects, which is finally rounded off by crystalline musk and clean cedarwood. The eau de parfum from Le Galion captivates with quite authentic tulip nuances that are greenish and creaky and which the fragrance house combines with powdery, clean and creamy floral accords. Bright, light, spring-like and yet wonderfully soft, without any real sweetness and yet incredibly elegant, sophisticated and modern. Perfect for all tulip fans, for friends of greenish-tart creations with a soft and airy finish. A pleasant and uncomplicated companion for spring and summer that can be worn for any occasion. I am very delighted! 🌷 Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

La Rose – Elegant femininity

We continue with the second floral fragrance, which bears the simple name La Rose. It is a rose fragrance, which is easy to recognize even with a poor knowledge of French, which was also created by Thomas Fontaine. This composition is apparently also based on an original formula by Paul Vacher, as the press release reveals, which has of course been modernized and adapted to current requirements. The composition is made up of the ingredients bergamot, violet leaves, rose, ylang-ylang, peach, lily, cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla and musk.

This is neither the budding, innocent rose nor the showy, oriental rose. La Rose leaves the beaten track and artfully borrows elements from aquatic and chypre families to form her own personality. – Thomas Fontaine

Le Galion - La Rose

La Rose is fantastic right from the start, I can say that straight away. Light, airy and subtly soapy, the rose is girlish, romantic and carefree. A spring fragrance through and through. Transparent, fresh and rather cool, pervaded by fruity and velvety-soft tendencies and underlined by a smooth, powdery creaminess. The honey-soft nuances of a freshly blossomed rose take center stage, surrounded by soft peach, aquatic, milky flowers and the light, woody and clean notes of cedarwood and patchouli. The latter lends the creation a certain depth, but overall the fragrance remains rather light and transparent. La Rose is the perfect spring and summer fragrance for anyone who loves unagitated and enchantingly carefree rose scents that can be worn on any occasion. I would classify the presence as light to medium, the durability is good. Simply wonderful!

L’Âme Perdue – Lost Soul

Now we come to the last fragrance from Le Galion in the Aus Liebe zum Duft range for the time being. L’Âme Perdue means – as already mentioned – “the lost soul”. Perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux used the ingredients mandarin, cardamom, coriander seed, white pepper, datura, jasmine, rose, broom, ylang-ylang, lily, clove, cinnamon, plum, bourbon vanilla, vanilla, patchouli, ambergris, benzoin resin, Peru balsam, honey and oakmoss for this eau de parfum launched in 2018.

L’Âme Perdue was inspired by one of Paul Vacher’s first creations for Lanvin in 1928. With the name L’Âme Perdue – lost soul – it is said to have been composed in memory of a lost love. Paul Vacher created a fragrance that appealed to his sensitive side and gave him a personality like no other.

Le Galion - L'Âme Perdue

L’Âme Perdue opens spicy and citrusy-spicy, soon filled with a sweet-floral creaminess that gradually intensifies. The floral bouquet is quite present and lush, a compact bouquet of lovely broom, milky tropical ylang-ylang and the finest lilies, entwined with radiant, airy rose and gentle jasmine. The flowers lend the creation a certain presence and opulence, while at the same time carrying nostalgic, thoughtful facets. L’Âme Perdue is not as girly and carefree as the previously tested fragrance La Rose. No, the creation of the lost soul has serious, melancholy traits. The eau de parfum has grown up, grown out of experiences, losses and events that do not pass without a trace – as the words of the press release reveal. L’Âme Perdue is certainly hopeful. The lush vintage floral bouquet is accompanied by warm and vanilla nuances that lend the fragrance depth and longevity, while at the same time making it somewhat more transparent. The finest woods and balsamic-creamy resins round off the composition in a wonderful way. This eau de parfum by Le Galion is classic, modern, timeless, expressive and very elegant. Due to its presence – not a room filler, but also not a quiet one – I would wear L’Âme Perdue more in the evening and for special occasions. A beautifully chypre fragrance for anyone who loves floral creations with a vintage character.

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